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Elderly, Disabled, Women. Face Of Protests In Belarus

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Elderly, Disabled, Women. Face Of Protests In Belarus

Source: TYT.BY

Despite the fact that the active phase of the protests in Belarus is apparently behind, the favorable attitudes  toward the opposition persist. Today though, the protesters are not the ones who marched the streets in August.

While the active male part of the population is no longer ready to waste time walking the streets with banners, the opposition forces have begun to actively involve the most vulnerable sectors of society. In social networks, there are regular calls to participate in the retirees’ march or in the march of the disabled people. Women’s marches are held almost daily. The educational process has been suspended in many schools and universities, because students are holding meetings instead of studying.

Elderly, Disabled, Women. Face Of Protests In Belarus

Source: Hexta

During such marches, clashes break out with the police or with the representatives of the counter opposition, who support President Lukashenko. Often women and the elderly fiercely fight off law enforcement representatives.

For example, the 73-year-old pensioner Nina Baginskaya, who gained fame as an active revolutionary, became a kind of symbol of the protests. Various curious cases with representatives of law enforcement agencies with her participation fell into the lenses of cameras.

The most vulnerable social groups are involved in protests by despicable means. The coordinators of the marches allegedly tend to use intimidation and agitate for the future of their grandchildren, pay fees for participating in marches. The most effective method seems to be engagement through blackmail from their relatives. Apparently, young people are dragging their elderly and disabled relatives out into the streets.

However, it seems that in the Belarusian society there are still not enough young people, who are ready to blackmail their relatives and friends in order to attract them to political marches, and therefore the opposition picture is not impressive enough.

Elderly, Disabled, Women. Face Of Protests In Belarus

” We are with our grandchildren”. Source: Hexta

The videos available in social networks prove that the overwhelming majority, at least 80% of the activists, are young girls, aged approximately from 16 to 27. Marches of pensioners are largely presented by women. While girls are taking part in marches, the male part of the population is working and earning money, regardless of whether Lukashenko is in power or not, they have to pay for food.

The purpose of using the most vulnerable sectors of society in protest marches is clear. Under Lukashenko, Belarus became a state, at least a social one, and in many respects socialist, focused on support for all segments of the population, but, first of all, the most vulnerable sectors: the elderly, children and the disabled. Using them, the coordinators are trying to strike a blow at the strong side of the current Belarusian state system.

Using disabled and old people to create the necessary picture is disgusting. Sadder is the fact that society actively supports such a policy. The reasons seem to lie in the structure of this society. The youth, represented to a greater extent by non-working young people, strive to stand out and they are ready to support any opposition movements. Moreover, the absence of clear life guidelines makes them the most vulnerable to influence. Thus, the views of future generations of the country are formed according to the spreading neoliberal ideology.


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Lukasenko becomes smaller and smaller.

Rhodium 10

You talk about your brain?


Why is it bad to be small? Do you want to insult Putin and Medvedev?

Rhodium 10

The globalist propagande is very effective vs these flock of sheep…like the pier piped of Hamelin..they dupe people in the Neoliberal globalist “paradise”…also have seen it in Ukraine among others ex Soviet States…smiles, ballons, flowers, women, childs, seniors, music, songs, heart sign with fingers, EU flags, distribution of cookies and sweets…in fact they dont know nothing about this system which destroy countries and homelands with massive inmigration, support the speculative economy and not thew productive one, support the wild capitalism, destroy small business,enslave citizens with high taxes and regulations, turn housing in a speculative business which lead profits to politics and current people homeless, turn Banks into government funders to the destriment of supporting business and entrepreneurs!…they dont mind if someday pro wrestern government are going to close Belarus heavy industries and expel workers…or to sell Belarus companies or turn Belarus in a Battlefield or indebt the country with IFM….that flocks are just zombies hypnotized by Globalist doctrine propagande like Ukrainians…who lost Crimea and Donbass, have a civil war with thousands of people killed and they are not even EU member after 6 years!

John Brown

The globalist propaganda is very effective vs these flock of sheep

No its very bad requiring lots of censorship, a military police state and massive police brutality which you don’t see due to masive censorship


Lukasenko,,, the unruly dictator that kept his citizens free and their jobs secure while other nations was locking down for the Covid Balogna. How dare him!


President Lukashenko refused to destroy the economy of Belarus on the sacrificial alter of neoliberal ( Bolshevik ) tyranny. The death % to Covid19 in Belarus is tiny. A figure of 981 deaths = a population percentage of 0.0001032 citizens dying from Covid19. The Belarus population = 9500 citizens of all ages

In numerical terms per citizen it equates to a ‘One in nine thousand six hundred and eight’ chance of dying from Covid19. When we take into account that the vast majority globally of the deceased are over 80ish with other serious medical comorbidities all over the world, and Covid is being used as tool of the Global Puppet Masters to change the way we live in all the countries that have prostrated themselves to corporate and political tyranny.

The money trail is evident for all to see and the money lenders are, as always, leading the pack of jackals.


Captain Freedom

Whats next? They gonna dig the dead out? Looks like they try every tactic from the color revolution text book…

Pave Way IV

You’re basically asking “When will Soros/U.S. Deep State run out of money and/or stop being evil?” Belarus will run out of people before either one happens. Soros is even going by the book anymore. It looks like he’s just randomly making up stuff to cause chaos.

Belarus, itself, needs to take care of Lukashenco and his cronies. They must have woodchippers there. I would start a Go Fund Me for one, but it’s Belarus = none of my damn business.

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