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JUNE 2023

Egyptian Security Forces Are Chasing ISIS Cells Outside Sinai – Report

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Egyptian Security Forces Are Chasing ISIS Cells Outside Sinai – Report

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Egyptian security forces are preparing to face ISIS cells outside of the Sinai Peninsula, the main center of the terrorist group nearly decade-old insurgency in the country, the New Arab reported on January 11.

According to the London-based news outlet, security forces are currently hunting down an ISIS cell that attacked the al-Salihin Mousque checkpoint in the Ismailia city, some 120 kilometers to the east of Cairo, on December 31. Around ten terrorists took part in the attack, which claimed the lives of three policemen and left at least 12 others wounded. So far, Egyptian security forces have managed to eliminate only one of the terrorists.

The New Arab said that security forces are worried that ISIS could expand its influence outside of Sinai, and even reach Cairo.

The terrorist group is reportedly taking advantage of Egypt’s current political, cultural and economic conditions to recruit new members in different parts of the country.

The Ismailia terrorist attack was not ISIS’ first attempt to breakout from Sinai. On November 19, the terrorist group’s cells stormed the city of el-Qantara on the eastern bank of the canal. The quick and professional intervention of the Egyptian Air Force foiled the attack. Still, two officer and five soldiers were killed back then.

Following the attack on el-Qantara, the Egyptian military and security forces implemented new defensive measures to secure the eastern bank of the strategic Suez Canal and contain ISIS cells within Sinai.

Now, security forces are implementing similar measures in Ismailia and counducting a combing operation within and around the city.

ISIS could orchestrate more attacks outside of Sinai in the coming months. Nevertheless, the terrorist group will not likely manage to gain a foothold outside of the peninsula as this would require much resources and time.



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Muhammad Allah جثث فاسدة مصاصة الديك

Is good entertainment in reading about Muslims killing each other.

Know that some want to teach them how to play football, but they prefer to do the traditional killing business.

The Objective

European Christians are actually dying more these days.

The Objective

It is the European Christians that are dying more these days if you noticed. P **** t **** n is carrying out a Sp ******* ci ****** aaal strategic G ******** cide.

Last edited 4 months ago by The Objective
Mr. Gorilla Monsoon

They recently found a gas field in Egypt. Is this why “ISIS” has popped up again? “ISIS” seems to have the same objectives and enemies as Israel/NATO and their Rothschild masters.

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