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Elections In Ukraine Under Keen Control Of ‘Defenders Of Democracy’


Elections In Ukraine Under Keen Control Of 'Defenders Of Democracy'

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In the days leading up to the election in Ukraine, the US Congress decided that it was time to express its unwavering support for democracy in the country.

This was done in several ways.

One of them was reminding the global community of the “Russian Aggression” on November 25th, 2018 in south of the Kerch Strait, when Ukrainian Navy ships attempted to cross the strait without permission and were seized by the Russian Coast Guard, with the sailors arrested.

In connection to that, on July 18th, the Congressional Ukraine Caucus Chairs, Representatives Marcy Kaptur, Andy Harris, Mike Quigley, Brian Fitzpatrick proposed the aptly named SAILORS Act or “Stopping Aggressive Incursions on Liberty by Ordering Russian Sanctions Act.”

It is “legislation that would apply sanctions to 24 Senior Members of the Russian Security Service and their close associates until Russia releases 24 Ukrainian Sailors and 3 vessels the country illegally captured near the Kerch Strait in the Sea of Azov.”

This was, of course, a result of Russia’s “unprovoked actions” and specifically by its security service the FSB.

“The United States Congress continues to strongly condemn Russia’s dangerous naval assault on the Ukrainian Navy and the illegal detainment of 24 Ukrainian sailors,” said the co-chairs in a joint statement. “The event represents the latest in a series of malicious steps taken by Russia to undermine Ukraine’s democratic progress and the international rules-based order. The international community must not stand idly by as Russia increases its aggression in Europe and globally. The United States and the free world must raise the cost of Russian incursions until each of the 24 Ukrainian sailors are returned home and the vessels released. This bill sends a powerful message to the Ukrainian sailors and their families that the American people have not forgotten their heroic struggle to protect their nation’s democratic trajectory and sovereignty. We call on our House colleagues to support this bipartisan legislation and for Russia to immediately release the Ukrainian sailors.”

Separately, a Resolution was agreed in senate, introduced by Senator Rob Portman – it was introduced on February 14th and was accepted on July 16th.

“A resolution marking the fifth anniversary of Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity by honoring the bravery, determination, and sacrifice of the people of Ukraine during and since the Revolution, and condemning continued Russian aggression against Ukraine.”

Among other things, it expresses support for everything “democratic” in Ukraine – the magnum opus of which is Volodymyr Zelensky’s democratic election and the peaceful transfer of power to him from ex-President Petro Poroshenko.

Congratulations were also given for the achieved autocephaly of the Ukrainian church, no mention of its unstoppable dissolution were.

In conclusion, the US Senate is resolved to the following:

  • Applauds the progress that the Government of Ukraine has made since the Revolution of Dignity in strengthening the rule of law, aligning itself with Euro-Atlantic norms and standards, and improving military combat readiness and interoperability with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) – especially in having secret prisons to torture people and known Nazis running for public office, plus unconstitutionally appointing public officials;
  • Affirms the United States Government’s unwavering commitment to supporting the continuing efforts of the Government of Ukraine to implement democratic and free market reforms, restoring Ukraine’s territorial integrity, as well as providing additional lethal and non-lethal security assistance to strengthen Ukraine’s defense capabilities on land, sea, and in the air in order to improve deterrence against Russian aggression;
  • Condemns the Russian Federation’s ongoing malign activities against Ukraine and renews its call on the Government of the Russian Federation to immediately cease all activity that seeks to undermine Ukraine and destabilize the European continent – as usual evidence is a luxury and it should only be provided when not reinforcing the current narrative;
  • Believes that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline poses a major threat to European security, seeks to further undermine Ukraine’s economic stability, and threatens to increase the country’s vulnerability to further Russian military incursions – impossible to miss a chance to condemn the Nord Stream 2 and falsely say that it is specifically aimed at Ukraine;

Finally, RT reported on a separate resolution that doesn’t appear to be on the US Congress website as of midday on July 19th.

It was submitted by Rep. Bill Keating.

“It is decided that the House of Representatives expresses support and readiness to help Ukraine in the fight against Russian attempts to undermine the universal commitment of the Ukrainian people to democratic values,” the document said, according to RT.

According to the text of the proposed resolution, “the overwhelming majority of Ukrainians in all regions note the importance of further strengthening Ukrainian democracy in the face of disinformation campaigns organized by Russia to divide the country and serve Ukraine and its democratically elected leaders as an insolvent state.”

The snap parliamentary elections in Ukraine are coming up on July 21st. It is interesting to see whether some known Nazis, or how many of the “highly moral” recruits of “Servant of the People” will make it into parliament, and democracy would ensue following that.




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