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Egyptian Officer Says Army Needs Help From Russian PMCs To Confront ISIS In Sinai

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Egyptian Officer Says Army Needs Help From Russian PMCs To Confront ISIS In Sinai

Egyptian Army soldiers in Sinai peninsula,

The Egyptian military should seek  help of Russian private military contractors from the so-called ‘Wagner’ group to eliminate ISIS in the Sinai Peninsula, an Egyptian officer argued in an interview that was shared by the Vancouver-based Elminbar al-Awsat outlet on January 24.

The officer, whose name was not disclosed due to security concerns, revealed in the interview a number of problems faced by the Egyptian military in Sinai.

Egyptian government forces have been actively battling the insurgence in Sinai since early 2011. In 2014, this was further complicated by the ISIS factor. Despite the immense efforts of Cairo, the terrorist group is still present in the peninsula. Earlier this month, the group released a video documenting dozens of its recent attacks there.

According to the interviewed officer, Egyptian soldiers and warrant officers lack training and are not able to make the most out of advanced weapons bought from the US, France and Russia. Furthermore, the troops in Sinai allegedly operate in a predictable manner.

“The terrorists have studied our tactics well,” the officer said. “Unprotected posts are easily spotted and attacked, then they [the terrorists] simply hide in the desert and avoid direct clashes.”

The officer went on to say that air power is useless against ISIS cells in Sinai. Moreover, Egyptian troops involved in counter-insurgency operations do not benefit from large-scale drills which are focused on traditional tactics.

In the end of the interview the officer concluded that the Egyptian military needs support from organizations with experience in the war on ISIS, like Russia-linked private military contractors.

“Egypt should seek the services of private military companies with extensive experience in fighting ISIS, and I believe that the Russian Wagner is ideal for these tasks,” the officer said. “Moving Wagner units to the Sinai, conducting joint counterterrorism operations, and training our soldiers by specialists from them, will bring us much greater benefit than hundreds of millions of dollars in American aid to buy expensive military equipment, which in turn will remain useless in military bases.”

Thousands of  Russia-linked private military contractors saw actions against terrorists in Syria as well as in other parts of the world over the last five years. The decision to seek the help of Russian PMCs to secure Sinai is not an easy one for the government in Cairo as it will reveal the complicated situation in Sinai. Nonetheless, the experience of Russian military specialists could help to improve the situation in the region.


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Peter Moy

The Egyptian should demand a refund from the US, Britain and France for the billions of dollars, euros and pounds of overpriced scrap metal they were suckered into purchasing. They should invest in former Special Menu Forces boys and girls, especially the ones who need a well paying government job.


purchase of F-16 was one of the the worst of all (similar situation is in Iraq )


there are much worse craft than boeings.


it is not question of quality of the F16.
the problem that they sell them jets that are old generation from the start and they can not be upgraded so they quickly become useless, not able to use any of modern missiles.
that is why Egypt bought MiG-29M even though they have lot of F-16

Lone Ranger

Cant decide…
Either Russians are that good or Egyptians that bad or both…


It is Political…us based mercs may have is is links b/c us gov (CIA etc.) support it.

Jens Holm

No those guerillas are figthed by Israel too. Its also a very old group from long time before Israel was made.

Why dont You bring totally wrong and false crap to here. There is no need of that.

The connections between Egyps militaries and Israel is exelent for oil and gas.


Yes , Our army is bad .
Sadly , in Arab states once a leader takes power he only relies on army officers/Generals who are loyal to him only regardless of their experience or professionalism ( Like Iraqi army in Saddam era ) so Arab armies are poised to be failures unless this issue is addressed .

Jens Holm

Yes, West even helped and the Egyptians voted for religios took over, so many egypts could not live there.

Egypt just changed from Mubark to Sisi. Since then even the military industrial complex has declined.

Jens Holm

Why donjt You FFF… read about it.

Black Waters

Can you just shut the fuck up for a god damn second? Thanks.

Lone Ranger

Why dont you go to rehab…


He did!
After him all doctors from that “rehab” vent to “rehab” for very long time!!!


They have some reports, Intel from Syria about success of Russian mercs.
They want to plug in into their experience, methods (of rat extermination) and rich experience from combat situations to improve their own methods.
On top they trust them not to leak any info on their operations (unlike US spec ops )

That is my 2 cents.

The Objective

In Syria, America slaughtered 300 Russian mercs within 4 hours. And they used those fake Western weapons for that massacre.


cechas vodobenikov

dimwit gypsy believes amerikan fake news
NYT claimed that objectionable copulates w WMD’s and she believes
turkey cannot defeat LNA, or Kurds….too much hash in village

The Objective

Of course, I understand you wan to hide losses. That’s the rule of the game nowadays.


propaganda !!!
N.Y. Times is JEW newspaper propaganda outlet

The Objective

Every bitter news must be propaganda.
I know propaganda when I see one. In this case, the news is credible looking Russia’s behavior after that incident.


in certain things you show yourself being such retard that it hurts…
NY Times is the biggest JEW propaganda outlet in US !!!
Every idiot knows that except you !!!


Aside of the raft of foreign mercenaries, ISIS’ ranks in Syria were always loaded up with those from a Muslim Brotherhood background …and, err…Turkey openly sponsors the Muslim Brotherhood…and its various militants factions. Hence, Turkey’s ongoing regional tensions with Egypt, due to Turkey’s direct sponsorship and military support of Muslim Brotherhood/ Sunni fundamentalist based militant proxy factions across Syria and Libya.


Put the crack pipe down clown.

johnny rotten

All crap from Vancouver, we’re talking about the Five Eyes.


Downer is cnn hyped 5 eye nothing burger,no such thing exists whilst eu-epp led the scam!

However Canada needs severe reforms in order to comply with the realm,hato is the dud!


Russia should be careful,i remember when Russia backed Egypt before,Russian anti Tank sagger missiles destroyed Israeli armour in the Yom Kipur war in Sinai,how did Egypt thank them? that arsehole Mubarek ended up in bed with the USA and Israel.

Jens Holm

That makes no sense. A lot has happend the last 37 years.

I allow me to say, that if those soldiers cant handle western weapons, they most likely cant handle most other levels in antiguerilla.

By that some helping hand from Russia might be a good idea.

You are upside down. Egypt should pay for that help. You have no idea why and how tides changed there.

Your greatest war hero probatly is Gamel Abdel Nasser being a war hero in Yemen and Syria, because they still fight there. Most likely Your reasons are, there still are wars there.


Nasser was a Arab Nationalist,thats why the Empire were against him,some things never change.

Fog of War

Holy crap. The Egyptian military receives how many billions per year from ZioAmerica ? What is its military budget ? How many troops does it have , and They cant defeat a bunch of sandal wearing buffoons in a confined area ? This is laughable and I’ll say it again the Turks or Iranians would wipe the floor with the Egyptian military . What a joke.
” According to the interviewed officer, Egyptian soldiers and warrant officers lack training and are not able to make the most out of advanced weapons bought from the US, France and Russia. Furthermore, the troops in Sinai allegedly operate in a predictable manner. “

Ivan Freely

Why PMC? Why not regular troops? I’m sure the Russian armed forces have similar experience as well.

Jens Holm

Its because You have no idea about it at all.

cechas vodobenikov

low educated dane—lowest rate of college graduates 28% except penguins in anarctica…Russia highest at 55%
if u ask nicely we can teach you to produce edible cheese

Ali Sert

As a general rule, any military/militant group needs supplies and if fresh supplies aren’t delivered, whatever they have eventually finishes. I think that should be a starting points for Egyptians in their battle against ISIS in Sinai.
Egypt’s border with Gaza (~13km of flat land) is under heavy surveillance. There’s also fierce clashes between Hamas and Islamic Jihad with ISIS.

There’s about 210km border with Occupied Palestine. More rugged and elevated in the south (highest point >800m)

There’s also more than 250km of shorelines (also elevated and rugged) at less than 20km the other side of gulf of Aqaba from Jordanian and specially Saudi shores. Interestingly, this part of KSA is the same part which their government forcibly removed inhabitants because “NEOM”!

Now let’s see which one of these 4 have a history of funding, arming, supporting, treating and acting as ISIS resupply base and ISIS airforce?

As long as supply routes are open for ISIS, there’s no point helping you. Monitor this <500km border and shoreline 24/7 and it'll become much easier for you to deal with ISIS, with or without outside help.

But. Whatever you do, don't ever ask help from the US or kiss goodbye your land!

cechas vodobenikov

It is difficult to eradicate guerrilla units. Military forces are organized to defend against other military forces. I suspect these small ISIS are indirectly assisted by USA/turkey and are well equipped and benefit from CIA satellite tech


Greets to Egypt !
Hope that they will become Arab Superpower fighting for Arab independence from Western colonialists.

The Objective

It won’t happen with dictators. Only Islamists can do that.


didn’t some of your Al-Qaeda friends run away with the Caliphate money in their pockets?!!?….
Egypt was great civilization before Islam, why would they be incapable to be more civilized and law abiding citizens building strong country for once?


LOL!!! the Islamists are the ones working with the US you fucking retarded Ape.

The Objective

It’s your parents who are fucking retard apes. Obviously, you’ve inherited that gene.

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