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Egyptian Parliament Approves Maritime Agreement With Greece, Germany And US Step Up Diplomatic Efforts In Libya

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Egyptian Parliament Approves Maritime Agreement With Greece, Germany And US Step Up Diplomatic Efforts In Libya

The agreement overlaps with areas claimed by Turkey and the Government of National Accord of Libya

On Monday the Egyptian parliament’s legislative and constitutional affairs committee approved a deal demarcating maritime borders with Greece. The deal was signed by the ministers of foreign affairs of Egypt and Greece in Cairo on 6 August.

A report prepared by the committee said that MPs approved the deal after they had ensured that it is consistent with Egypt’s constitutional and legal requirements.

“The deal between the two republics of Egypt and Greece also go in line with international law,” the report states, adding that “it also includes establishing an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) between the two countries.”

The report said the deal aims at partially demarcating the maritime borders between the two parties in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

“The demarcation of these borders will be completed when necessary and once consultations between the two countries on point ‘A’ and point ‘E’ are finished in line with international law.”

The report indicates that the EEZ will be between point “A East” and “E West” and in line with attached geographical formulations and that it forms an integral part of the deal.

The report said that any change of the geographical formulations between point “A to the East” and point “E to the west” will be concluded only under a bilateral agreement between the two countries.

“If any of the two parties seeks to sign an EEZ with a third country sharing maritime borders with the two countries, it shall inform the other party in advance and ahead of signing the deal with the third country,” said the report.

The deal also states that if natural resources, including hydrocarbons, are found in an extension area between the EEZ of the two countries, there should be a new deal on how to utilise these resources and that any disputes in this respect shall be settled through diplomatic channels.

“It can be modified under an agreement between the two parties and that it goes into effect once the ratification documents are exchanged between the two countries,” said the report.

Egypt and Greece signed a maritime demarcation deal on 6 August. Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Soukry said in a press conference that the provisions of the deal are in line with international law and the United Nations Convention On The Law Of The Sea.

Shoukry pointed out that the new agreement paves the way for more regional cooperation between the Egyptian and Greek sides in the field of energy, given the membership of the two countries in the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum.

The forum’s members are Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Israel, Jordan, and Palestine. The forum was established in January 2019 to “create a regional gas market, optimise resource development, cut the cost of infrastructure, offer competitive prices, and improve trade ties,” according to Egypt’s petroleum ministry.

Shoukry added that “the friendly relationship between Egypt and Greece is a key pillar to preserving the security and stability of the Eastern Mediterranean and countering the threats stemming from irresponsible policies that support extremism and terrorism.”

Turkey’s foreign minister claimed on the same day the Egypt-Greece deal was signed that it is baseless and that it falls in the area of Turkey’s continental shelf.
Reuters quoted the ministry as saying that Turkey considers the agreement null and void and that the deal also violates Libya’s maritime rights.

Tensions were already high between Greece and Turkey over the exploration of energy resources in the Eastern Mediterranean. Greece has stated that it would not hesitate using force to stop Turkey’s illegal exploration works in the Mediterranean. LINK

Meanwhile, in Libya German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas made an unannounced visit to Tripoli on Monday, saying that the world must not be fooled by the ‘deceptive calm’’ in Libya at the moment and should take the initiative to find a way to end the conflict.

Maas said in a statement upon arrival in the North African country that he was meeting with officials in the Government of National Accord (GNA) in the capital to “talk about ways out of this very dangerous situation'” where both sides in the bloody civil war are being armed by international allies.

Germany has been trying to act as an intermediary, and in January held a summit in Berlin where participants from both sides agreed to respect an arms embargo and push Libya’s warring parties to reach a full cease-fire, but the agreement has been repeatedly violated.

Maas will also travel to Abu Dhabi to meet with his counterpart there to urge him to use the UAE’s influence with Hafter to end hostilities ‘in line with the Berlin summit’.

The defence ministers of Turkey and Qatar were also in Libya on Monday, but it wasn’t immediately clear whether the German foreign minister met with them, and the Foreign Ministry did not immediately respond to a query.

Turkey signed a military accord with the GNA late last year, as well as a memorandum of understanding on maritime boundaries, that was rejected by Egypt, Greece and Cyprus.

Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar and Chief of Staff General Yasar Guler were in Tripoli on Monday to ‘observe the operations’ under a military cooperation deal with Libya, Turkey’s defence ministry said. LINK

Last week, US Ambassador to Libya Richard Norland visited Cairo last for talks with Egyptian officials and the speaker of the Tobruk-based Libyan House of Representatives, Aguila Saleh, on means of resolving the Libyan conflict.

In an interview with Ahram Online Norland said Washington aims to “get forces to pull back” and “find some sort of neutral security arrangement” for Sirte. He revealed that one of the ideas suggested during talks involved the establishment of a demilitarised zone around Sirte, and that the political dimension of the Cairo Declaration on 6 June offers an opportunity for new voices to emerge from Libya’s east to engage with the GNA in Tripoli and initiate a Libyan political dialogue with a new approach to seek a negotiated solution to the conflict.

“One of the ideas we are suggesting is supporting some sort of a demilitarised solution around Sirte. We are not the only ones who suggested that, but if we can use our influence to do so, we would like very much to do that. The aim is to get forces to pull back, to find some sort of neutral security arrangement for the city itself, and to avoid the risk of Sirte becoming a flashpoint for an expanded conflict…

We have an opportunity here to consolidate a long-term ceasefire, and I am not going to say whether I am optimistic or pessimistic, but I think it is an opportunity that rational parties support and will continue to do so. The reason is that the alternative is a serious regional conflict.” LINK

A concerted diplomatic effort is being made to attempt to forge a preliminary agreement between the main belligerent parties that could pave the way to broader negotiations over the future of the Libyan State. If they fail, it is just a matter of time until hostilities break out again, with the serious risk of direct clashes between Turkey and Egypt that could draw in other countries in the region as well.


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Now go figure which one takes the priority Egyptian-Greek or Turkish-Libyan agreement.

Angry Birds

Turkish – Libyan MoU is based on the arbitrary and extraordinary claim that islands have no rights on EEZ. In reality it’s self explanatory the large island of Crete ( pop 600k ) renders that agreement void. GNA’ s expired mandate had no authorization to make international deals anyway and the country is in civil war . In fact the projection of the Anatolian coast looks straight to the Cyrenaica coast which is controlled by the Libyan parliament that has already rejected the GNA agreement with Turkey.

Following the two recent Greek agreements with Italy and Egypt that are based on what international law contemplates on maritime jurisdiction, Libya ( once things settle there ) will be forced to define sea borders with Greece since it is now located in between Greek internationally recognized EEZ.

Although that Turkish – Libyan MoU was sent to UN several months ago it is yet to be ratified, their law department is reviewing legal issues.

Jens Holm

Close to that. I agree. Cyprus is a country and no Island in this.

cechas vodobenikov

bird notes that the gna govt mandate expired in 2017—only the LNA has any legitimacy in Libya; without turk imperialism the GNA would disappear—turks are making enemies everywhere


[Imgur]comment image)

The 38-year-old Greek Type S frigate, with about four meters solid iron in its bow, collided with the Kemal Reis where the helicopter hangar is and the main deck. The Turkish captain’s miscalculations and dangerous maneuvers resulted in a 3 x 1 rift on the Kemal Reis, one of the most modern ships in the Turkish navy.

Turkey is one of the lowest ranked countries for media freedoms in the world, is the second most susceptible country surveyed on the European continent and its surrounds to fake news, has the most journalists jailed in the whole world, and 90% of media is government controlled.

A warship does not leave the field of operations easily, officers explained, saying that the Turks are trying to protect their frigate until it reaches the nearest port to repair the damage caused.
kemal Reis is severely damaged, will need several months to repair it, and the Turks are trying to cover this fact as best as they can as they are severely embarrassed by a near 40-year-old Greek ship that outmaneuvered one of their best warships.



Typical Greek tales lol. KemalReis is still operative in eastern Mediterranean. Here is a video:

and fresh photos together with Oruc Reis:

But we didn’t see your Limnos after that day. Where is it? In the junkyard?:)


Retard, everyone knows and saw LIMNOS along side the French navy excersises next day!
hahahahaha you are so desperately retarded!


[Imgur]comment image)

The following units took part in the exercise: Hellenic Frigates “SPETSAI”, “AEGEAN”, “LIMNOS”, “KOUNDOURIOTIS” and a French group of ships (Task Force) consisting of the French Helicopter Carrier FS “TONNERRE” and the Frigate FS “LA FAYETTE”.


Ok, finally a greek could send me a photo of that junk. I suppose it’s fine then. Case closed. Thanks, bot.


bot ?

ahhahahahahah you are sooooo stupid!

[Imgur]comment image)


[Imgur]comment image)


comment image


He is just trying to attract attention since Turks really despise of your army. Not serious lol


Do you understand now why they will dismantle Turkey ??

“Mossad thinks Turkey is a bigger menace than Iran
Erdogan’s constant search for scapegoats and enemies is leaving him friendless in the region”


FANFARΟNE ? Year of the Pig ??

I think TAF will suffer heavy losses if you attempt to gain air superiority on the aegian sea


Of course, you have lots of islands there. But we have air superiority on big islands which are close to our mainland. Such as Lesbos.

FANFARΟNE ? Year of the Pig ??

HAF does not operate from airports on islands close to the anatolian coast – actually we do not have military airports there

HAF forward airports are in lemnos island, skyros island as well as crete

also no long range AA systems on islands close to turkish coast. I think that lesbos is more or less protected by the range of patriot missiles but I have to check it. Rhodes on the other hand is not


In ’74 in Cyprus, you Mongols set a world record.
You managed and lose 24 planes in 48 hours.
All from anti-aircraft guns and sniper rifles.
And with absolute air dominance over the field. Hahaha


Erdogan has two sons:

Son number 1 (Burak) didn’t serve in the military because of “health reasons”. Son number 2 (Bilal) didn’t serve in the army and bought off his service.

The sultan wants war, as long as his sons aren’t near the battlefield.

FANFARΟNE ? Year of the Pig ??

Air dog an also has two daughters, both are cockroaches like their mom Emine hanum who hides her head with the hijab in the same manner medieval customs demand


The Erdogan regime filters and blocks any unpleasant news. do not wait to read what really happened.

FANFARΟNE ? Year of the Pig ??

kemal reis is damaged right side near the stern, greek authorities possess the video from the collision and there is a ” leaked ” photo taken from the video presentation showing that damage

I can’t say if the damage renders the ship seaworthy or not but a video from kemal reis after the collision suggests the vessel leans leftwards upon trying to accelerate ( remember the bubbles but not change of course )

the leaked picture was published by legit greek defense media and is not proven fake, however there are also some fake pictures too which are already debunked by fact checkers here

the true picture is cropped and then adjusted, the Mk29 missile launcher installed in front of the lemnos frigate bridge is visible on the bottom left

you can find that picture easily, the sun is on the left judging from the shadows


If greeks had a video of it, they would share it. Others are just rumours. The pics and the video i shared are from the official twitter account of Turkish Defense Ministry and the ship is totally solid. In the video, the ship is turning rightwards in the end so that it tilts leftwards. Watch it carefully, it’s maneuvering.

FANFARΟNE ? Year of the Pig ??

I do not see the maneuver in that video, also the right side is not shown

according to greek government video is already presented to EU ( perhaps US too ) officials, there is no necessity to make it public b/c it would escalate tensions. I think they just leaked a photo on purpose

also turkish defense media have announced that kemal reis has left the area of your research NAVTEX and moved to cyprus – the relocation to a low threat environment far away from areas that can be spotted easily reveals something is wrong with that ship


Rumours, nothing new. The fact is that our ships are still there meanwhile your ships are not.

FANFARΟNE ? Year of the Pig ??

hellenic navy unit have harassed your ships operating in the area defined by your NAVTEX in a disputed maritime region

your president has announced this fact himself a few days ago, that is no rumour. It is also not a rumour turkish maritime patrol aircrafts CN 235 are flying over the area looking for greek submarines reported there

not to forget greek and french naval units have already performed joint exercises inside the area defined by your NAVTEX and you did nothing to stop it

where is kemal reis now, is it in east med ? or has it moved to cyprus ?


That joint exercises were not inside our Navtex area. You wouldn’t dare lol. You harrassed and we responded. Nothing important happened. Regarding the submarines, some people claim we have some of them near Athens:) As long as they don’t pull triggers it’s fine.

FANFARΟNE ? Year of the Pig ??

It appears we did dare, our naval units are order to monitor oruc reis from approx 3 nm and on some occasions they have moved as close as 1 nm ( perhaps in that point tensions rose dangerously ) . Generally yes I agree, the best thing to do is deescalate

the harassment left kemal reis with a hole and it had to withdraw, this is a fact that can’t be challenged – I see that somebody uploaded the picture from the video already. Till now it has not be proven fake.


” meanwhile your ships are not.”…
Rumours we are there, they just do not tell you so as not to “get hurt”

John Karas

Where is the no1 united states to run for Egypt.For things which are defacto


“Greece, France, Cyprus and Egypt will most likely face Turkey militarily in the Eastern Mediterranean, which will not withdraw under any circumstances without a fight,” Foreign Policy reports.

According to M. Tanchum, more than ever, this latest escalation cycle risks turning into a multinational military-type conflict with unbelievable consequences in the wider Mediterranean region.

“Demonstrating strong support for Greece against Turkey, France sent warships to the Mediterranean while secretly promising even more in Athens.

Egypt and Israel, which hold regular joint military exercises with Greece, have also expressed their strong solidarity with Athens.

With France and Egypt already in open conflict with Turkey in Libya, observers around the world fear that any further escalation in the Eastern Mediterranean could spark a wider war in the Middle East.

In 2018, French energy giant Total, the EU’s third largest company in revenue, dealt another blow to Turkey, working with Eni, placing France in the middle of the Eastern Mediterranean. At the same time, Cyprus has formally agreed to supply Egypt’s LNG plants with natural gas. After Cyprus signed this agreement, Israel also agreed to sell its gas to Egypt as well.

Turkey expressed its dissatisfaction with these developments in an Ottoman manner. They sent warships to intimidate the countries of the region. A country that still refuses to recognize the maritime borders of Cyprus, can not participate in any combination of cooperation of countries in the region. With each Turkish action, the Egypt-Israel-Cyprus-Greece front is increasingly gaining military support from France, Italy and the United States, each of which has made significant economic investments in Eastern Mediterranean gas.

For Turkey, the non-support of its NATO allies in this case is a betrayal and is tantamount to a policy that cannot be tolerated.
In an effort to break out of its regional isolation, in November 2019 Turkey signed its own maritime delimitation agreement with the Government of National Accord (GNA) based in Tripoli, Libya, but it is invalid.

“The agreement was an attempt by Ankara to gain more legal grounds to challenge the maritime borders that Greece had agreed with Cyprus and Egypt, on which the eastern Mediterranean gas development plans depend,” the article concludes.


The Greek captain that sent the turkish ship for repairs :


0.34 to 1.00 :


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