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JUNE 2020

Egyptian Security Forces Foil Terrorist Attack On Church


Egyptian Security Forces Foil Terrorist Attack On Church

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On August 11, Egyptian security forces foiled a suicide attack on a church in the central part of Qalyubia Governorate, few km north of the Egyptian capital of Cairo, according to the Egyptian state TV.

In details, the strict security measures around the church prevented a terrorist wearing a suicide belt from entering it. After failing to sneak into the church, the terrorist attempted to retreat. However, the suicide belt exploded for unknown reason killing him only.

According to the Egyptian Youm7 newspaper, government forces secured the perimeter of the church following the incident and opened an investigation to identify the terrorist. Furthermore, Major General Reda Tabbila, Director of Qalioubia Security, visited the incident site immediately.

While some Egyptian activists believe that the attacker is a member of ISIS, others believe that he may be affiliated with the terrorist group known as “Hassm Movement,” which is an armed wing of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood party.

Since the success of the 2013 Egyptian military coup d’état, several radical groups have carried out terrorist attacks on many churches and mosques throughout the country. The most brutal attack occurred on November 24 of 2017, when several fighters of ISIS massacred 311 civilians inside a mosque in the Sinai Peninsula.



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    This is the best result.
    Suicide belt takes out the wearer only.
    Egyptian security forces are keeping their eyes open, they have to.

  • You can call me Al

    Sorry to say, but 2 years ago, I did mention on this site, that you / Egypt will be next. Get into Syria and help cleanse the nation, buy Russian arms and defence capabilities NOW and then in exactly 2 years from this date irradiate Israel – giving civilians time to leave.

  • Andrei

    You have to t think outside the box for this
    “””the suicide belt exploded for
    ((unknown reason ))????)killing him”””
    They should look for transmitters or hidden mobile phone
    Inside job