Egyptian Military Continues Its Operations Along Western Border And In Sinai Peninsula (Video 18+)

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On May 29, Egyptian Military spokesman Colonel Tamer Rifai announced that warplanes of the Egyptian Air Force (EAF) had destroyed two trucks loaded with weapons and explosives near the Egyptian-Libyan border. The two trucks were reportedly trying to sneak into Egyptian territory.

WARNING: Graphic content

Col. Rifai also announced that the Egyptian military had continued its security operation against ISIS cells in the Sinai Peninsula and had destroyed more than 80 ammo depots and hideouts of the terrorist group. The Egyptian military also killed 8 ISIS fighters and confiscated 99 vehicles and motorcycles.

Meanwhile, demining squads of the military detonated 15 IEDs, which had been planted by ISIS cells in different areas across the Sinai Peninsula, according to Col. Rifai.

During the last week, ISIS cells didn’t launch any attack against the Egyptian Military in the Sinai Peninsula. This proves that the terrorist group has lost most of its assets in Sinai as a result of the ongoing security operation.

Observers believe that the remaining cells of ISIS in Sinai will be fully eliminated in the upcoming months, as the Egyptian military appears to be determined to achieve its this goal before the end of this year.

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I note that the main source is still the Egyptian military and they don’t report on any losses. Still, they do seem to be making some sort of progress.


Who the fuck trust the dictator and triator Al Sissi ? XD.

Peter Nabil

at the end of the video he said that two conscripts were killed and an officer and another two conscripts were injured


Oh, thanks for pointing that out. I was at the library when I read this and couldn’t watch the video.


Seems like ISIS can’t defeat the weak egyptian army but can resist an international coalition. XD.

It doesn’t add up ?? Maybe the theory is wrong. XD.

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