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Egyptian Parliament Authorizes Possible Deployment Of Troops To Libya

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Egyptian Parliament Authorizes Possible Deployment Of Troops To Libya

The Egyptian Parliament met on Monday to authorize a possible future deployment outside the country

Egypt’s parliament on Monday unanimously approved the deployment of armed forces abroad if necessary to defend Egypt’s national security following the rapid expansion of Libya’s Turkey-backed Government of National Accord (GNA), which appears to be preparing for a major assault to capture the key coastal city of Sirte.

The stage is set for a dramatic escalation of the conflict in Libya, which appears to be certain to occur if the armed forces of the Government of National Accord and its major ally Turkey attempt to capture Sirte. They appear determined to do so, notwithstanding repeated warnings by Egypt’s president that Egypt will join the battle in force if this occurs.

Under Egypt’s constitution, the president, who is the supreme commander of the Armed Forces, shall not declare war or deploy troops outside the country without first seeking the opinion of the National Defence Council and the approval of a two-thirds majority of MPs.

Libya’s Tobruk-based parliament, the House of Representatives, has already granted permission for Egypt to deploy its armed forces in Libya if deemed necessary. Now, the Egyptian Parliament has cleared the way for any future deployment by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

In an official statement following a closed-door session, the parliament said it “unanimously approved sending elements of the Egyptian armed forces in combat missions outside the borders of the Egyptian state to defend the Egyptian national security in the western strategic front against the acts of criminal militias and foreign terrorist elements until the forces’ mission ends.”

“The Egyptian nation, throughout history, has advocated for peace, but it does not accept trespasses nor does it renounce its rights. Egypt is extremely able to defend itself, its interests, its brothers and neighbours from any peril or threat.”

“The armed forces and its leadership have the constitutional and legal licence to determine when and where to respond to these dangers and threats.” LINK

The decision was announced several days after Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said Egypt “will not stand idle” in the face of any attack on Sirte, which he earlier described as a “red line” for Egypt’s national security and warned it would prompt military intervention by Cairo.

President El-Sisi also met with Libyan tribal leaders on 16 July in Cairo, where they called on the Egyptian Armed Forces “to intervene to protect the national security of Libya and Egypt.” El-Sisi said that Egypt “will quickly and decisively change the military situation” in Libya if it intervenes, adding that the Egyptian Army is one of the strongest in the region and Africa.

Earlier in July, the Egyptian Armed Forces conducted an exercise near Libya’s border. The drills, codenamed Resolve 2020, took place in the north-western district of Qabr Gabis, about 37 miles from the Libyan border.

The parliament also reviewed the outcomes of a meeting on Sunday of the country’s National Defence Council (NDC) headed by El-Sisi. The closed-door session was also attended by Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Alaa Fouad and Major General Mamdouh Shaheen, assistant minister of defence.

The statement of the NDC after Sunday’s meeting declared that Egypt seeks to stabilise the current situation in the field and not to cross declared lines — referring to the Libyan cities of Sirte and Al-Jafra — with the aim of bringing about peace between all Libyan parties.

“Egypt will spare no efforts to support the sister Libya and help its people to bring their country to safety and overcome the current critical crisis, grounded in the fact that Libya is one of the highest priorities for Egypt’s foreign policy, taking into account that Libyan security is inseparable from Egyptian and Arab national security.”

The NDC affirmed commitment to a political solution to put an end to the Libyan crisis, in a manner that maintains its sovereignty and national and regional unity, eliminates terrorism, and prevents the chaos of criminal groups and extremist armed militias. It also asserted the importance of limiting illegal foreign interference that contributes to aggravating the security situation and threatens neighbouring countries and international peace and security.

The meeting of the National Defence Council also discussed ongoing trilateral negotiations with Sudan and Ethiopia concerning the latter’s Renaissance Dam Project.  LINK


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Key point however, they’ve worded the motion so it only includes the GNA and it’s mercenaries, not Turkey. Still it would be naive to think Turkish forces won’t end up in their crosshairs.

It’s shaping up to be repeat of Idlib, except the anti Turkish forces will be far more powerful this time.

Assad must stay

inshallah all the torki lorki porkis get fucked immensely lmao


A bunch of Arabs in Toyota pick-ups against Turkish drones and firepower, no match.

Assad must stay

thank you egypt, please do what russia is unable or unwilling to do and help qaddafi’s son lead the country and not a bunch of torki lorki porkis

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

Mashallah ! Praise be the God, long live president CC !

Erdogan is a Laz – Chechen pseudo – Turk islamist keen to imprison secular generals while CC is an Egyptian secular general keen to imprison islamists and let them expire like the arch – terrorist Morsi.

Erdogan is yet to get over his pal Morsi biting the big one caged in the Egyptian dungeons LOL


Erdogan is on a winning streak. He has occupied Syria and now controls Libya oil. So who is the laz now?

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

Erdogan is laz by descend, an islamist populist who undermined the legacy of mustafa kemal, founder of his country who abolished the caliphate, put an end to turanism dreams and lead Turkey to the future.

After forging an alliance with the ultra nationalist devlet ” the biscuit ” bahceli, Erdogan ordered some incursions into Syria controlling something like 5% . Those areas esp Idlib are loaded with armed fundamentalists allied to AQ & Co related islamic sharia organisations which change names all the time and their fighters are rebranded to create new factions. In particular Idlib became the safeheaven of every foreign terrorist who took part in Syrian civil war after assad & allies essentially won a few years ago. That said controlling those areas constitute a liability than a success of some kind

To make things worse they are surrounded by assad’s army & allies as well as hostile kurds and as a result they have to station there a large number of troops and vehicles which only increases the cost of the operation without offering anything since those areas are barren. Also Turkey was not given control of the airspace. Russia got all the airspace west of Euphrates while US watches over east of Euphrates. Turkey only operates drones which were not of any help when their formations were bombed by aistrikes a few months ago.

In Libya his puppet in Tripoli the wali Sarraj was saved and Tripolitania is now in Erdogan’s influence but then he stalled and he is not going to take sirte or jufra let alone the oil. Recently the Egyptian parliament decided to approve the intervention of the egyptian militray in Libya if the ceasefire is violated.

Oh and unfortunately 50 % of Libyan oil and much of the gas in the west of the country is controlled by Italian company ENI, so who has not done his homework ?

King Cliff

What the helk you talking,I like to be aware and since I like to be aware how things is on our lovely planets earth. I will tell you this the guy the Egyptian army will be backing is the same guy that help take Gaddafi out by the CIA and replace by the CIA. The same people Turkey are supporting was back by the CIA too,just sad …The Egyptian government and they allies don’t represent islam or humanity interests and the Turkish government don’t represent islam or humanity interests…They all seeking the interests of rhey pockets an they elites to be richer that’s all.


The operative word being “possible intervention”. Egyptian military, typical of Arab militaries in general is inept and incompetent and not like to take on Turkey, a major NATO ally enjoying total US support..

Alberto Garza

i dont think the u.s. will take sides egypt is alos very important ally for the u.s. .


Turkey is far more important for US as it is a Eurasian state and US is losing badly to China and Russia in the most critical part of the world now. Egypt is quasi Arab-African impoverished state living on US dime, so Turkey holds the aces in this one. Egypt will not lift a finger and Americans think very lowly of Arabs in general.


What alternate reality do you live in? They enjoy very very little US support actually. They even got kicked out of the F-35 program because of Erdogan’s bullsh*t. No one in Europe will lift a finger to help Turkey either, as they’ve had enough of his migrant extortion too.

Turkey has very few friends, and Erdogan is largely to blame. In fact, many will cheer if gets defeated in Libya.


Turkey is the only country keeping NATO alive as rest of Europe’s soldiers are queer boy scouts. US can not do without Turkey is the new Eurasian great game. Egypt is a charity case and commands no respect by anyone.

King Cliff

This is a show off force but we all know Turkey wont budge a bit unless Egypt troops and equipment starts entering Libya and taking positing for further advances into the Turks allied territory.

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