‘Electromagnetic Attack’ Sends Venezuela Into Yet Another Blackout


'Electromagnetic Attack' Sends Venezuela Into Yet Another Blackout

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On July 22nd, most states in Venezuela suffered a blackout after an alleged “electromagnetic attack” on the country’s power grid.

This was announced by both Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez.

“Faced with the new criminal attack on the tranquility and peace of the motherland, the Bolivarian Government and National Bolivarian Armed Forces are deployed to meet the needs of the people. The sons and daughters of Bolivar will once again demonstrate our unwavering will.”

The statement is the following:

“The Bolivarian Government of Venezuela informs all the people that today, at 4 and 45 in the afternoon, a national event of interruption of the electricity supply was presented. The first indications received from the investigation in Lower Caroni indicate the existence of an electromagnetic attack that sought to affect the hydroelectric generation system of Guayana, the main provider of this service in the country.

Fortunately, and after the focused aggressions during the months of March and April of this year, the Bolivarian Government has implemented protection and security protocols that allow us to ensure that we are already in the reconnection process to restore the electric power service in the shortest possible time.

At the same time, we have activated, through the Electric General Staff, the CEO, and the corresponding ministries, the mechanisms to meet the contingencies in the supply of drinking water, the provision of transport services and the monitoring and approach of any situation in our health centers. We also inform that we have ordered the deployment of the competent security agencies to guarantee the peace and tranquility of the entire population. Those who have attacked the noble people of Venezuela in every possible way and in a systematic way will once again know about the temper and courage that, in the midst of the difficulties, we have shown as the daughters and sons of our Liberator Simón Bolívar.  We will win”

The blackout includes Caracas. Social media users report that basic services have been affected. This includes the Caracas Metro, which has to shut down a number of lines. The new blackout comes mere months after an attack on the country’s power grid left most of the nation without power for several days.

Health officials informed that hospitals and health centers have optimally initiated safety protocols as well, to ensure patients are not affected. Caracas’ largest hospital, Domingo Luciani, is operating normally as it is working with an independent power plant that can last for more than 20 hours.

While other key areas of the country such as transportation, security, and sanitation have also activated contingency plans.

“With the coordinated effort of the Integral Transportation System, Metrobus, National Police, ministries, and private entities to put into action a contingency plan to ensure no one is left stranded and can safely reach home,” Minister of Transporation, Hipolito Abreu, stated.

US-Proclaimed Interim President Juan Guaido said that the blackout was the result of the “regime’s” corruption and mismanagement.

“5 hours of Blackout throughout Venezuela as a result of corruption and incapacity of the regime. We have warned of the latent humanitarian catastrophe if the regime continues to sequester power without the ability to offer an emergency solution”

It currently appears that the Venezuelan crisis is in a sort of vicious cycle, in which the same rhetoric and actions by the opposition are repeated, which makes it impossible to reach a settlement, regardless of how many times the government and opposition meet.

Interestingly, also on July 22nd, Venezuelan airspace was violated by US aircraft.

During a press conference, the Venezuelan vice-president explained that at 09:52 hours (local time), a new violation occurred on the part of the US aircraft model EP-3E ARIES II, a specialist plane used in intelligence, war and electronic espionage, in the airspace of the South American nation.

Rodríguez explained that the violation occurred when the aircraft did not communicate its flight plan when venturing into Venezuelan airspace, so the aviation of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces ( FANB ) proceeded to intercept and later eject the plane.

“By flying over the Flight Information Region (FIR) of Maiquetía, this in addition to spying produces a danger within the airspace of Venezuela,” he said.

Rodriguez also noted that since January of this year (2019), violations and incursions into Venezuelan airspace have increased by 167 percent, in addition to having detected at least 78 opportunities a violation of the Maiquetía FIR.

“These US planes that have entered illegally within Venezuelan airspace, have the ability to carry missiles, as well as high technology and extensive electronic capabilities,” said the Venezuelan sector vice president.

In response, US National Security Adviser John Bolton said that “the Venezuelan regime” had no right to undertake provocative actions against US Navy aircraft that is partaking in a routine mission.

The protection of Venezuelan airspace was also called “aggressive posturing.”

It is interesting that on the same day an intelligence aircraft violated Venezuelan airspace, an alleged electromagnetic attack took place on the power grid.

The Maduro government hasn’t alleged that specifically that was the reason, since there probably isn’t any evidence.

So any such scenario falls in the realm of speculation.




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  • Hasbara Hunter

    This is just an Elitist Experiment which comes in handy to Bully Venezuela a little bit…turn off the Lights…Shut Down the Distribution of Water & Food…and the Elites are able to starve Large Metropolitans to Death….They did that trick before; The Extermination of the Buffalo & the Holodomor just to mention a couple of examples in Human History….

    • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

      this is why western governments are selling the term hybrid warfare. people are getting wise to what constitutes an attack. When MSM mentions trade wars they always talk about tariffs. tariffs is just a tax pretty much, sanctions are the real weapons in a trade war

  • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

    Was it an electromagnetic weapon tho? vault 7 has stated the CIA have entered power stations across many countries including their ‘allies’ and installed software to disrupt energy supply at the switch of a button

  • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

    interesting hydroelectric is venezuelans main source of energy. in The UK which is surrounded by water the elites BS is still pushing for wind farms and claiming hydroelectric power stations are not feasible.

    • Hasbara Hunter

      Well Holland is doing exactly the same….those wind farms are not even profitable….

      • Criticalthinker101

        I often visit Zandmotor we should hook up. Better keep up the training. Xx

        • Concrete Mike

          You having fun threatening other people?

          You know two can play that game.

          • Criticalthinker101

            Fuck off Mike – that fools been threatening me for months as well as numerous others. Seriously go fuck!

          • Concrete Mike

            Well i dont know why hes verbally abusing you, maybe you deserve it.maybe you dont, i dont know you.

            Who cares what his profile pic is, i dont its a stupid photo.

            The way we treat out first people here in canada is appalling, I must agree with you there. There is much wisdom that the elders share with us but we are to narcissistic to listen.

            Regardless if e bothers you so much block him.

            If not well tough it out. I kinda like him, he dont take shit from anyone, like me :)))).

            I try to keep it civilized though.

            So we can keep it civilized or not. Be the better man if you choose.

          • Criticalthinker101

            If you look at the abuse this troll dishes out to anyone who he thinks disagrees with him, then you’ll understand how deranged he is. He continues to send me images of dead children, calling me a zionist. I have supported the palastinian cause since my childhood.

            He also calls me a child abuser and a racist while advocating the murder of a whole group of people, based purely on racial characteristics.

            He is a troll and not a friend of the palastinian people, he’s very similar to Jacob wolh and uses multiple sock puppet identities.

          • Criticalthinker101

            Actually, if you read it, he’s obsessed with gay sex and talking about it, so the hook up is for gay sex. Do you want to meet up?

      • Criticalthinker101

        Looser, maybe Israeli death farms. Noise causing health issues 😅

      • Criticalthinker101

        “Wind farms ruining the horizon” WTF. The Netherlands invented windmills and the landscape has been littered with them since the fourteenth century. Without them the countryside would be under water. You dumb fool.

    • Concrete Mike

      Its.probably.BS, but a quick elevation drop is needed. How many waterfalls in UK?

      Wait I got it, its highly likely that the elites own too much land that would be flooded in these reservoirs for the dam.

      Or maybe it would be towns cities.

      Here in Canada its perfect, we have all kinds of room, Quebec is particullarily well equipped, selling much excess power to USA.

      We have windmills.over here, built in the last 10 years.

      There are some issues with the concrete bases, its a loooooonnnnggg story.

      • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

        tidal generators create more pressure and kinetic energy than a waterfall because it has an seas behind the tides………. And the UK is surrounded with water. There are tidal generators in scotland built in the seventies that are still performing

        • Concrete Mike

          And your.environmental.peopple are ok with putting turbines at sea?

          I live near the bay of Fundy, it has ridiculous tides , im talking 30 feet here. Anyways we have tried tidal and it just doesnt seem to work well enough, fundy is quite harsh, plus we have environmental groups constantly stopping everything. How can we progress with all the walls we create?

          • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

            am not an enviromentalist. but when i was a kid i visited a hydropower station in scotland, been built since the seventies, no environmental damage. the gate mesh in front of the turbines stops things getting sicked in, and every yr the same birds come and nest on it lol

          • Concrete Mike

            Here with such strong tides the anchoring of these turbines is particularily troublesome. Pair that with the bad luck that the best places to install these tidal turbines is also where the lobster enjoys to frolic about. Its a shamr really as that fishery is critical to our lively hoods. That and endangered whales too, its a mess.

          • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

            well not suitable everywhere then. because they are not suitable everywhere doesnt mean they are not suitable at all

          • Concrete Mike

            Its difficult to anchor these turbines when the bottom is mudstone.

            Dreadful rock to work in.

          • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

            why would the turbines affect anything? its a closed system, water flows freely through them and they do not affect normal tides. so anything living tin the sea wot be affected. Do you even know how they work? you are talking shite

          • Concrete Mike

            Yes i.do know how they work, i.dont talk shit when it comes to building things, its my industry come on now.

            Take 5 minutes and research the BAY OF FUNDY.

            I found a nice.little article for you.

            Im not saying it doesnt work, im saying here in the bay of fundy, its proving quite difficult to keep them things anchored.

            We also.need to keep the fishermen happy and not destroy these fishing grounds, all sorts of creatures rely on this ecosystem.

            I lt will take time to figure it all out. We will get it right eventually.

            Like i said earlier, look at some videos of the tides here, you will understand why we have issues, the volume of water passing through is… astronomical.

          • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

            the turbines do not affect tides… and the sealife copes with those tides fine. and was on about the UK, i dont care about some funky bay.

          • Concrete Mike

            FUNDY, its a unique and amazing place, it is pretty funky.

            Anyways you.wont understand what im saying unless you see it.

          • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

            you have a mass body of water with the tides pushing in the same direction, this turns the turbine, that is it. and when tide goes out, it turns the turbine. its not like wind generators which just do not work if its a still day. tidal generators are a reliable measurable source of energy, all you are doing is using naturally occurring pressure

  • Toronto Tonto

    I thought terrorist Russia was going to help the shitthole .

    • Hasbara Hunter


      You got your answer now Piss off Filthy Hasbarat…..

      • Criticalthinker101

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  • These Direct Energy Weapons causing power outages in Venezuela are of the same types used against American citizens in the west to start these strange, anomalous #wildfires.

    The purpose: to initiate, without our consent, #Agenda21, the #GreenNewDeal, the #WildLandsProject that views electrical utilities, human beings, as the enemy of the environment. To remove, by stealth, human development in the areas established by the UN in its biodiversity corridors.



  • Brother Thomas

    A terrorist attack.

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    Kaspersky OS was built for industrial controllers for these exact reasons. I post the link below to Russia’s OS.

  • Jacob “Wraith” Wohl

    these “blackouts” will keep happening until the illegitimate maduro steps down and the legitimate Guaido takes power

    • Stephan Williams

      I’m sure its a coincidence, but you, Jacob, actually look as dim-witted as you type.

      Guano is about as legitimate as a 3 dollar bill. Go to your room.

  • John

    Cheap shot.