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Elon Musk Is Furious Over His Minisub Failure To Participate In Rescue Operation In Northern Thailand


Elon Musk Is Furious Over His Minisub Failure To Participate In Rescue Operation In Northern Thailand

Photo: Peter Tsai via Flickr

On July 11, divers finished the operation to rescue the 12 boys and their football coach from the cave in northern Thailand where they had been stuck for over two weeks.

The operation resulted in a success. Rescuers taught the boys to swim and they managed to escape the cave in the three groups with the help of divers.

However, there is still something in the cave: Elon Musk’s “minisub” developed by SpaceX engineers as a key if not the only tool, if we believe in Musk’s tweets, to save the kids.

The minisub was never used. First of all, it was finished too late [on July 10 when Musk came to the cave with his sub, 8 of 12 boys were already rescued]. The second, it appeared that the minisub did not fit the mission.

Thailand’s authorities response was polite but very clear:

“Even though their equipment is technologically sophisticated, it doesn’t fit with our mission to go in the cave,” Narongsak Osatanakorn, the head of the joint command centre co-ordinating the operation told media.

This decision and Osatanakorn’s remarks made Musk, whom played a role of hero rescuing the kids in Twitter over the past week, furious. He said Osatanakorn was “not the subject matter expert”. SpaceX boss further claimed that Osatanakorn had been “inaccurately described as rescue chief”, and should be more accurately referred to as the “former Thai provincial governor”.

Summing up, Musk says that the expertise of Thai rescue officials is low and the rescue operation is unsuccessful because his minisub was not used.

He added he would be leaving the mini submarine behind in Thailand “in case it may be useful in the future”.



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  • Michał Hunicz

    Is SF becomimg a next Bild? Or is it “Crisis News”?

    • Dear Michał Hunicz, as you know we have a big team. Articles about Musk are posted by Daniel. He’s personally affronted by this situation.
      SF Team believes that this topic is interesting for the audience.
      For sure, SF is first of all about “Crisis News”)
      Sincerely yours,
      SF Team

      • Tudor Miron

        All fine guys, but you should (imho) devote someone to moderate your comments section to stop open ISIS propoganda that recently is very active here (Syria related topics). Sorry for off topic, but I took an opportunity for direct message.

      • Jan Tjarks

        To bad you are becoming a personal hit piece media too.

        Who is this Seinfeld guy, who is posting capital letters on twitter, that is your source? Really?

        Oh, BBC is surely a decent source of information, that BBC that can tell 20min before what happens, they call that a technical problem.

        Seriously, you join the bandwagon here, nothing else. Are you part of the fossil fool interests? This is a serious question, as it seems you are trying to hit on Musk for the sake of clicks on your page.

        Why don’t you report about Musk and what he did in Puerto Rico instead? Do you have reports about that and what that means? You too claim to be neutral media, but are producing hit pieces aimed at that guy, who manages to destroy the fossil fuel industry, even Russia and other countries will have to rethink economy due to the achievements of this guy, did you ever report about that part?

        Where is your balanced neutrality in this case? The answer is, it is missing and that shows your real intentions.

    • FlorianGeyer

      You are becoming very negative Michal.
      Surely it is necessary to have sight of all news and not just the sanitised news you may or may not agree with ?

      • Michał Hunicz

        My stance about Musk is neutral.

      • Jan Tjarks

        Sorry, but this is a clear hit piece, as I already questioned in other comments. Bad article is bad.

        The furious assumption is presented as a fact, but in the end is wishful thinking of the author, as else the whole story collapses. Clickbait as clickbait can be. He is sadly right with the question if SF wants to become the new Sun, Daily Mail, BILD or CNN/Fox.

  • slorter

    Musk needs to have a cold shower! The rescue operation on the ground was a great success and to all those involved congratulations!

    • FlorianGeyer

      Its just not fair that that the boys were rescued by non jewish divers. :)

      In fact its just another example of the rabid anti-Semitism in the world today.
      Shame on them :)

      • Kell McBanned

        I always assumed he was jewish but several have said lately hes a goy which suprised me, the jewish reaction after he named them would also indicate he isnt part of the tribe, interesting.

        • Real Anti-Racist Action

          I was told that he is part Jewish through a grandparent.
          Like Thomas Edison who was 1/4th Jewish and 3/4ths Goyim. Thomas knew Jews in his own family and did not trust Jews.
          In fact one time Thomas Edison hired a man who said he was not Jewish.
          Later Edison found out he was in fact Jewish and fired him right away.
          Thomas Edison even said that he believed Jews would only want to work for him to steal his ideas and patents.

    • Jan Tjarks

      Why does Musk need a cold shower? I believe he is glad that the boys are secure. I too believe that he would have liked to see his contraption being used, that’s why he intents to give it to them anyway, for the next case which surely will arise one day.

      However, I can’t see that Musk is furious, there is only a head line by Southfront which is stating this, but there is no evidence regarding this.

      Furthermore, how do hit pieces on people fit into Southfronts media portfolio, which is about war, politics and the events surrounding it? So far SF had quite a decent reputation due to this. But how does this yellow press nonsense fit into this?

      It is sad that SF goes down the yellow press way.

      Where does Musk say that the authorithies expertise is low? I can only see SF claiming that, but where is that tweet then? There are so many tweets, but that one is missing?

      I would say, this Seinfeld guy is the one out of his mind, with his capital letter comment. In fact SF is using this without questioning the intentions behind it? A click bait title and a capital letter comment at the end, to make sure everyone gets the intended message?

      Will Southfront report more abouth Elon Muk, especially what still happens in Puerto Rico and what Tesla is doing there, together with Sonnen? Why has this been left out by Sothfront, why by the mass media? Does that not fit into the narrative?

      This article stinks, it has all attributes of a hit piece.

      Who is SF writing these articles for is the real question, so far we only know about a Daniel which SF is pointing at. Is there a loyalty to people who have vested interests in Musk not succeeding?

      Both companies from Musk are affecting business from Roscosmos (already), Gazprom, Lukoil and more too in the end. Not just Exxon, Shell, ULA and others like the Koch brothers in the west. Already the world cup showed that when Tesla enthusiats prepard charging stations for their cars in Moscow how powerful the business will be the moment it swaps over to Russia too.

      SF would do good to clarify their intentions.

      • slorter

        The children were saved by a wonderful team of hard working people doing the job they were trained to do!

        Musk the neoliberal is essentially squandering taxpayer money on pet projects like Mars trips and flamethrowers.

        Musk owes his billions, in direct taxpayer subsidies his companies have received over the years — and the billions more in taxpayer-funded research into rocket technology and other high-tech fields of knowledge.

        So Musk is essentially investing our billions in his own pet projects, everything from the Mars gambit to establishing a mass-market niche for high-tech flamethrowers.

        None of this is going to rescue humanity anytime soon.

        Indeed, if Musk really wanted to ensure humankind a sustainable future, he wouldn’t be plotting escapes to Mars or marketing flamethrowers to the masses. He’d be challenging the global economic status quo that’s left him phenomenally rich and our world phenomenally unequal.

        This inequality may well pose the greatest threat to our well-being as a species. Stark economic divides invite armed confrontations. You know the ones Southfront report about!

        • Jan Tjarks

          Nice smoke screen you are trying to build up there, focusing on flamethrowers, while ignoring the fact that SpaceX outcompetes every launch service right now. Be it ESA, ULA, Roscosmos or any other launch provider. But you are focussing on merchandise articles instead. What a laugh.

          Could it be that you are pointing at things without any real relevance to save the unbased and biased South Front article?

          Let’s look into it further. You are claiming that his action won’t save any lifes? Well, not this time in Thailand, the boys luckily already got rescued before the tube was ready to be used anyway.

          Respect to the disaster relieve people, who did an outstanding job. Sadly one of their divers died in the process, but it too shows that humans go to great length to help others, including to risk their own lifes.

          Musks help arrived to late, luckily, as a solution was found before.

          But what about Puerto Rico? I already named it in my previous comment. Nevertheless you chose to completely ignore it. Why this, do the events in Puerto Rico do not fit your narrative of not saving lifes? What is the reason that you chose to ignore it?

          Maybe we ask the Puerto Ricans about that, what they think if a hospital without power can save life as good as a hospital with electric power. What do you think their answer will be, especially after the Trump administration let them down.

          It seems you are chosing those parts of events only, which fit your narrative, which make it easy to hate people. That is the true you, ignoring some parts, inflating others, to ensure people get the wrong picture.

          You are not any better than this SF article.

          For this, you put one person on the plate, saying he is wasting ‘our billions’, feeding jealously, how cheap your attempt is.

          One question, what are all the other oligarchs doing then, aren’t they wasting ‘our billions’? Ask yourself how they got all the money, which subsidies they received. You know the answer.

          Come clear.

          • slorter

            When he gets to mars look me up!

        • Neat Gifts

          More miss information and lies.

  • leon mc pilibin

    Why give publicity to this Zionist space fraud?He is the unacceptable face of of Zionist so called business, when all they do is fool the people and suck billions out of them,along with the fake Nassholes with their fake space programme.Use your time to show real news,instead of this sickening crap.

  • as

    Musk should provide details of the rescue operations that went without it’s wonderful and sophisticated tools of why it’s at the end of the day found disuse of it and what particular point where the Thailand authority seem to found it unsuitable for use instead crying foul.

    That statement based on videos of expert and whatnot he should provide them.

    He and his company were typical ride the wave fraudulent ponzi schemes which enjoy flow of income from big promises it can’t really deliver but his initiatives kick start the long overdue all electric transportation mode competition. That at least the right things that could have happened.

  • Kell McBanned

    The jews hate Musk ever since he named them, the entire mainstream media, banking, deepstate aparatus has swung against him.
    I for one will not be shouting down someone who is fighting the entire system on their own.
    If a person can use their own individual genius to help out in a terrible event then I aplaud them, not sure where this anti-Musk bias is coming from all of a sudden.
    Seems to be inline with the mainstream judeosphere attack on Musk and anyone for that matter that speaks out against them?
    Im hoping the motive is more mundane jealosey/envy rather than any tangible connection with the enemies of all mankind.

    • as

      It’s a big chance it’s jews but if anything he’s threatening the oil industry which shaped our current economy marred in idiotic deadlock in middle east. I think there’s a fair chances the cars were a sabotage result however it’s just show show that the technology need further development before completely safe for use. I think Elon Musk if he had understand that should admitted it’s crucial flaw if anything so that no further accident victims happen. Too bad he’s already selling big promise he can’t really deliver.

      • Kell McBanned

        Yes id like to hear this Daniels motives, what has he got against Musk, just come out with it and stop this infintile tabloid type slander, he is diminishing Southfronts standing as an independent media outlet.

    • Jan Tjarks

      I don’t think the it matters who is jewish or not. What matters is that Musks enterprises threaten the current business models even in Russia already.

      Roscosmos can’t be happy about SpacX forcing them to develop a new rocket system, while with Baikonur having a bad launch place in the first place. SpaceX is soaking up all the lucrative contracts already.

      Gazprom, Lukoil and other companies are affected too in the long term, there is another interest base there.

      The world cup already showed directly, that electric cars can reach Moscow too, threatening the business models of many industries even there now.

      Now the question is, is SF hitting on Musk for those interests?

  • Kell McBanned
  • Kell McBanned
    • Empire’s Frontiers

      There’s a hit of reality most peasants would rather ignore.

    • Jan Tjarks

      So tell us, who owns the media then? Murdoch, Berlusconi or the people? Who is it who owns the media?

      Southfront shows with these hit pieces where their allegiance is located, nothing else. There are many interests to bring down Musk, Southfront just joined happily, for whatever reason. Their choice, but with these hit pieces Southfront made very clear where their loyalty is located, within the fossil fuel industry.

      • Kell McBanned

        Yes its very silly, I dont know why they would risk their excellent reputation because of one guy with a personal vendetta, remarkably foolish move for what has otherwise been an outstanding largely unbiased news service for several years, If I was Southfront id be taking a good look at whomever this individual is that is placing them at risk of being pidgeonholled with the rest of the (((establishment))) media ie switch off an ignore.

        • Jan Tjarks

          Southfronts media coverage is about military actions and events which happen around that, like politics and economy which are intertwined with this.

          Does Musk fit into this type of media coverage? I can’t see that.

          Whatever has ridden Southfront to release personal hit pieces on a person without any context regarding that person and what this person stands for in the first place is up to them, but it already leaves a very bad taste, even if they would retract these ‘news’.

          Referring to Thailand, as Musks attempt was not in time, well happens. The mass media is hitting on him gloating, happy about his failure to be on time, while ignoring the events around Puerto Rico at the same time? That makes no sense. Honestly, I didn’t expect Southfront to bandwagon with the cheap yellow-press train.

          But with this it seems that SF in the end is the very same type of media we are only too used to. Factually, we should thank SF to show where their true allegiance is. We only have to know what Musks stands for and what his enterprises are threatening, then asking the millenia old question: Qui bono?

          • Kell McBanned

            Yes very unproffesional.
            What happened in Puerto Rico? Havent heard anything about this?

          • Kell McBanned

            Powerwalls after cyclone

          • Jan Tjarks

            Tesla, which is not only producing EV cars, but more important energy storage systems, delivered those and photo voltaic system to Puerto Rico, in order to restore power on the island.

            The sad state of affairs is, that US mainland left PR alone with the issues and barely lifted a finger to help them. This turned into the ‘citizen second class’ perception already. Tesla is still delivering more systems, even today. Sonnen, a German company joind in too, working together with Tesla in Puerto Rico. PR will need a long time in order to repower the whole of the island, it’s still not finished with that and it’s already tornado season again.

            Even hospitals and other important locations are still not connected to the main electricity net again.

    • Kell McBanned
  • Rob

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    Click on YouTube for better view.
    Russia’s new in service active smart weapons, From Hypersonic Missiles To Unmanned Underwater Drones

    Click on YouTube for better view.
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    The SU-57 fighter jet Engine is 3D Vectoring while the engine of US F-22 is 2D not good.
    Maximum speed at high altitude is Mach 2.8 (3000 km/hr) while the US F-22 is Mach 2 not good.
    Service ceiling is 30,000 m while the service ceiling of US F-22 is 20,000 not good.
    I have not compared SU-57 fighter jet with US F-35 because F-35 is a joke fighter jet.

  • Rob

    All countries want higher operational range, faster and most effective Air Defense Missile Systems.
    The Russian S-400 Air Defense Missile System is better than Patriot and THAAD Air Defense Missile Systems.
    That is why Russia has deployed the Russian most advanced technology to Syria that is S-400, S-300, Pantsir-S2 Air Defense Missile Systems and SU-57 stealthy fighter jets to counter international terrorism.

  • Rob

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    The JF-17 Block-3 is 16m long with a new Russian upgraded jet engine AL-31FN Series-3 which has also used in China J10 fighter jet. At least 100 JF-17 Block-3 per year will be produced in Pakistan to export. With Pakistan a 3 stage ICBM missiles Taimor with 11,000 Km and Tapo 15,000 Km ranges are underdeveloped.

    The Tapo ICBM is with 15000 Km operational range, 25m in length and a 2.2m in diameter. Pakistan now encapsulating their all missiles for greater ranges. Pakistan also developing a heavy 22m long fighter jet like Mig-31 for longer ranges and JF-17 UAVs which Pakistani pilots will control from the ground stations.

  • Barba_Papa

    Did Musk say something bad about SF for him to have earned three hitpieces in three days? Not even Trump or Israel gets this much articles about them in this short a time. And for what? Saying that his little toy could do better? Maybe it could. We will never know. If it could work however it would be a brilliant piece of engineering. And maybe it could have been done a lot easier and less exhausting on the boys this way. After all, they did first have to be taught how to dive. In caves. Generally seen as an extremely dangerous activity. Just because it worked doesn’t mean it was better.

    Overall I like Musk. He’s not perfect, but he wants to make the world better by making electric cars and private space travel. Sure, he wants to make a buck too, but nothing wrong with enlightened self interest. Whole cities on this planet are unlivable because of the emissions of millions of petrol powered cars. If Musk ever succeeds in building a cheap electric car it could be the biggest leap forward in public healthcare since penicillin? And we will never colonize space as long as space travel is in the hand of governments only.

    • Dear Barba_Papa, as you know we have a big team. Articles about Musk are posted by Daniel. He’s personally affronted by this situation.
      SF Team believes that this topic is interesting for the audience.
      Sincerely yours,
      SF Team

      • Empire’s Frontiers

        Is Daniel also Tyler Durden over at ZeroHedge?

        The overlap of the two sites is conspicuous, not least with the Musk takedown articles.

        The team is right in any case.

      • Jan Tjarks

        Does this Daniel have anything to say about Puerto Rico too Southfront?

        • Bob

          Clearly someone has to spell it out to you – Musk is inserting himself into a dramatic international news cycle story, in a far off distant country, to self aggrandize himself and his tech brand. The prototype ‘sub’ is a completely untested and unknown variable – even if it had arrived sooner – there would be enormous political and legal ramifications in the event of its use and failure – falling entirely on the localized authorities. It is their operation and their call, where established best practice diving protocols are essential for both the safety and legal obligations of all concerned. Musk is entirely external to all of that.

          • Jan Tjarks

            You don’t have to tell me that Musk himself knows very well how marketing works. Tell you what, the moment it becomes aparent that a tool become the only solution for a rescue, no one will care for legal anymore, then one who knows what he is doing will take over the responsibility, so please spare me that nonsense with legal. That doesn’t mena the tool provided by SpaceX works or does not work, we won’t know now.

            And furthermore, as you are so sure about Musks intention, can you explain the Puerto Rico event then? I would be cvery interested to know what you think about it, especially in regards to media attention.

            Was here there external to these realities, or was it a former governor from Thailand, who put himself into the media?

            Interesting questions regarding this article which claims so much, but proofs exactly nothing.

            Or can you evidence the headline somewhere that Musk is furious? Or isn’t it wishfull thinking of those who are more interested in a hit piece than anything else?

            Come clear.

          • Bob

            ‘…the moment it becomes aparent that a tool become the only solution for a rescue, no one will care for legal anymore…’

            Calling bullshit on so many levels. Search and rescue operations are held to both international, ie coast and seas, and domestic laws of legal obligations and responsibilities. The Musk group’s ‘sub’ device has had no certified or sustained testing by recognized diving organizations, let alone been proven or subjected to real world conditions. That makes it an unknown variable – and an ethical, political and legal minefield in the event of use and failure in this instance – a reality the actual rescue coordinators would be well aware of.

          • Jan Tjarks

            Thank you for claryfying that best practices is the reality. They often have to improvise in order to rescue people from difficult situations.

            This is the reason why Musk worked together with the professionals, namely Dick Stanton, who himself confered with Musk about this option, as it wasn’t clear from the beginning how the boys could be rescued.

    • Property Man

      He already won in helping humanity with electric cars. Even if Tesla fails, Ford and Volkswagen are all in for their electric endeavors.

      As for SF, I don’t like headlines that are misleading. This is EXACTLY what Musk’s tirade was about last month. Bogus headlines for clicks. SF is starting to make Reuters look legit.

  • hoss
    • Jan Tjarks

      Haha, Breitbart, the republicans best flame thrower in the US. =)

      Sad to see that South Front joins the bandwagon of ridiculous media now …

  • Freespirit

    WHY, oh why do you gives this “MuskRAT, Ashkenazi FRAUD any kind of CREDIBILITY ???

  • Berserk

    Don’t spoil Southfront with this kind of gossip..

    • Kell McBanned

      I agree, this is absurd, its like some hysterical cat lady took over Southfront and is now using it to attack her one and only boyfriend that left her.

  • Kell McBanned

    Wow got blocked – interesting.

    • You can call me Al

      You did ?

      Do you mean for this comment stated below “I always assumed he was jewish but several have said lately hes a goy which suprised me, the jewish reaction after he named them would also indicate he isnt part of the tribe, interesting.”

      or “Why is the media/deep state out to get Musk?”

      or “Musk is a goy.”

      ???? and so on and so on.

      • Kell McBanned

        Yeah, page wouldnt load, thank you VPNs and Tor browser.

        • You can call me Al

          No worries, I have it myself. Press F5 on the top of the keyboard, that is where I am now.

  • so


  • V M

    poor Elon, lets put the kids back in the cave so he can rescue them.

  • Bill Wilson

    Musk got the free publicity he wanted. It’s gone from good to bad due to his childish remarks.

    • Jan Tjarks

      Which childish remarks?

      • as

        He’s accusing the chief of the successful rescue team as being unprofessional ignoramus. This is simply indefensible.

        • Jan Tjarks

          Where did he say that, I can’t see a tweet or anything about. Only a claim from SF without any source.

          • as

            There’s should be a tweet of his. Check his Twitter.

          • Jan Tjarks

            I thought SF is the media outlet here to deliver. They might want to justify their claim themselves instead?

          • as

            Elon musk Twitter.

          • Jan Tjarks

            Where? Why does SF not put the evidence into their article then? Simple, because there is nothing.

          • as

            Mate go read elon musk Twitter.

          • Jan Tjarks

            Sorry, I’m not the journalist here. Sadly the journalist refuses to elaborate on his claims. Makes it look even worse.

  • John Whitehot

    it’s good news. It the minisub was built with tesla standards in mind, it would probably had caught fire underwater, and with children on board.

  • yan neuhoff

    The Musk fanboys are geting pretty excited over this. What should have happened is that someone should have told those whiny kids to keep their a$$es put until Musk could rescue them. If that takes a year so what! We need to prioritise here people!! The kids lives or Musks pride…. make a choice people.

    In my humble oppinion that stupid tube would have been a disaster in a cave, there are switchbacks, hair pins and tight spots where you even need to push your tanks infront of you. How the hell was a sub gonna work?

    Howabout Musk fixes the shitmess that is Tesla instead of going around pissing in peoples back yards…..