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eLearning Technologies as a Way to Improve the Quality of Education

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eLearning Technologies as a Way to Improve the Quality of Education

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eLearning has the potential not only to improve the quality of education but to change the way we perceive it. Online classes, lectures, e-books, apps, and other study materials become accessible online, providing everyone with a chance to learn on equal terms. The main benefit of eLearning technologies is that they erase the barriers and help people to gain knowledge regardless of financial state and location. What is more, not only eLearning helps to spread and deliver materials, but it also engages students in the learning process and gives them a chance to study at their own time. Learners become more interested and responsible in their results, developing time-management and organizational skills.

What are the key advantages of eLearning?

eLearning is a student-oriented format of education. It helps youngsters develop their intellectual as well as individual traits. Here are the main benefits of eLearning to keep in mind:

  • Amazing teaching aids

Cloud storage and Google Classroom allow educators and students to share materials in real-time, access them from any device, and update when needed.

  • Asynchronous learning

eLearning provides more flexibility for students who have cognitive dysfunctions.

  • Autonomy and self-sufficiency

Freedom without duties and structure is chaos! With eLearning, students become more responsible for their education. They can control the process and track their growth, reflecting on the results. This is the most crucial aspect of learning as a whole.

  • Personal scope and schedule

Students have a chance to form their own schedules as well as the list of courses that meet their interests.

  • Small colleges and schools

eLearning supports schools located in rural areas, providing access to advanced online classes and files.

eLearning trends of 2020

eLearning Technologies as a Way to Improve the Quality of Education

Image source: esquire.com

eLearning technology develops rapidly, and new amazing trends keep on emerging. The latest of them are the following:

  • Mobile learning

Mobile learning is a top trend of 2020. Not only schools and colleges use it for more efficient training, but also business organizations and companies. Today, video and audio materials are more popular than books, and mobile learning allows students and employees to continue listening and watching lectures wherever they are.

Also, mobile applications and tools can be used to support communication between educators and learners. Both teachers and students receive notifications and messages even if they are away from the computer. Applications can be personalized and updated with a couple of taps.

  • Microlearning

Microlearning is a modern approach to education. Students prefer this training format above all the rest because it allows them to focus on small pieces of information that are easy to grasp and remember. For instance, when students use samples created by writers from an essay service Australia, they get concentrated papers that consist of the materials already processed by professionals. They can understand and memorize the main point easily since the research materials are tighten – only important information drops to their minds. This is a highly practical format to learn, get deeper, and meet specific needs.

This technique fits the idea of eLearning perfectly, supplementing it, and increasing students’ engagement. With eLearning aids, online workshops, writing centers, conferences, and applications, students find it easier to recap and reinforce their individual approaches to materials.

  • Gamification

While gamification of serious learning is a debatable topic, it is still an incredibly engaging medium for the youngsters. Is there anything better than making education enjoyable? When used smartly, gamification proves to be extremely efficient. Games provide an immersive experience and enable students to grasp information in different cognitive layers.

  • AR and VR

Due to the high costs, AR and VR are not commonly employed formats yet. Today, relatively few schools implement these technologies in the learning process, but both of them have great potential. Education quality relies heavily on the quality of the delivered content. There are no doubts that AR and VR deliver the best possible experience simulating and augmenting the real-world scenarios.


It is not necessarily right that eLearning will replace traditional education, but we are assured that these technologies will change the system to better. Not many schools and colleges actively implement eLearning in their programs today, but we expect these numbers to grow in the nearest future.

Computers and the Internet already change classrooms. Therefore, we need to take advantage of these technologies and make them serve for good. Mobile learning can help educators and students keep in touch; gamification increases engagement; microlearning allows students to grasp information in a convenient format. Considering all the positive outcomes of such technologies and methods, we should embrace the changes and make a step forward!

Author’s bio:

Sandra Larson is a writer that investigates the newest trends of education. Distant learning, digital classrooms, and various educational applications interest her the most. Most of her articles are devoted to modern technologies and the ways they change the lives of teachers and students.

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Jens Holm

We use ELearning a lot here in Denmark. It can replace many things but also so far is only an important supplement and nu QED.

So I do recommend it. I would say it replace some teachers and some teachings very well.

For my own part I often use Youtubes for understanding an learning a lot of things. So IT has many possible ways. The important things is You find the best ones as well as You are able too.

I have seen Elarning systems, where You pay a lot and should have had an ordinary teacher in stead.

Assad must stay

Elearning is good in some situations and certain types of classes but not all. Half the battle is setting up your software, webcam, internet connection, the other half is making sure it all works come showtime lol


From what I can discern,,, the more they added electronics to schools the worse the education got but I don’t guess it matters much as most education today is indoctrination.


Seems like a good way to standardize said indoctrination.

Muhammad hammad

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Julia Crowl

Due to the pandemic, there is a need for online training and fortunately there are sites like this one where you can study anywhere in the world. And that, of course, wow!

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