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JUNE 2023

Hammer And Anvil: Eighth Day Of Operations In Ukraine

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Hammer And Anvil: Eighth Day Of Operations In Ukraine

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Hammer And Anvil: Eighth Day Of Operations In Ukraine
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Hammer And Anvil: Eighth Day Of Operations In Ukraine

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As of March 3, the situation near Kharkiv remains difficult for both sides of the conflict. Russian units, that suffered losses in the previous days, do not seek to go deeper into the city. At the same time, they carry out targeted strikes on military facilities and hideouts of the Ukrainian military. On the night of March 3, Russian special operations forces continued their activities in the city, aimed at identifying the main defense nodes and eliminating the command staff. The encirclement of Kharkiv has not yet been carried out.

Mariupol remains blockaded by the joint forces of Russia and the DPR. Fighting is going on the outskirts of the city. The major assault has not started, but several clashes have taken place in the outskirts. No attempts of counter-offensive attacks by Ukrainian forces were reported.

Given the large number of military personnel and nationalistic fighters in the city, it will not be possible to take it quickly. However, Kyiv has no forces in the region to deblockade the city. The roads leading to Mariupol are cut off. On March 2, the DPR units closed the ring around Mariupol and took control over the settlements of Primorskoye, Priazovskoye, Shevchenko and Berdyansk.

DPR and Russia organized the evacuation of civilians and created a green corridor from Mariupol. However, the nationalist battalions, which are hiding in large numbers in residential areas, are in no hurry to let their ‘human shields’ go.

In Kyiv Region, Russian units continue their successful encirclement of the capital. Throughout March 2, there was fighting near Irpen. To the southwest of Irpen, there were battles for control over the Kiev-Zhytomyr highway. Russian troops encircling Kyiv from the southwest were spotted on the outskirts of Vasylkiv.

The Ukrainian military blew up a bridge in Baryshevka. This settlement is 10 km north of the Kiev-Boryspil-Poltava-Kharkiv highway. It can be assumed that Russian troops are close to this highway and that they are preparing an operation to intercept it with further advance to Boryspil.

In the direction of Mykolaiv, Russian units attempted to encircle the city in order to blockade it and get a passage to Odessa. On March 2, the Russians failed to cut off the Nikolaev-Krivoy Rog highway. On the same day, airborne troops allegedly landed from helicopters on the outskirts of Mykolaiv. The success of the operation as well as the objectives of the action are unclear.

Despite the fact that the main forces of Russia and the DPR were previously sent to break through to Mariupol, which ended yesterday with a complete encirclement, on March 2, Russian troops continued to strengthen their positions, moving north.

The Russian army took control over the town of Kamenka-Dneprovskoye and Vasilevka in Zaporizhia Region.

On March 1, it was announced that the Zaporozhye NPP, the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, located in the city of Energodar, came under the control of Russian  forces in order to avoid provocations from Kyiv. However, local sources said that armed locals continue to block the road to the nuclear plant.

LPR forces continue their offensive north and northwest toward the junction with Russian units near Kharkiv. Meanwhile, Russian units took control of Balakleya and approached Izyum with further plans to advance toward Slavyansk.

As of March 3, the most threatening situation for the Ukrainian Armed Forces is developing in this theater of the military operation. Tens of thousands of servicemen may be completely surrounded.

DPR units are fighting positional battles to the West and Northwest of Donetsk. In this section of the front, DPR units act as an anvil, waiting for a hammer blow to the flanks of the largest grouping of Kiev forces in eastern Ukraine

On the one hand, the seventh day of the conflict demonstrated a certain tiredness of the advancing Russian troops. On the other hand, the Russian command seems to have taken into account the mistakes of the past days and the Russian offensive became a full-scale army operation rather than a cavalry special operation on the enemy’s rear. The morale and technical condition of the most combat-ready units of the Ukrainian military is deteriorating. Both Ukrainian servicemen and fighters of nationalist battalions in all eastern and southeastern parts of the front are surrendering.

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Anne-Marie Suckling

Strange, how the article sounds so negative, and yet, anybody can see the cauldrons and understand the fact that the Nazis cannot get out. Russia, does not want to hurt the citizens and so is in no rush to inflame the situation.


I feel like over all its going really well but people are just hesitant to say it out loud incase everything goes to shit. I do this subconsciously all the time, assume the worst in every situation, judge everything as harshly as possible so im prepared for the absolute worst outcome that probably won’t be true because iv exaggerated the failures. It’s better to have a pessimistic mentality and be wrong that it is to have an optimistic mentality and be wrong. The way I see it is that the majority of Ukraines fighting abilities were decimated on the first few days, the success they can have is very limited but we have to see how Russia handles the rest of this because it’s entirely possible to mess up though the successes they have don’t go away even if they do mess up.

am hants

I know little of war, but, it does appear that they have cut off the supply to the organs, (cities) that will get in the way. Bio-weapon labs, with full US Diplomatic Immunity taken out, together with coast, rivers and military bases. Now just sit back, munch on the popcorn and get frustrated by cease fires, that mean restocking sources.


go get a real job cnt


The Russians are banking on the Nazis increasing levels of desperation and ultimately division between ordinary Ukrainians and the neo nazis who will oppress them as time goes by. This is where you will see the separation of nazis from ordinary Ukrainians. Then at some point there will be a European type of peace force, or manifestation of a European Military bloc that guarantee peace between the new republics and The Denazified Ukrainian nation- what’s left of it. This will all happen naturally and cause NATO to be pushed aside as the main military body. All desired results of Russia and a win for everyone all around. Perhaps even some reconciliation between Ukraine and Russia.


The EU is the Fourth Reich in all its gory glory. Why would the Russians trust them… yet again? Every time the Russians score a huge historical military victory it is snatched away at the negotiating table. I truly hope they will not be fooled again. As top US diplomat ‘Cookies’ Nuland said “Fu*k the EU”


yes EU is NATO no difference. Pointless to engage them, they will assist in funneling weapons. Cubans, Venezuelans, Chinese, plenty of countries can contribute as peace keepers plus it would really **** the West off.


How nice it would be if it is China to mediate

am hants

I have just been listening to an American Bishop, for about three hours. Very energetic, but, providing a wonderful history on it all, going back 2,000 years and finishing with how one of the creators of NATO was a Nazi and then saying about the kinder fuehrer, running the EU.

‘…Russia and Ukraine-The CIA and Rothschild Conspiracy to Destroy Putin. Bishop Larry Gaiters Exposes Rothschild’s NWO War Against Humanity ..’ – worth checking out, but, listening in segments.


I find this to be an invaluable resource to show what is actually happening rather than the drivel put out by the Five Eyes + Israel propaganda machine to cover for the final decomposition of The Ukraine which began in 2014 with the USSD/CIA sponsored Coup on the Maidan. I keep wondering is Monero safe as a donation site?

Last edited 1 year ago by platon
white hog

BCH and Monero worked for me


Thanks for that.

Florian Geyer

Well said , AM.

am hants

Thank you.

Lesco Brandon

Agreed. It is a bit strange given this site is supposed to be “pro Russia”. Perhaps this is a bit of Sun Tzu at work here? Appear weak when in fact you are strong?


Southfront is trying to avoid getting cancelled I’d wager. If you’re not at least slightly on Ukraine’s side, you’re deleted at the moment.


Strelkov was in Slavyansk in 2014 if I remember correctly.


The eternal debate will be were Strelkov, Givi and Motorola right about advancing then, in 2015, or was the wait and see faction right?

Universal Order

They were obviously right. Ukranians were less brainwashed back then.

am hants

At the end of the day, Porkie thought he would get Donbass back, in 14 days and the civil war is still going on. With Merkel legging it to the Kremlin, begging for help, in freeing her boys, stuck in the cauldrons. Not bad from the miners and farmers of Eastern Ukraine.


Read Sun Tzu. Putin has, and will likely act accordingly. Show mercy in victory. I believe that I would not have. But that is why Russia is lucky to have Putin.

Robert Blake

It took the Wehrmacht Blitzkrieg 6 weeks to take France (with a joke of a military) in 1941, and they could have beaten any army in the world at the time. It took the “coalition of the willing” with the peak of American military strength behind it over 3 weeks just to reach Baghdad in 2002, and another 6 days to take it, with no regard for collateral damage (and over 1 million Iraqis died as a result). I was there. It hasn’t even been 9 days yet.


You are talking nonsense. Iraq war started in march 2003. No Amurrikkans there in 2002. But you got lots of thumbs up and likes here for your provable nonsense comment. So this shows how illiterate and braindead lots of the knowledge-shy readers here must be. Unbelievable !

Norman DeArmond

100,000 bodies in Slavyansk CIA FBI Genocide There will be a huge fight for that area.

Carl Bunker

go to sleep butthurt kremlin victim


This shows why people should not panic so much over one day of possible setbacks. The forces of Russia are advancing well and Putin is confident. When you fight with the right ideals, then you can win because your morale is good. Ultimately it is people that win wars not bombs and shells. Russian forces are fighting with the correct belief that the Russians and Ukrainians are one people. Russian troops are distributing aid to Ukrainians in order to win their hearts and minds. It is also necessary to educate Ukrainian prisoners of war so they can make public statements to win over their comrades and convince them that Russians and Ukrainians are one people.


Exactly. And now that the nazis have been encircled theyre increased levels of desperation will work against the hearts and minds of ordinary Ukrainians.

Florian Geyer

The icing on the cake would be the capture of a few thousand Western child killer Merks. An atonement march through the Donbas and a march ALL the way to Moscow would be a fitting punishment on their way to a cosy salt mine in Siberia, :)

Carl Bunker

well we all know that this wont happen


I don’t know SF that el but from here it doesn’t read so much like a setback and then a recovery but rather a defeatist article followed by a more neutral one. How many people are writing these? Anyone knows who wrote “1st ukro victories” one?


Is South Front deleting/blocking comments now, too?


I hope they are.. The war is waged both on the ground and in the information space..


Apparently they are…just not the immature Western trolls! :D


another worthless comment from you. Collect your thirty shekels on the way out and send your comic sketch to Saturday Night Dead… I mean Live.


The War Against Reality is the only war Nulandistan has won.


I am all for banning ‘stupid’.

Universal Order

Why, can’t handle dissenting opinions pussy? Imagine being such a fag you need moderators to protect you from people disagreeing with you, LMAO


Words affect people, even the most stubborn or the most righteous of people. Stop pretending like you don’t understand that propaganda is a thing. I’m all for removing the least constructive and must harmful comments. It could be as simple as removing those with enough minuses.

Last edited 1 year ago by Manu
Caller Rat

Hope, that Russia can defeat the Nazi terrorists. However, the western Countrys and their shameful propaganda media have made it very clear that they are supporting Nazis. Do they really want to accomplish what Hitler failed? The brainwash in the west is horrible. What was known to the western population as fact in 2014 is now called Putin propaganda. And most people really believe this cynical propaganda.

Watch old News from 2014, and compare it to News now. There you will find the crazy brainwash.

Caller Rat

Sorry, my statement was a bit confusing. I mean: ” And most people really believe this cynical propaganda.” “And most people really believe this cynical western MSM propaganda.”


So called Christians in the u.s. fly the American flag in support of their governments homosexual agenda.

Of course they believe the lies. They live the lies already.


Well, the gains now are being slow but constant. God bless Russia


Dear Russia: Do not lose heart. You must fight until you win. If you lose then the deviant west will murder your leaders and force your children to learn how to have homo sex.

Don’t hesitate to use your Sarmets if you have too.


Is it true that Aidar Battalion was routed, went dissolved/extinct and its commander General Maxim Marchenko became governor of the Cherkassy or Odessa region? (as per voltair network) And were was operating?


Still in Odessa cooking colorado roaches

Florian Geyer

I hope Aidar are now the food of rats.


Hmmm… well according to the RFA’s propaganda stream, Melitopol is now in the hands of the DPR/RFA: https://t.me/intelslava/21428


Due to the exhausted credibility of western media and insane censorship, I am forced to watch only their media. Every single person I know doesn’t trust western media not a dine, and since the only information we get are theirs, we believe the opposite of their reports, posts, and articles. And remember one thing people of Russia, Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Serbia, Bosnia, Afghanistan and every other country that tasted USA democracy, PEOPLE OF US DON’T BELIEVE IN THIS CRAP OUR MSM ARE THROWING ON US. Please don’t ever forget that. At least you have a chance to defend from the US government and the deep state. We, ordinary people of the US, are in this hell also, and we don’t even have a chance defending our free speech, or our family values. We cant even defend our family values versus this degenerate pedophile, transgender, sex fluid sickoos. I just hope all of your brave people will win in your fight for freedom and dignity.

am hants

Avoiding their rubbish like the plague. It completely does my head in and cannot understand the stupidity of the masses. They know Blair lied, with regards Iraq, they know we were only meant to have a 2 week lockdown, but, people still wearing masks, despite being triple vaxxed. Now they believe all they are told about Russia, but, forget the NATO carpet bombing campaigns.

Funniest thing, was turning over the TV, when the footie came on and you have got them crying tears for Ukraine, whilst also taking the kneel. Now how would that have gone down, if playing in Kiev with Azov Battalion Guest of Honour?


clueless muppets with their tears brought on by fake news. I tell them all and they don’t like it. I say look up stepan bandera, azov, right sektor, adair battalion, they can’t do it, too dumb, they just want to be spoon fed MSM dog food so I give up, they deserve everything they get in life because it is wilful ignorance. You are supporting nazis, I say, the same people your grandparents fought on the beaches erc. Too stupid for words but then this is why the West is over, total collapse on all levels, once the collective mind goes there is no hope


It’s indeed willful ignorance. Believing the truth is “discouraged” by threats of condemnation, losing your job, whatever. So why would they? US people kept silence when they all know the CIA blew up 3 towers in Manhattan, you think they will risk their comfortable lifestyles for the lives of Slavs?

If you can show them their cowardice though, you may have better results. People really don’t like to be viewed as pussies. If they know that’s how you see them, they may want to change that. Sure they will pretend to be offended 1st but you can also pop that silly defence immediately with the truth.


Maybe you and your friends but the higher the class in the US the biggest the incentive to conform to the system and “believe” the msm regardless of how much it lies. And no you in the US are not even close to be in this hell at all. Last war in the US was your civil war. This record of peace time can only greatly contribute to your idea that the US is doing “something right”. That’s why even the Communists in the US are going for “patriotic socialism” now… You still have too little to gain to change how things are going. It’s the rest of the world that must stop you and we will prevail. This war is a great step in that direction. So thanks for your words of support :D


Your guys need to finish this quickly before all those armamnents start pouring in from the Western border. You need to have jets at the ready the moment those supplies cross the border. The United States do not give a shit about the Ukranian people; they want this to become a bloodbath in order to isolate you from the world. I think they are trying to give you another Afghanistan.

Learn from that past mistake and do what you need to do. The western media will lie about you no matter what you do…….so fuck them! The’ve just switched off RT in my country today so the average person has no opportunity to see a different opnion as your average person will not look for websites like SouthFront or GlobalResearch. If you checkmate the United States here then their ‘Grand Chessboard’ might start to crack.

The second front should be an assualt on the Dollar – their genuine Achilles Heel.

Good luck to all those want a genuinely fair world. It belongs to us all, not the elite!


Armaments will be hidden in “humanitarian” transports. Jyst like in Venezuela and Syria.


Probably brought in by civilian aircraft like the last batch as well.


this amerikant unthinking always fails


People, one can only be proud on Russian army. Pure professionals. I hope they send those neo-nazi bandits straight to hell, for all times. My grandmother and grandfather were both in concentration camp.

Craig Nelms

As far as I can tell, the Russians are doing well and are being considerate of the Ukrainian people, as they should. I’m proud of them. They began with a “Desert Storm” style taking of air superiority as expected and then a Patton style, or even Blitzkrieg style drive into Ukraine to cut off enemy units from their logistics and supplies. This only works if those units that are cut off proceed to surrender rather than fight to the death. This is why it is not immediately desirable to encircle a city but rather to leave the opportunity for the units holding a city to withdraw and “live to fight another day”, allowing the attackers to take the city without having to fight “door to door”. Thus in Kharkov units can still retreat where as in Mariupol they are in a “fight to the death” or surrender situation. Its not so easy for a unit to surrender when some in the unit want to fight. While its honorable to fight its not honorable to use civilians as shields.


there are many difference between feminized gringo cowards and their colonies such as nazi Denmark, germans vs Russians. The fascist immoral morons do not learn from history—they cannot think. Our lessons will cost them dearly. Kiss NATO and the rotten Americans dictatorship goodbye.

Carl Bunker

Turn Russia into the Shithole country it deserves to be :)


Карл, вы не Великий хотя-бы потому,что сидите в бункере!

Rodney Loder.

Zalensky has all but thrown the towel in, agreeing to Russian demands to open up routes out war zones for civilians with ceasefire agreements to accommodate the movement of the civilian. No matter how you interpret it Russia has won. Allah (swt) has worked another miracle.


You would think instead of surrendering most of the Ukrainian government forces and the Adolf Hitler admiring Nazis Battalions and other non-nazi volunteer Ukrainian forces would move to Kiev and Western Ukraine.

John Hawk

…once this is over, V. Putin will be nominated for the Nobel Peace prize…taking out the scum who were planning WW3 being the reason…


Lol the guy that started the war and having thousands of men killed, threatening to start ww3 with Nukes, is getting a peace award? Are you nuts or just high on meth?

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