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Elijah J. Magnier: Reshaping the Middle East: why the West should stop its Interventions – Part 2

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Written by Elijah J. Magnier@ejmalrai; Originally appeared at his blog

Syria: the project of creating a” jungle state” instead gave birth to a powerful Resistance movement

Elijah J. Magnier: Reshaping the Middle East: why the West should stop its Interventions - Part 2

Foreign intervention has pushed many Middle Eastern populations into poverty, at the same time making them more determined to confront and reject the global domination sought by the USA. The number of Middle Eastern countries and non-state actors opposed to the US coalition is relatively small and weak by comparison with the opposite camp, but they have nevertheless shaken the richer and strongest superpower together with its oil-rich Middle Eastern allies who were the investors and the instigators of recent wars. They have coalesced as a Resistance movement attracting global support, even in the face of unprecedented propaganda warfare in the mass media. The soft power of the US coalition has been undermined domestically and abroad from the blatant deceit intrinsic in the project of supporting jihadist takfiri gangs to terrorize, rape and kill Christian, Sunni, secular, and other civilian populations while allegedly fighting a global war on Islamic terrorism.

The small countries targeted by the US coalition are theoretically and strategically important due to their vicinity to Israel. Notwithstanding the scarcity of their resources and their relatively small number of allies in comparison with the opposite camp, they have rejected any reconciliation on the terms offered by Israel.

Israel itself is progressively revealing more overt reconciliation and ties with oil-rich Arab countries: we see Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu strolling in Warsaw, discussing and shaking hands with Arab leaders. These are obviously not first meetings: recent years have shown a progressively warming rapport and openness between Israel and many Arab leaders.

These Middle East countries have long been supportive of Israel’s aggression against Lebanon and its inhabitants. And in the last decade, this support expanded to include a plot against the Palestinians, Syria and Iraq.

The US has exerted huge pressure on Syria since 2003, following the invasion of Iraq. During Secretary of State Colin Powell’s visit to Damascus in March 2003 he offered long-lasting governance to President Bashar al-Assad in exchange for submission: Assad was asked to sell out Hamas and Hezbollah, and thus join the road map for the “new Middle East”.

When Powell’s intimidation failed, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the US’s main Arab allies and the countries responsible for cash pay-outs to help the US establishment achieve its goals (and those of Israel), promised to inject untold gold and wealth into Syria.

Assad was not willing to comply with this US-Saudi influence and pressure. The influence belonged to the US; Saudi Arabia and Qatar stood behind, holding the moneybags. A war against the Syrian state became essential, and its objectives and prospective benefits immense.

In a few paragraphs, this is what the seven years of war in Syria were about:

The Palestinian cause was pushed to the periphery by the mushrooming of ISIS, a group that terrorised the Middle East and participated in the destruction of the region’s infrastructure, killing thousands of its people and draining its wealth. It was also responsible for numerous attacks around the globe, extending from the Middle East into Europe. ISIS didn’t attack Israel even though it was based on its borders under the name of “Jayesh Khaled Bin al-Waleed.” Nor did al-Qaeda attack Israel, although it also bordered Israel for years, enjoying Israeli intelligence support–and even medical care!

All this was done in order to destroy Syria: dividing the state into zones of influence, with Turkey taking a big chunk (Aleppo, Afrin, Idlib); the Kurds realising their dream by taking over Arab and Assyrian lands in the northeast to create a land of Rojava linked with Iraqi Kurdistan; Israel taking the Golan Heights permanently and creating a buffer zone by grabbing more territory in Quneitra; creating a failed state where jihadist and mercenary groups would fight each other endlessly for dominance; gathering all jihadists into their favourite and most sacred destination (Bilad al-Sham – The Levant) and sealing them into “Islamic Emirates”.

It also involved, strategically, stopping the flow of weapons from Iran through Damascus to Hezbollah in Lebanon; weakening the Iranian-Syrian-Iraqi-Lebanese “Axis of Resistance” by removing Syria from it; preparing for another war against Lebanon once Syria was wiped off the map; stealing Syria’s oil and gas resources on land and in the Mediterranean; building a gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe to cripple Russia’s economy; and finally removing Russia from the Levant together with its naval base on the coast.

At no point in the Syrian war was a single leader proposed to rule the country and replace Bashar al-Assad. The plan was to establish a zone of anarchy with no ruler; Syria was expected to become the jungle of the Middle East.

It was a plan bigger than Assad and much bigger than the Syrians. Hundreds of billions of dollars were invested by Middle Eastern countries – Saudi Arabia and Qatar – to kill Syrians, destroy their country and accomplish the above objectives. It was a crime against an entire population with the watchful complicity of the modern and “democratic” world.

Many pretexts were given for the Syrian war. It was not only about regime change. It was about creating a jungle state. Think tanks, journalists, academics, ambassadors all joined the fiesta by collaborating in the slaughter of Syrians. Crocodile tears were shed over “humanitarian catastrophes” in Syria even as the poorest country in the Middle East, the Yemen, was and still is being slaughtered while the same mainstream media avert their gaze and conceal the nature of the conflict from the general public.

Anyone who understood the game, or even part of it, was called “Assadist”, a designation meant as an insult. The savage irony? This epithet “Assadist” was freely wielded by the US chattering class- who themselves have evidently never publicly counted and acknowledged the millions killed by the US political establishment over the centuries. 

So, what has this global intervention brought about?

Russia has returned to the Levant after a long hibernation. Its essential role has been to stand against the US world hegemony without provoking, or even trying to provoke, a war with Washington. Moscow demonstrated its new weapons, opening markets for its military industry, and showed its military competence without falling into the many traps laid in the Levant during its active presence. It created the Astana agreement to bypass UN efforts to manipulate negotiations, and it isolated the war into several regions and compartments to deal with each part separately. Putin exhibited a shrewd military mind in dealing successfully with the “mother of all wars” in Syria. He ventured skilfully into US territory against its hegemonic goals, and he has created powerful and lasting strategic alliances with Turkey (a NATO member) and Iran.

Iran found fertile ground in Syria to consolidate the “Axis of the Resistance” when the country’s inhabitants (Christian, Sunni, Druse, secular people and other minorities) realised that the survival of their families and their country were at stake. It managed to rebuild Syria’s arsenal and succeeded in supplying Hezbollah with the most sophisticated weapons needed for a classic guerrilla-style war to stop Israel from attacking Lebanon. Assad is grateful for the loyalty of these partners who took the side of Syria even as the world was conspiring to destroy it.

Iran has adopted a new ideology: it is not an Islamic or a Christian ideology but a new one that emerged in the last seven years of war. It is the “Ideology of Resistance”, an ideology that goes beyond religion. This new ideology imposed itself even on clerical Iran and on Hezbollah who have abandoning any goal of exporting an Islamic Republic: instead they support any population ready to stand against the destructive US hegemony over the world.

For Iran, it is no longer a question of spreading Shiism or converting secular people, Sunni or Christians. The goal is for all to identify the real enemy and to stand against it. That is what the West’s intervention in the Middle East is creating. It has certainly succeeded in impoverishing the region: but it has also elicited pushback from a powerful front. This new front appears stronger and more effective than the forces unleashed by the hundreds of billions spent by the opposing coalition for the purpose of spreading destruction in order to ensure US dominance.

Proof-read by: Maurice Brasher and C.B.


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Yeah, fear and looting.

The thing is, thru decades of watching and reading about the Arab world, we have nearly not moved at all.
Its an sad day for humanity, when the Polaks staged this, eh…… arab meating and all we got is whining something about Iran, while the same scumbags whom calls them self, Arabs, have no problems with slaughtering other, incl their own, and like the, oh….. other “semits”, they have no shame, they dont even hide it, anymore.
And you think this scums incl the Arabs and Joohos, care, they dont, and will make shure nothing changes, for an brief moment I looked at the Arab spring is something genuine, just to dicover that it was not, and the Arabs them self did nothing, in Syria, the same scums attacked their own people.
And you think this will be anyway an morale compass for the future, yup, to me, it just confrims my worst nightmare, an continuating of never ending wars, and dont for an f….. moment just point on the west, when the whores in the east and hanging on to the skirts of the imperial banana republic as hard they can.

So, after reading shit and shinola for decades I have come to some few conclusions, and non of them are positive, apart, and here it is, coruption, I know Islam is an realigion of peace, while some have used it and other miss use it, it dont change the fundamentals of Islam, to downright racism, coming from Arabians them self, the reason for slaughtering Yemens, what else, and of course, greed.
I dont exuse them anymore, I have warned them for years and yet, nothing happened.

I dont loose faight in humans, but the time line gets incremntally longer and longer for anything positive to happen, because both systems is intergrated, the western corp and the Arab worlds, and this is what is killing people.
Its been so long it makes me wounder, is it just the politicians or is it the people, because so far, I see nothing, abolutelly nothing.


PS: ah….. some dont like Mongols, but to me, they inhabit an area witch was the safe spot after iceages that lasted milleniums, they are much, much older then the rest, and have lived there since the dawn of man, the Altia region etc, and I did it because this runs deep, much deeper than what you think.
And the land is not stange, and to me, they are the Steppen wolfes, I am a Forest wolf.
Yeah, ask people about the original Russian peoples faight, the so called Bear religionn (where do you think Bears are asociated with the Russian plains and taiga people comes from), and how low havent they sunken when they kill them for sport, I would never ever do that, never, its the same as pissing on the grave of christ, because, that nature “religion” out dates the neo-drivel aka church with eons, countless of milleniums, way back into time immemorial.

The weird thing is, what do we even know for facts, about people like G. Khan, when our people dont have an drop of Mongol blood in us, did they lie about it all, or did they fake it to make the Mongols look much worse than what they where.
I have no more Mongol blood than an African have, etc, but somehow, I am, because of fake histoery and fake science.
But my deep respect to the Mongols isnt changed, because they are after all, brothers and sisters of the same plains and land.

You can call me Al

You started well.


The West is financially and morally bankrupt in my opinion. Borrowing ‘printed’ money can only be sustained without the spectre of hyper inflation, if other nations are willing to invest in the debt by buying Western governments bonds. The interest on the bonds must then be paid by taxpayers, and/or the issuance of more bonds that also attract interest.

Only sustained economic and fiscal growth can support such a system, hence the 2% inflation targets that are almost universal with the US and her vassals.

The proof that the Western economic system is about to implode is surely demonstrated by the panic of US headless chickens cajoling her vassals and ‘taking names’ of those that question US supremacy.

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