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Egyptian Security Forces Suffer Major Casualties In Operation Against Country’s Most Wanted Terrorist

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Egyptian Security Forces Suffer Major Casualties In Operation Against Country's Most Wanted Terrorist

On October 20, an official of the Egyptian Ministry of Interior said that a unit of the Egyptian security forces came under fire while conducting a security operation against a terrorists hideout in Bahariya Oasis area in the central Giza province.

Egyptian sources claimed that 16 Egyptian policemen and police officers were killed in the attack. However, the Egyptian El Tahrir newspaper said that a source of the Ministry of Interior said that 20 police officers and 10 soldiers of the Egyptian Army were killed during the clashes in Bhariya Oasis area.

Further reports said that the death toll grew to 53 service members. However, this still has to be confirmed.

El Tahrir reported that the 30 vehicles, 20 armored vehicles and warplanes are now supporting the Egyptian security forces operation in Bhariya Oasis. Local Egyptian sources claimed that a big camp of ISIS exists in area.

However, the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq didn’t report any clashes with the Egyptian Army or security forces in Giza province. If ISIS confirms the Egyptian sources claims, this will be the first time ISIS is spotted operating in central Egypt. Lately SIS fighters were able to conduct several “hit and run” operations against the Egyptian Army in the Sinai desert.

Egyptian sources speculated that the most wanted Egyptian terrorist, Hisham al-Ashmawy, is a target of the ongoing operation. Al-Ashmawy is a former army officer who was fired due to relations with terrorist groups. He joined the militants in Syria and then returned to Egypt in 2013.

Egyptian Security Forces Suffer Major Casualties In Operation Against Country's Most Wanted Terrorist

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The wars in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and in Libya is due to scripts that US secret army commandos have brought to these countries. These scripts have been prepared in the the agency of US department of Defence called DARPA. These scripts uses same algorithm of computer virus and control the human brain.

These scripts are spreading too fast from person to person and will spread to other countries too. These scripts will control the whole world population and that is the end of this world.

These scripts will not vanish with the help of military force but its effect will become further strong and the use of military force will make the countries bankrupt.

If any country offer me 2 billion US Dollar then I can finish all wars in Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Yemen, Afghanistan and in Libya within one week, even America will love to make peaceful good relations with all Middle East countries including Iran, Pakistan and North Korea and will work together to take the whole world to new horizons. Israeli refugees will leave whole Middle East and will handover whole land of Palestine back to Palestinians that they have occupied, to make a good image in the world.

Keith Smith

Phoenix associates, private mercs company set up after vietnam war.

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