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Egypt’s President Al-Sisi To Restore Contact With Bashar al-Assad In Coming Days – Report

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Egypt's President Al-Sisi To Restore Contact With Bashar al-Assad In Coming Days - Report

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi

Written by Khaled Iskef

The Journal of Al-Araby Al-Jadeed reported, citing Egyptian sources, about A “private” confirmation of Cairo officials’ agreements on the possibility of establishing contact between Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, and his Egyptian counterpart, Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi. The potential call, considered as the first of its kind, is expected in coming days.

The report clarified that the Egyptians strive to establish this contact, aiming to expand their roles in the Syrian file in the coming days. Recently, Egypt has made many attempts to come to an agreement with Turkey and reach a solution to regional problems, in particular, aimed at ending the Syrian war.

The sources also revealed that Egypt prioritized the importance of the Syrian file over other issues during the discussions with Turkey. During the last meeting between the two sides, the security delegate of Cairo reportedly rendered a set of demands inquiring about the nature of Turkish role in Syria, after consulting over security levels with Syrian officials.

An obvious rapprochement between Syria and Egypt has been recently observed, especially when holding special discussions to reactivate the Arabian gas pipeline and the agreement over allowing the transit of electricity from Egypt to Lebanon through Syria and Jordan.

Many attempts from Egypt to take part in the Syrian case as a “mediator” was noted by launching initiatives and making arrangements in order to restore the stability in Syria and reach a solution to end the unceasing war since 2011. However, the intransigence of the supporters of the armed factions has let these initiatives down every time.

Among the signs that assure the tendency of Egypt to restore and enhance the relations with Syria, there is the arrangement of this first contact between the two presidents, which should come after less than a month from the meeting, which was also the first of its kind, and took place between the Syrian Foreign Minister, Faisal al-Mekdad, and his Egyptian counterpart, Sameh Shoukry, on the margins of the UN in New York. The meeting, then, uncovered obvious mutual rapprochements and intentions to solve problems that the two countries are facing.


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The Zionist puppets are in full retreat everywhere.


Sisi is better than Erdogan

jens holm

I dont see that. They and Israel devellop fossils well together and are able to export to Syria(mainly lebanon.

Maybee Hesbollah should use goldiggers and be productive instead of making minus in everything by primitive warfare. The Lebanese might learn to eat missiles. Its same thing for Iran. Nice missiles and the rest too. But can they eat them. New kind of cooks might do it.

There is no need of salt. So many cry becaise of the many unneeded victims.

Its a waste having a Court about those explosives. I would say a sober rapport telling it was own fault because the bad or non systems are decided by the Lebanse themself.

For almost the same reasons it very akward even the oldie named as Amal suddenly has arrived from its grave and by that let 6 own supporters be killed. All those should go home and produce.

Its normal procedure in the rest of the world, that a harbour administration sell confiscated or found things from the sea at once and take the money for harbour improvements oir into the budget for the state.

Its strange that didnt happend. But thats the system break down and hardly nobodies fault but everybodies fault. NO FOKUS.

I can say one thing in plus. There was no illegal sales with money drowned in corruption. The rest is minus.

So Hesbolla and Amal should have done nothing about it. The Lebase cant even make any kind of sober Governess. Its hard to be impressed.


Jens, could you possibly go and get an education somewhere, then use Google translate or some similar service and cease all that inane dribble that you keep posting…it really is a garbled rant.

jens holm

No I cant. If You cant read and understand my abnormalities, you should not be able to be here.

This site is a limited lawyers and Doctors side limited by tranplantations for milimed ME languages, which not even has language for, whats goind on where they are and suddenly not here.

Above that its clear the debate is total infected by harams, harams and propganda knowledge given by one way TV from several cvountries there as well.

I dont think this is a spelling contest but about debate and oppinion. Here so many only support their own team no matter what their own players do. Thats not even debate, whre I come from.

You can ask. I often will return to that. Here I have learned to learn by asking util I understand and by that fill up my memorystick. You also can ignore me, so You dont need to visit a traunecenter.

Im aware my english is a fast mix of written and verbal english too, BUT its a Western world english and not the arabic – farsi pidgin swaheli version, where fx the only things allowed for vomen debate is “motherfucker” .

Language is highly connected to levels of devellopments and possibilities.

Capt Steven Hiller USMC

they are screwed little puppies LOL!!!!!!!!!!!


Indeed, this however makes them desperate, Iran especially needs to be on full alert.


Assad is the boss now biitch :)

jens holm

Its like Ukraine controlling the gas:(


No secret that “el-Sisi” has taken billions from the saudi leadership. He has as much trust as the zionists do, zero, nothing.


jens holm

Sisi has taken money from the ones, which has. By that he is bought too. You can trust that.

The Jihadists taken over didnt understand Egypt was for all Egyptions, so You just went back to old days instead of a more realitic consitution with devellopments and fx less corruption.

So now Egypt is back to the military hard regime keeping the peace as long as there are bread and olive oil. Thats was mnost of the money is used for.

The Egyption industrial complex driven ánd owned by the militaries is ine of he most ineffective too.


🖕🖕vNOPOOOOO!!!! more and more arab leaders restore contact wiht Assad that means that they know hes winning!! SHIT! 🖕🖕🖕🖕 ERDOG im praying to you my lord please do SOMETHIGN!”!!!!!awiopfjaiofs🖕evf 9i3fvc🖕🖕


Please trashtilla, behave yourself. You are already an embarrassment to SF.

Icarus Tanović

Hahahahahahahahaha ahahahahaha AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ahahahaha hahahahahahahaha.


i love Assad because their followers girls are delicious and good ass;)

jens holm

I dont see more and more at all.

But I do see a lot of regrouping trying to establish new and better alliances.

If Erdogan resign, I think they will have chaos there. No other can play piano with that dirty hands and no light :(

Peppe il Sicario

Twattila, if this is really your post, I can note a deep sense of desperation on your part. The word in some circles is that the US, with Russian complicity, has abandoned you and you will be kicked out of NATO before long. Then, Russia with her allies will boot you of Syria, maybe back to Mongolia. I feel sorry for the Mongolians though, they will not be too happy.

Chris Gr

All of you are fucking trolls.

jens holm

We only are trolls


Suck it up Princess. Syria has already strategically won, the foreign backed militants cannot threaten Damascus in any way, they are isolated and trapped in Idlib.

Icarus Tanović

Fuck sissy. Now they’ve got orders from Usa and Zionists to do so, thinking that War is over.

jens holm

Egypt for many years are bought into no war with Israel. Thats blackmail.

Chris Gr

Iranians support Assad and Morsi at the same time!

Capt Steven Hiller USMC

he better send assad some weapons, tanks, forces, etc. to help him

Dennis Kovac

Sisi is Zios Trojan Horse


Now that Assad has won, what a bunch of hypocrites…..


i love Assad because their followers girls are delicious and good ass;)

jens holm

Do You have mirrors on Your shoes:)


About time. The Muslim Brotherhood were always the basis of Syrian insurrectionist armed factions, and common long term Islamist enemies to Syrian and Egyptian Arab republics.

Peppe il Sicario

It sure took this half Kikestani midget and US puppet a while to grow a pair and recognize the LEGITIMATE Syrian government.

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