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Elijah J. Magnier: “Nasrallah challenges world intelligence services with a three-hour live interview”

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Written by Elijah J. Magnier@ejmalrai; Originally appeared at his blog

The leader of Hezbollah Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah challenged world intelligence services, notably the Israelis, who track him by the hour, during a three hour live broadcast interview with al-Mayadeen TV on Saturday. Nasrallah showed he has the technical ability to broadcast live for this length of time without fear of being located. Even more important, Nasrallah showed the capacity to receive electronic messages via an internet connection in his vicinity, allowing him to take questions and get breaking news from around the world. This is a clear indication that Nasrallah trusts Hezbollah’s technical competence, capable of jamming any interception signal and efficient enough to blind any local or international intelligence services trying to locate him.

Elijah J. Magnier: "Nasrallah challenges world intelligence services with a three-hour live interview"

Hezbollah seems to enjoy electronic abilities superior to those of many Middle Eastern and other countries. What is unusual is that Nasrallah displayed these abilities, on line, to tens of thousands of people watching the interview.

Hezbollah’s electronic capability is not new: Israel tried to physically intercept its fibber optic landlines and to electronically intercept the mobile phones of many officers and leaders. Indeed, Israel’s interception capabilities made it possible, in the past, for the Israeli army to break into Hezbollah’s telephone network, exposing a spider web of connections and leading to the destruction of hundreds of Hezbollah homes, offices and bases during the 2006 war.

It is not a secret that by intercepting one mobile phone, it is possible to identify other mobile phones in the same location and to create a record of the phone’s IMEI even if the user changes his or her SIM card but keeps the same mobile phone.

Hezbollah recognised the mistake of its members and issued a serious warning to all members or leaders preventing them from carrying a mobile phone at work. Failure to follow those instructions caused much of the destruction Hezbollah suffered in the 2006 war.

At the same time, Hezbollah was able to use the same available technology to intercept and capture spies. In 2006 Hezbollah ambushed the Israeli Special Operation Forces (SOF)by creating a false track of the presence of one of their most wanted and top leaders at al-Rasoul al-A’zam, on the Beirut airport road. One of those present revealed at the last minute the plan that could have led to the killing and arrest of many SOF soldiers. The same spy fell into his own trap, a few years later, due to misuse of his mobile phone. The SIM card he uses to contact Israel with was intercepted by Hezbollah when he inserted it, by mistake, into his Lebanese phone. It took him very little time to realise his mistake, but not enough to escape to Israel. Hezbollah capability helped in arresting many spies of which some where not exposed overtly.

Far from hiding under the ground–as Israel propaganda tried to portray him for years after the 2006 war–Sayyed Nasrallah spoke very confidently in an elegant flat. In fact, Sayyed Nasrallah meets local politicians, regional officials, and other Hezbollah leaders in various flats in Beirut, never the same ones. This is another indication of his frequent movements, a security procedure in accordance with a figure of his stature on the most wanted list of many countries, including Middle Eastern and European ones collaborating with Israel and the USA.

Nasrallah’s professional security team freely moves him around inside Lebanon and abroad; he travels between Beirut and Damascus on a single long, busy road to meet President Bashar al-Assad. Nasrallah has an electronic media team providing him with all breaking news on the spot and a resumé of all newspapers and media outlets publishing information or articles related to the Middle East.

Hezbollah’s electronic abilities seem to be constantly updated in accordance with the latest technology and security measure needed to face his enemies and to protect his leaders and military capabilities. The battle between Israel and Hezbollah is not merely a military one but also a battle of intelligence and technology.

Proofread byC.G.B

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Still – one mistake would be enough for the other side to put the lights out – if the other side choses to do so, because the revenge would surely hurt.
I wonder what a peaceful solution which all parties could more or less live with could look like – as I have no idea.

You can call me Al

Nuke Israel.


Logic would suggest that Israel would stop attacking Lebanon and Syria, and no longer use Lebanon’s airspace as its own. But I reckon that would be too much of a sacrifice for Israel, which believes in might makes right. And anything that would stop Israel from deploying that might is considered not only an insult but also a casus belli.

Tommy Jensen

EU and US will soon ban TOR all over Lebanon. Smart Cities will grow and track everything and everybody. Then its over with spies and secret meetings, kaputski.
AI will make peace in ME and Zion will go underground with blue and red pills, according to Matrix.

Jim Prendergast

Nukes are not necessary to take-out nukes.

Jim Prendergast

Israel’s nuclear weapons could be destroyed using conventional non-nuclear weapons. There would be no need to initiate a fission reaction. The technology exists to detect and disable all of Israel’s nuclear weapons within the borders of Palestine.


Do you have any links to support this from qualified and competent experts who’ve looked at these types of problems, or is this just your unfounded opinion?


Some nuclear facilities are designed to be able to withstand nuclear strikes. Which makes them even more difficult to destroy with conventional weapons. And if time is important to shut down a nuclear attack, such as if the Jews resort to a first strike, then using nukes to do it would be faster than conventional means.

Israel has a much smaller and less capable nuclear arsenal than Russia. And it is vulnerable to destruction by anti nuclear weapons, whether conventional, tactical, strategic, or a combination of 2 or more.

I wouldn’t rule out the US using nuclear weapons to defend Israel, depending on the circumstances. I also wouldn’t take it for granted either. Especially if it would trigger a nuclear exchange that would destroy the US.

Israel and Jews are the enemies of the US, they should be treated as such. Starting with not giving them money, weapons and political support. Which would probably correct the Israel part of the problem without any further action on the part of the US. Because Israel’s neighbors would correct the problem themselves. Once US obstruction to correcting the problem is removed.

The US knows that the entirety of humanity is against it’s support for Israeli criminality. Every year Israel loses at the UNGA with only 1 vote, it’s own, or last year 2, Israel and the US, against it’s criminality:

“The resolution was adopted by the U.N. General Assembly on December 7, 2018 by a vote of 149 in favor, 2 against (Israel, United States), and 22 abstentions”



Israel should have never been admitted to the UN in the first place and should be removed and replaced with a unified Palestine.


There are a range of reasons for having emergency secure living environments that go beyond nuclear war. The simplest is a shelter composed of 36 inches of earth, or 12 inches of concrete, or 3 inches of steel. All of which provide sufficient radiation protection against nuclear fall out. Assuming that you have adequate air filtration and decontamination to prevent radioactive airborne particles or contaminated material from entering the secure environment.

I live in the US, wind storms and earth quakes are both an issue here. Quakes can be a problem for shelters if they’re not designed to withstand them. Something built for radiation protection is probably going to provide adequate shelter during a wind storm even if it isn’t designed to withstand a quake.

Even the most inexpensive to code new home construction can have some type of emergency shelter included as part of the build to provide emergency shelter for a nominal addition to the cost. My preference is a basement upgraded to radiation blocking 12 inch wall and ceiling thickness. Not being designed to quake standards with reinforcement is cheaper. Adding reinforcement adds additional cost. Additional upgrades include filtration and decontamination, and explosion counter measures such as blast doors and check valves to prevent over pressure damage and breaching of the filtration system during detonations close enough to the structure to be a problem.

Jim Prendergast

That is a two-sided question. Yes/no.


I’m not aware of any studies or expert opinions that support your contention. And you dodged the issue when asked to do provide links. It’s kind of like bringing a knife to a gun fight. Trying to take away Israel’s nukes with just conventional weapons would result in the disarming party getting nuked.

If Israel engages in a nuclear first strike, then they need to get nuked in return.

Jim Prendergast

Around here in Latin America “Captain” means a woman’s main man: ref https://youtu.be/jSKJQ18ZoIA
The nukes don’t all have to go off. We have been living with a sea of nukes going-off constantly just 150 million kilometers away. Why can’t we evacuate Palestine? This constant war just has to stop.

Jim Prendergast

That is horrible. Israelis do not make fanatic suicide bombers. One would hope that they would bargain first against a hail of hypersonic precision guided thingies.


The Hezbollah cracked open the myth of israeli military superiority , as proven during 2006 war where they outmanouvered IDF in Intelligence , In military operations , In Electronic Warfare…

the hezbollah are populated by native lebanese shia who saw and understand the suffering under IDF invasion of lebanon in 1982.. They are motivated , educated , trained , and loyal to the cause .. The inclusion of military training and modern weapons added to the mixture. The war in syria give them combat experience FAR more than what IDF soldiers got in their weak training..

the only thing IDF have over Hezbollah is their superior air power , which in the next war will be negated by hezbollah SAMs hidden in their under ground tunnels..

remember the IAF Apaches and CH53 shot down by hezbollah in 2006 ? it will be worse in the next war..

Zionism = EVIL

Zionist scum just blow hot air and know the consequences of tangling with Hezbollah again.

Zionism = EVIL

If the cowardly Zionist terrorists try to assassinate Sayyed Nasrallah, it will be the end of the Zionist parasites. Those days are long gone and the Zionist cancer knows it.


Logic dictates that Nasrallah and his security team need to be on the job and lucky 100% of the time, whereas the Israelis only need to be lucky once. In that vein its better for him not to push the envelope too much. I pose another theory. Maybe Israel did know where Nasrallah was, but they refrained from attacking him. Because they know very damn well that if they attacked him directly via an air or missile strike Hezbollah would retaliate with its own missiles and it would become very messy.

Far better for Israel to use indirect means. Assassination via sniper or IED. I reckon the Mossad could do it, but its also very risky. Too much chance of its agents getting caught, and that would be hugely embarrassing. I reckon using local proxies would be their preferred choice, as they could then claim to innocent. Of course when you use local proxies the chances of a successful attack go down significantly, as these guys are usually barely competent, certainly nowhere near as good as Hezbollah. And I reckon Hezbollah keeps very good track of any group in Lebanon which could pose a threat as guns for hire for Israel.

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