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Eight Rockets Hit Iraqi Air Base Hosting U.S. Troops. Injures Reported

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Eight Rockets Hit Iraqi Air Base Hosting U.S. Troops. Injures Reported

Illustrative image.

On January 12, a new rocket attack targeted the Balad Air Base, which hosts U.S. troops, in the northern Iraqi province of Salahuddin.

In an official statement, Iraq’s official Security Media Cell said that air base was hit with at least eight rockets. Several Iraqi service members were injured in the shelling.

“The Balad Air Base in the province of Salahuddin was shelled with eight Katyusha rockets. As a result, four personnel of the Iraqi Air Force, including two officers, were injured,” the statement reads.

The name “Katyusha” is usually used in the Middle East to refer to different variants of 107 mm rockets. This type of rockets is used by most armed groups in Iraq, including ISIS.

Three days ago, a rocket landed a few kilometers away from the Balad Air Base. A source in Iraq’s Police force said that the attack didn’t result in any losses.

Iraq is witnessing mounting tension between Shia groups and the U.S. Earlier this month, Washington assassinated Deputy-Commander of the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis along with Iran’s Quds Force Commander Maj. Gen. Qassim Soleimani in the country’s capital, Baghdad.

Local Shia groups fighting under the banner of the PMU vowed to avenge the death of their commander. However, it is very unlikely they were behind the attack on the Balad Air Base as Iraqi troops, which are allied with them, are known to be deployed there.

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The PMU’s had previously warned Iraqi security personnel to stay at least 1 kilometer away from all US bases in Iraq, they better heed this warning if they dont want to be killed and injured.


more of that and the more than dumb americans will soon be on their way home

AM Hants

They do not like it when they see the body bags coming home. Isn’t that what got them out of Vietnam?

John Wallace

That helped as did the protest movements that started small and took a number of years too gain momentum. One major incident that struck the minds of many that supported the war into thinking that maybe they were wrong and increased the anti war movement that finally led to the US pulling out was this one.. This was a major turning point .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lP5J5uOWyY8


It looks that the Tet offensive and especially the attack on the US embassy was the real turning point.

Because now really everybody understood this was going nowhere and it was just another endless war planned by profiteering elites.

John Wallace

I agree Tet was another major turning point but by that stage people were already turning against the war from a combination of many things. The continuation and increasing losses with promised victory looking to be further away, growing public protests that couldn’t be ignored , returning vets growing in numbers condemning the war along with others as well as the constant media coverage that didn’t show the war in the light that the government wanted. The media were later blamed for the loss and thus had to be controlled for the next war which brings us to the media situation we have today. At that time I was a big supporter of the US in that war and disagreed with the protesters but of course now I see it in a better light and realise I was wrong.. There are many many out there that have a much better understanding of that war than me but to me that medal throwing event must have shocked many that were in support of the war to see their returning vets doing that and begin to question why , a major turning point where the people turned against the government and demanded enough . Tet would have been the icing on the cake even though statistically the Viet Cong suffered a massive loss they were unable to recover from.

AM Hants

I was a child when it was going on, and so did not follow it. Surprised to find it started around 1955, owing to assuming it was mid-60s and did not last as long as it did.

The way the Vets were treated when they returned, and yet the Government that sent them there, got away with it all. Wasn’t the USS Liberty, where President Johnson supported those that took out the ship, around the same time?


you are correct! Also the cost of such wars which are to the benefit of Israel and China! No longer!


And they want to leave! $5 billion is all they are asking for! Worth it? In reality, Iraq wants them to stay! 40% sunni and 60% shiia! WAR! You know this! So stop talking shit!


NOBODY wants or needs the thieving lying baby killing USA ANYWHERE. Suni Iraqis fear shia backlash if US leaves. Thats tough. But US has already negotiated a withdrawal with IRAN & IRAQ. So stop talking SHIT


Awesome! Cant wait to see the doc’s u downloaded to prove it! Can u post them please?

Before the US leaves, Iran’s revolution will see the Ayatollah replaced as the highest authority! Iran is going back to its non-Arab democratic system! By the choice of its own people! Would u like 75 videos proving Iran is in revolution and that they tore down Soleimani’s giant pictures?

i have those on my hard drive!

Send me ur doc’s and ill send u mine


They have been trying to replace the Mullahs since 1979.DipShit Yankees got served by Iranians ever since.


Khameini is killing revolutionary Iranian’s just as the Shah did! Except the Shah was actually helping iranian’s with the money he brought in! Khameini is too busy chasing his religious dreams with expansionism! Thats called religious oppression! Iranian’s are sick of it! the Ayatollah made himself the supreme leader! Able to over rule their own political leaders which means votes dont count! He can and has veto’d candidates! Therefore it is the IRGC who actually rules Iran as they answer only to Khameini! The rule via religious leaders has failed in the same way its royal family failed! Only that the royal family actually invested in Iran itself, raising quality of life! They still kill most of their prisoners in Iran! Kill gay people and stone people to death! Must be awesome living there! NOT! As for USA “being there”… the only people “being there” is Obama’s people making deals for kick backs to themselves for the 150 billion they gave Iran! The revolution is REAL! Women and people are sick of the oppression! Sick of low pay and high costs! Sick of living poor! Sick of all the money going into its military! Sick of being killed for protesting (which is what also happened under the Shah)!


Iran will be free soon! But if u side with CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, NYT, WaPo then u will believe Iran is holy and beautiful! lol. U have sided with the CIA media! Wake the fuck up! https://twitter.com/i/status/1216453018457079809 https://twitter.com/i/status/1216458550601535489 https://twitter.com/i/status/1216442215624531975 https://twitter.com/i/status/1216484153396514823 https://twitter.com/i/status/1216579461744906241 https://twitter.com/i/status/1216565883755290625 https://twitter.com/i/status/1216496242391470080 https://twitter.com/i/status/1216540366326902785 https://twitter.com/i/status/1216453627864326145 https://twitter.com/i/status/1216444806987177984 https://twitter.com/i/status/1216424989647306752 https://twitter.com/i/status/1216496435585339410 https://twitter.com/i/status/1216421815746207747 https://twitter.com/i/status/1216430702855671808 https://twitter.com/i/status/1216434982320820224


True, free from Yankee interference in the region as the yankee douchebags hightail it outta ME


you dont get it do u! Soleimani was a CIA Asset! So yes the USA was in there! But the freedom u talk of is coming from Trump! The Death of this General is what is freeing them!


NOW TO EXPLAIN WHAT HAPPENED! You all know i have been informing u for years of the Intelligence war that has taken place in the USA since Trump arrived! Former CIA black hat (bad guys) vs NSA White hat (Good guys) have been in a war much like Russia had which put Putin into power (To save the country)!

This logically explains why the Media and the Democrats in the USA are trying so hard to get Trump out! This is not to say Republicans arnt bad either, McCain is dead (not from cancer), Paul Ryan (young Republican leader) suddenly quit politics and a few more are now FREE from the control of McCain and Hillary! in some cases like Lyndsy Graeme they now are OWNED by the US military Intel services (US military intel is who is at war with 3 letter intel agencies)

North Korea’s KJU was free’d by White hats (in the famous North Korean mountain explosion) which killed many Scientists and Generals who act as Handlers! KJU is a mere puppet leader! His Grand father was a real leader but since the fall of the Soviet empire, things in this world are just not the same anymore!

Thus, like the USA easily and openly moved into the middle east under GH Bush, the CIA moved into Iran and NK! Yes Iran and NK! Look, this is EASY to understand! Russia had bread lines! They were almost broken completely! Submarines went missing! There was a military coup in Moscow and the Chechnyan war was killing them! Then Putin came in and things improved (thats another story)!

Iran was so weak from the Iraq war! NK and China were super weak too! China had barely been welcomed into the WTO by 1990!

So, the CIA, Mossad, MI6 had the world to themselves! Nobody to counter them! So they easily moved into Iran who was super weak and NK! China was given a golden goose (entry into the WTO and the beginning of Western industries and tech transfer)! Clinton brought in NAFTA and there goes the ball game!

NOTE: Soleimani is an IRANIAN JEW!

If Soleimani was number 2 and the head General in charge of the Quds forces then who is REALLY in charge? Like North Korea’s KJU who is the son of KJI and Grandson to KIS, Ayatollah Khamenei is the son of Ayatollha Khomeini! These religious, ideological Gods (in NK’s case) cannot be removed due to their nations belief systems! But these leaders are in fact controlled via Generals who are agents of the former CIA and Mossad! YES THEY ARE! Money, women, power!!! Thats all it takes!

NK’s KJU’s Handlers were deleted so to speak! Iran’s Khamenei’s handlers were deleted also!

Why do u think suddenly KJU is meeting Trump and Trump crossing the DMZ to shake hands? THINK! Dont let your cave man tribal culture get the better of you! Remember, the US media HATE Trump! WHY? Change is occurring!

Soleimani was setup (along with the Iraqi General who is SHIIA and working for Iran!) Why do u think when Trump killed Bagdaddi and Soleimani, he did not inform either the DNI or the intel committee Chairs? Do u know who the intel committee chair is?? ADAM Schiff! Schiff = Jew! Schiff = Mossad! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8d18fcf699f3cc048f826fda40953cb7b6c252ac21fe0d07c3a5f4192a8b1b04.jpg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZaQ3qp2oSo&feature=youtu.be

CIA Media NYT WARNS Soleimani (their CIA Asset in Iran) Check the date!

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/dbaa7401603c1e30906e764e8b3595f3b423f6dfecef180f4112aa9abbd31985.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/16a660c4c9b236ef214863883642fa414979ab345106f196ca426d2034b52839.png

So these people are NOT informed and success is made! Yet when the military create a BAITED Trap to appear like they are leaving Iraq as proven by a released letter, information of the fake withdrawal was leaked before hand to Iraq (picture of the letter taken to be released on the 6th of Jan) and Iraq informed Iran which then prompted the General to rush to bagdad! The aim of the Black hats is to KEEP the USA in ME wars! expand these wars under trump to get him out at all costs! The attack on the embassy would / could be blamed on ISIS! Because the weapon they were going to use was a Davey Crocket! (i know this, i dont think this)! i know this is a controversial statement about Davey Crockets but trust me this is 90% of the reason as to why the Benghazi incident occurred which has Hillary in BIG trouble and why she smashed phones and tablets with hammers and bleach bit hard drives! [[BIG]]

So the General was deleted! Do u know who wanted him deleted besides the USA? Khamenei himself! Those were fake tears my friend! Khamenei was controlled just like KJU! Soon in time u may see the Ayatollah shaking hands with Trump! just as KJU did! Though now the Ayatollah was free he still had black hat agents in his country! The Ayatollah regained power of his military now the General was dead and that plane leaving on the same day as the missile attack was shot down out of the sky! And let me tell u, most on board or should i say 100% were all Iranian NAMES! i have the list! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/31a889cc17c29dbfd573b78b812402551e29de9dcc0361cc048b6161ad5442bc.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/edc33f35009314c0a3c61377b54ed04a58c64b0966059c06396ae5fbdf20bc99.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3bc87e9d4048562ba698185ea07fe73a0086701b34bcf6702f118fc3ec7a648b.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ca36ed5893e9b5f587e85d1179c6fff74725a6464139fc5c81cf23fddae37825.jpg

although the passengers may seem to be from other nations, they werent! They were Iranian CIA and Mossad Operatives! (Black hats/ bad guys)! Now they are dead! Iran is FREE! As for the Iranian counter attack! This was so easy to avoid with 2 days notice! minimal AND I MEAN MINIMAL and acceptable damage for a US base! No lives lost! Iran seems to be satisfied to save face! Its over!

Lets also not forget the 4.9 to 5.1 earth quake occurring right near Iran’s major nuclear reactor on the SAME DAY! U can be sure those on the plane were agents and scientists! ALL DEAD!

Many of you CAVE MEN wont / cant accept this! u think its crazy! But look at it this way:

You guys consider yourselves WOKE / AWAKE because you KNOW the US and Israel created Al-Quieda and ISIS! Yet if u say this to most people they will say that YOU ARE CRAZY! Tell them 9/11 was an inside job and YOUR CRAZY! Tell them Israel has Nukes and u will be called CRAZY!

So u understand yes? Look! Im telling u, they owned and controlled NK and Iran! You will all find this out soon like its common sense! But your angry chest beating wont allow it! its like u are all brain washed! u actually believe the shit they tell u! YES the USA was bad pre 2017! It was and i hated them too! but what u dont know is that these intelligence agencies dont work for the nations they are HQ’s in! They are only FUNDED by them! These agencies work for GLOBALISTS! And Globalists work for themselves and seem to be favouring 2 countries only! Israel and China!

They are transferring all to China, industries and tech! Selling it through Hillary’s Special Access Program which she had a server in her Bathroom! Many of u still dont understand what really happened in Benghazi and WHY Hillary didnt allow the military to rescue the ambassador and the rest there! She and Obama were SELLING tech hardware AND blueprints!

So China has been hacking, stealing, corrupting, buying and even just openly having the tech transferred to them! and u all sit here and think Russia is friends with China? If China became more powerful than russia in the next 5 to 10 years do u think Russia is safe? With al that land, gas and oil? I mean China literally STOLE the SU-27 and copied it right in front of Russia’s face because CHINA DOESNT GIVE A FLYING FUCK! And Putin could do NOTHING! In fact he was forced to kiss ass and sign an energy deal! You think Putin wanted to do that? He waited all these years trying to get Europe to accept him but the Obama sanctions began and he was forced to do business with China!

Russia is NOT safe from China nor a friend! Just right now it is neccessary for Russia to cooperate!

The fall of the Soviet Union was the beginning! Russia was at its weakest and the USA at its strongest! stealing and controlling oil and printing wealth like never before! China was nothing in 1990! Iran was fucked from its own war with Iraq and NK had nothing, not even a missile!

The CIA did what most intel agencies do, control the bad guy! Own the bad guy! Divide and conquer! Best to own both horses in a horse race! Own both the Republicans and the Democrats!

You all know how it works! But none of u are aware how deep the rabbit hole went! U are RIGHT to hate Mossad and the CIA but they were NOT working for the USA! But its ok to think that! They are Zionist Elite agencies! They are now being deleted!

Think about this in regards to Trump: North Korea (shaking hands over the DMZ) Kills bagdaddi without informing own Govt agencies Kills Iranian General without informing own Govt agencies US media hate him Has been impeached by Democrats Same Democrats have corruption indictments coming Blamed Trump for what they themselves are guilty if doing Russia Collusion? Ukraine Quid pro Quo? pee pee tapes?

Seriously! THINK! Wake up! JUST FINALLY WAKE UP! Iran is FREE!!!! The JEW CIA black hate mole is dead! General Soleimani to the CIA is the same as Osama Bin Laden, Bagaddi, Zarquawai etc etc! Fake bad guy CIA operatives! Get that stupid thought out of ur head thinking its USA vs whoever! Its not! its Zionist Globalists vs whoever! UNDERSTAND?

The USA is now cleaning up, just as Putin did in Russia! Russia stopped being for sale when Putin got in! USA not for sale since Trump got in!

Get it through your heads! I know part of u accepts this! like 2 % but u just cant! u cant because it means u are not special! u were duped! u thought u were woke! But u still are! u just didnt fly high enough because of your pride and ignorance!

Wake up! the General was a CIA black hat JEW! He was! Now Khamenei has his power back just like KJU!

Wake up!


Justin, can share where did you get all your these information? I knew these jews cartels are controlling entire world long ago, starting WWI & WWII, etc.

But to say these Jewish cartels favour China is nonsense. They might miscalculated to try grow China fat for parasitic milking like they did to US, but ended Chinese outsmart them. Chinese won’t want to be enslaved forever, they are as smart if not smarter than these greedy jews.

So now jews globalists front boys like George Soros are openly declaring war to China after been shut out of China’s financial mkt speculation. So are all Trumps’ people anti-China. But its been this way even since Obama’s TTP & AP rebalancing, Bush too, etc.


If you admire the Chinese and their intelligence then u may be right! But what u dont realise is that its not CHINA as a whole! Its literally ONLY the Chinese Communist Party members only! In fact the CCP has its own threat and its own war! That war is against the people they rule over! So yes there are some aspects to what u are saying to be true! China was welcomed into the WTO, they did openly inherit Western Industries much to the benefit of Globalists dreams of monopoly! China would buy all the carbon credits making the Globalists who traded them even richer and the nations who chose to compete could never produce goods as cheap especially when they have no slave labour or must adhere to strict regulations and forced to only produce goods at almost zero emissions!

But the CCP understands they have been given this great power, but have also moved to take it completely! Even from the Globalists who gave it to them! The power going from Zionist Jew scum into the hands of the CCP who are totally OK with slave labour, re-education camps and kidnapping anyone who speaks out against them!

As for the information i get! All is leaked to the public via 8chan (now 8kun) by very very proven US military intelligence agencies! Why? Because they need a good % of the public to be aware so that a misplaced revolt does not take place! if 1 in 10 people know whats going on, its a good thing! The word spreads!

Everything is being leaked in order to save not only the USA but also the world! Obama and Hillary are very very bad people! This is why he was praised and awarded the nobel peace prize after starting 3 new wars and killing thousands of civilians in northern pakistan at the very time he was given this award! Yet Trump is being ridiculed and blamed every day!

i have so much info, evidence and proof on my hard drive it would make your head spin! I can tell u what really happened to that Russian submarine that was injured a back in Late June / Early july and i can tell u the real reason why Trump made a military parade in every major city! i can tell u why Hillary and Obama told the US military to stand down when the US Ambassador in Benghazi was attacked and killed and why and how the US said they killed 300 Russian Wagner Mercs in Syria! I can tell u why Putin ordered a 40 million people trial evacuation to underground bunkers and subways for the practice of a nuclear threat!

I can tell u what turned North Korea’s KJU threats to Trump to almost love letters! I can tell u how Trump got to the point he could cross the NK DMZ and shake hands! i can show u pictures of missiles attempting (but failed) to shoot down Air Force 1 on its way to Singapore with Trumps first offical meeting with KJU!

I can tell u who has been captured amongst Epstein’s staff and is leaking all to the US military! and this is just a drop in the ocean! i can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Epstein was working for Mossad! BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT! There it raises the question, if they caught epstein and he worked for Mossad, does is capture entail non-cooperation between the USA and Israel’s intelligence services? The answer is YES! Intelligence war!

The information that people like me have (and we are not special, there are hundreds of millions of us. just normal people) is mind blowing! This is why they tried to kill 8chan!

Let me tell u right now! The NSA (National Security Agency which is lead by the Military) is in a war with govt intelligence agencies (Such as the FORMER CIA who worked for Globalists)! this includes Snowden who worked for both!

8Chan is the NSA!

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d013fa2fe28d3fd7f1eb3323df05d3a7d3bd6bbf6a65e2bd467bc121bff40fec.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3c198eba1560ee82510abd9dc729938261ee290f8b14fff5ed59585d8d788698.png

Google is the CIA! The CIA is transferring tech to China! FACT. Stated in senate hearings by the US joint chiefs! DIRECTLY aiding, not indirectly!

Googles search engine they made for china was to be released the DAY AFTER the NSA released GHIDRA! Ghidra is reverse engineering software that can delete any spyware on peoples computers! The NSA made it for everyone on the planet to download! WHY? Intelligence wars!

If you want to learn and are serious about this. i can point u in the right direction! But it will take u 6 months to get up to speed! Ive been on this for over 2 years!


8Chan…i see. Have you watch the actual Nz Christchurch mass shooting videos? In Unz, someone posted them. Its a stupid computer video filming crisis actors by Nz gov in collusion with West gov. So fake that Nz PM had to impose 10yrs imprisonment to ban people from watching the hoax videos.


But 8Chan followers believed that the shooter is a WN posting there. You see, when free speech is allowed, all kinds of propaganda, conspiracy theories, lies & leaks came in. The deep states & cabals also have their own trolls to sabotage & spread fake news. So people get confuse.

If you believe Trumps is against deep states, look no further than his slavery obedient to Israel & wallstreet. Btw, Trumps No.1 donor is jews, the sands casino owner. He is taking instructions from his Jewish son in law Jared, who is strangely closed to Bibi…think about it. He is just another puppet put up by deep states, while Obama & Clinton are working for another cabal.

WASP is f* by deep states cabal controlled immigration policy, they seem want to let India sludge, Latino & Islamic migrants to overrun US, UK, Oz, Nz, Canada & EU. May be only Russia is resisting such White-culling movements by George Soros open border movement.

Arch Bungle

40% of Americans want the US Governmenr to leave the US.


Can u write that again please! Because what u wrote is insane! Americans want the US govt to leave the US? WHAT??? So have no govt? WTF are u talking about?


So in other words they need to choose a side? Is that what u are saying? Because those security forces are: 1. getting paid good money (better than most in Iraq) to offer security 2. are guarding an Iraqi base on Iraqi soil! (its not like the USA can take it with them if they leave) 3. When u offer security, u dont just do it when everything is hunky dory! Thats why its called “security”! Just in case the shit hits the fan! 4. They barely protected an embassy, thats not going to work well when your main export is oil! 5. This will only build distance between Iraq and Iran! Its one thing for iran to kill Americans, but to kill Iraqi’s, thats a whole other thing entirely! Yet u blame Iraq for being hit by Iranian Missiles? Are u serious? Its Iraqi forces fault for being in the way? Do those Iraqi’s get prior warning as to which locations will be hit?

Do u hear what u are saying? So if Iraq decided to counter attack Iran for killing its own people, who would u support?

In this scenario, can we blame Iranians for being in the way of Iraqi counter attacks? Can we? Cause u do!

Prediction: all u would do is BITCH about it being the US fault!


So “4 Iraqi soldiers were wounded in the attack in Iraq by Iraqi anti-occupation forces” interesting…..

John Wallace

Every base the Yanks are in is an Iraqi base as they don’t have their own as par of their agreement with Iraq to come back and fight ISIS. So by attacking Americans in a base is automatically putting Iraqi forces in danger of collateral damage ( caught in cross fire ) which ever term one wants to use.


That was decision of Iraqi High Command and Iraqi government to put them there and not of those Iraqi soldiers. While US knew exactly what they are doing and why when they wanted to share bases with Iraqi’s…


Bcos these Iraqis commit treason by protecting occupying enemies that killed millions & destroyed their country with open WMD lies. If all Iraqis, Syrians, Libyans, Yemeni, are united to uprise against USNato invading evils like Cuba, NK & Iranians did, these enemies wil have long diminished.


That “if” is a very big one that will unlikely be ever fulfilled.


If so, in the meantime who will feed their families, their wives and kids? In Iraq man is “provider” of the family while woman takes care of the children. And man that can’t feed his family is the highest humiliation that exist there. If Iraqi government and Iraqi high command are not directly responsible for betrayal I can’t see who else that can be.?!


When Iraqi kills another Iraqi, like that he kills part of his country and her chances for survival and brighter future. Once country is ruined , broken. The first thing that disappears among people is understanding and mutual respect . They can start another civil war over that”treason”you talk about. And add that new divide to the old conflicts…Kurds vs. all others, Sunni vs. Shiite. And with new civil war and divides that already exist Iraq will simply fall apart as country. I am for survival of Iraq and long healing process. US will meet their destiny with or without Iraqi resistance. No need for Iraq to go to extremes. Those who long for purity in their country must purify their heart first and not to reach for violence as solution. No purity comes ever out of violence.

Marcus Porcius Cato

Ever since the Taliban annihilated that marine fighter squadron at Bagram, the Yankistanis have used the auxiliaries as human shields.

Assad must stay

fighter jets?

Assad must stay

haha sucks


Iraqi personnel is injured, so who would such a thing? A militant sunni group of course. They get to hit shia soldiers and blame the same thing on them too. Israeli agents would score even higher if they did this – they get to hit shia, who turn on the sunni, and everyone against the Americans (they have been trying to turn sunni against shia since forever). The resulting chaos would mainly benefit israel. Isn’t if funny how random violence always seems to benefit israel?

Assad must stay

how do we stop them?

Bobby Twoshoes

Iraq should just redeploy their soldiers to bases with no US presence and keep a wide berth. It will both keep their troops safe and deprive arrogant Yanks of people to order around. Eventually the seppos will have to either import more rocket targets to do menial work or retreat to some country that they can still abuse.

cechas vodobenikov

amerikans lie—obviously many were killed and injured by Iranian missiles—US defenses r so impotent and unreliable even fake US allies prefer Russian s-400’s http://www.sott.net/article/427250

Arch Bungle

False flags by mossad or MEK or both. Just enough firepower to annoy, not enough to level a base.


Good news. The army of the OUTLAW, psychopath-run, blackmailing, sanctioning, belligerent, rogue empire-in-decline will be harassed until it gets out.

Xoli Xoli

In Idlib Civilians are ISIS shield in Iraq ,Iraq soldiers are USA troops shield.

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