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JUNE 2021

Eight Members of Deposed Catalan Government Detained, Former Catalan Leader Still In Brussels

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Eight Members of Deposed Catalan Government Detained, Former Catalan Leader Still In Brussels

‘Democracy: freedom for political prisoners’: a protest in Barcelona outside the Generalitat, the Catalan regional government. Photograph: Lluis Gene/AFP/Getty Images

A judge in Madrid has ordered eight members of the deposed Catalan government to be put in custody.

The judge jailed eight former ministers, who are being accused of rebellion, sedition and misuse of public funds.

Carles Puigdemont, former President of the region, travelled to Brussels shortly before Spain’s attorney general announced his intention to pursue the charges. He had been summoned to attend the national court to give evidence on November 2 and 3.

In a written request to the judge, prosecutors said that Puigdemont and four other members of his administration were aware that they had been ordered to testify, but had chosen not to attend. Their failure to appear caused Spain’s state prosecutor to request a European arrest warrant for Puigdemont and four others over their role in a disputed independence referendum. Among those who did attend the court hearing in Madrid was Catalan ex-vice president Oriol Junqueras, the regional government’s spokesman, Jordi Turull, and Josep Rull, who handled the region’s territorial affairs.

Puigdemont has promised to respect the results of December’s snap regional elections and said he would leave Belgium and return home immediately if a fair judicial process were guaranteed in Spain. Catalonia’s deposed president has denied he fled Spain to seek political asylum but said he was in the EU capital for “freedom and safety”.

On October 27, Madrid stripped Catalonia of its autonomy and removed Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont from office, following the Catalan independence referendum that Madrid deemed illegitimate. The Catalan government said that of the 43% of potential voters who took part in the referendum, 90% were in favor of independence.

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Where the fuck do this democracy animal live ?

I have never see it. I think he lives in Switzerland but I’m not sure if he really exists.

Raptar Driver

Yes it is more like a unicorn than a horse.

Michael Qiao

we did not let the masses elect our fathers, so let us not let the masses elect our leaders

Miguel Redondo

The persecutor can request what ever he wants. It is judge Lamela from the Audiencia Nacional who issues the european arrest warrant. Lamela decided to wait some days with this arrest warrant. In my opinion it is a very intelligent move.


What a strange farce and soap opera this Catalan independence endeavor has become.

TAzz Mannia

If you violate the law, you finish in a jail. Obviously. Unless you run aware before justice catch you. Good boss this man. Left in Catalonia his vice-president and ministers and he now is in safe harbour… what a good mate.


Yup, according to the facts, international recognized and hailed for decades, written into constitutions basically everywhere, the Catalans have no plight to go to Madrid at all, what the Spain’s constitution says is become irrelevant, this is also de facto and de jure done by the EU them self, and the UN, and now all this constitutional rights is thrown over board.
This French MaCrony thing, bitten by the Nappe Bug, huh, and even The Thing, Merkel is going sour, and somehow, this scums whom drools something, from time to time about Democracy, rights to protect, huh, Libya, Mali (an blatant coup), of course you cant expect anything sane or truthful coming from this scums of the earth, I wounder, are they that stupid, thinking we are equally brainless as the Wakees, yeah, in the land of the meek and the lame, everything goes, but over here….. please.

Fascinating, I am in awe, and so far, the Catalans have the rights on their side, since they are an de facto an brand new, independent state.

Sometimes, I wounder, did we rally waist an decades of writing about freedom and an choice to rule your own land, just to ram everything into an wall of mental cowardliness, an pathetic crawling in front of the globalistas and kisses the ground in front of the Tribe the scums of this earth, suddenly people echoing their stand as something true, thats an false assumption of the present situation, I am stunned to be frank on the high level of bullshit and nonsense coming from virtually everybody and most of you dont know what the f…. the problem is, the problem is Spain, not the Catalans, the EU, whom is becoming an echo machine of an Trump kind, yeah, close encounter of the idiots kind, where everything before is ignored and we start all over again, with new, ugh…… deals.

But as said, I just sit here and watches, the theater unfold, hypocrisy, exposed, lies like wise, fake history, faking participants and creates perceptions that isnt true, all that for attacking the legitimacy of the people, to undermine the fight that have been going on for century’s, litlle pisses me of more that well pissers, an like the Catalans and others foghting for their people and land, we can endure everything, accept a lot, but never ever treason.

Free Catalonia.
You see, like Palestrina, my only line in international politics, the line that separates bullshit, cowardliness and total propaganda drivel, is Palestine, to me, an valuable tool, exposes everybody and everything, even them that whines about security, huh, dont insult us again, you may think you have something constructive, you dont.
Catalonia is the test, do we have democracy or not, do people have anything to say or not, somehow this scares the shit out of a lot of people, whining about Da State, but when the people starts an revolution, a lot of people go instant idiot.
I simply dont bother to comment much this days, since most of it is pure bullshit, some sites even hammer bullshit, wrapping bullshit in an language I dont even bother to read when I know the premises are dead wrong, its the Catalans that is doing the right thing.

They have my hart and soul with them in their fight for their lifes.
Walk with God.


Vuk Marko

So, Spanish government called and will organize election on 21.12 in Catalonia and everything will be under its control. But what if parties supporting Catalonia independence win and proclaim independence the very next day? To use artical 155 again and again and again…?

Everything Spanish government did in last 2 months was ill prepared. Maybe on short term they will get what they want but on medium term they will loose Catalonia. As you could see on TV majority on pro-independece demonstrations are younger people but on pro-Spain demostrations midle-age to older people. With each generation Catalonia is less and less Spanish.

Spanish governemt must admit that Spanish nation as united entity doesn’t exists except on paper. There are couple of soverein nations (Catalans, Basques, Galicians…) which don’t concidere them self as part of Spanish nation. It’s time to talk about real federalization of Spain.

The Farney Fontenoy

Catalonia was never a sovereign nation, it’s only ever existed as a region within a larger country, same for Galicia, Basques had the kingdom of Navarre, which existed on and off for several centuries, and ceased to exist as a sovereign state 500 years ago & in any case never had permanent borders, the fact is they are all Spaniards and they need to get with the programme.

Vuk Marko

You are mixing terms sovereign nation and sovereign state. Jews are example that sovereign nation can exists for long period of time without its own country. In one sovereign state can live couple of sovereign nations like in Spain or Britain. Having or not having independent state for some period of time doesn’t have any importance on status of nation as sovereign. At any given moment sovereign nation can claim its right on self-determination. The difference is that in Britain they deal with this issue on civilized and democratic maner whereas in Spain governemt is taking barbaric meassures to keep alive fiction of “one-happy-Spanish-nation”. In vain.

Term “Spaniard” can be used only to define citizenship status but not as definition of nation.

The Farney Fontenoy

There’s no ‘mixing’, here’s a quick definition of sovereignty;

“Sovereignty is the power of a state to do everything necessary to govern itself, such as making, executing, and applying laws; imposing and collecting taxes; making war and peace; and forming treaties or engaging in commerce with foreign nations.”

So, with that cleared up, there are nations of peoples, and sovereign states.
Your mention of ‘jews’ is quite odd, that is a very broad tribal term, encompassing many different ethnicities, cultures and religions and in no way refers to a single nation.

Spain is a de facto federation, made up of many regions with slightly differing cultures & dialects, some may think of themselves as ‘nations’ but a quick look at the history books show they are descended from the same stock.


You know, anyone who has followed the progress and otherwise of the American Empire over the years must feel a bit jaded when yet another national struggle starts, and again in the name of “democracy”. What is behind this all? Is this yet another guise for the regime-change operations and the nation-splitting operations? I tend to think that it is, but I don’t know.

The Farney Fontenoy

I have no sympathy for these commies, they couldn’t enforce their socialist programmes under the central government’s noses & they had a lot to gain financially (through corruption, i.e. by joining the EU) by seceding, in any case, Catalonians are out-and-out globalists who regularly hold mass demonstrations demanding open borders (the irony) & demanding to take in millions of ‘refugees’.
They had no intention of being independent, but rather wanted to suck at Brussels’ teat directly.

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