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JUNE 2020

Egyptian Navy Conducts Live Fire Drills In Mediterranean Sea


Egyptian Navy Conducts Live Fire Drills In Mediterranean Sea


On February 13, the Egyptian Navy launched four land-to-sea and surface-to-sea missiles during live drills in the Mediterranean Sea as the army, security forces and border guards continue conducting anti-terrorist operations in North Sinai and other parts of the country.

Egyptian forces established about 500 checkpoints and security patrols on main roads and desert areas within the ongoing operation. According to the authorities, 400 criminals and suspects, including foreigners, have been already arrested.



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  • 1691

    They should have shot their missiles in the opposite direction. Mistakes happen. Ask the americans.

    • Dorthy

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  • Hornet24

    Can comebody explain me the difference between land-to-sea and surface-to-sea missiles? Thanks ;)

    • You can call me Al

      mmmm, well, nope – I thought they were the same, but if I to guess, it would be the trajectory ad distance … but I hope someone answers as I am now interested to find out the answer.

      If you get coherent response, could you send it to me please.

      • Hornet24

        I think it is same too, but maybe there is some answer ….. Maybe they think classic “ballistic” missiles and cruise missiles – really dont know because officialy is all surface-to-sea classified