Egyptian Security Forces Eliminate Terrorist Cell Preparing Attacks On Easter


Egyptian Security Forces Eliminate Terrorist Cell Preparing Attacks On Easter

File photo: AFP

Late on April 15, Egyptian security forces eliminated a terrorist cell allegedly affiliated with ISIS in a special operation in the capital, Cairo.

The operation targeted the cell’s hideout, an apartment in Ezbet Shaheen in the district of al-Amiriyyah in central Cairo. The clashes lasted for at least six hours, according to local sources.

In an official statement, Egypt’s Ministry of Interior revealed that the cell was preparing to carry out terrorist attacks on Easter.

“The National Security directorate received information that a terrorist cell, whose elements embrace a Takfiri ideology, is using several shelters in east and south Cairo as a starting point for carrying out terrorist operations on the holy Resurrection Day [Easter], the elements of that cell were tracked and dealt with,” the statement reads.

The cell’s seven members were all killed in the security operation. Lt. Col. Muhammad al-Hofy of the National Security was also killed, while another officer and two policemen were injured.

The UAE-based al-Arabiya TV reported that the cell was affiliated with Omro Saad Abbas, a prominent commander of ISIS in Egypt. The terrorist, who is known by his nom de guerre Omro al-Shuikhni, is responsible for a series of attacks on Churches in Egypt.

In the last few years, ISIS cells in Egypt carried out several horrendous attacks on religious minorities, mainly Copts and Sunni Sufis. Hundreds of civilians were killed in these attacks.




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