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Egyptian Forces Start Large Campaign Againts ISIS Terrorists In Sinai

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The Second Egyptian Army in cooperation with police are conducting a military campaign against terrorists in northern Sinai.

So far the army and police have destroyed five 4×4 vehicles and two IED warehouses used by the  local branch of ISIS. Government forces have also destroyed a boat used by terrorists to smuggle weapons and ammunition.

8 civilians had been killed in a VIBED attack near the al Mahager check point sout of Arish city. The VBIED was attempting to reach the check point but was destroyed before reaching its target.

An IED explosion targeted an armored car belonging to the army. One officer lieutenant Ahmed Adel was killed in the incident and two others were injured.

The army and police launched the military campaign in northern Sina following the Friday terrorist attack on the Egyptian army in the area, which resulted in killing 26 solider.

The situation is tense in the Arish Siekzouied Rafah area. At the same time, the situation remains relatively calm in the rest of Sinai. So far, the campaign has resulted in killing of about 40 terrorists. In total, about 3,000-4,000 service members are involved in the Egyptian anti-terror effort in Sinai Peninsula.

Cairo is limited in deploying forces and means in the peninsula because its sovereignity is de-facto limited by Egypt–Israel Peace Treaty 1979 based on Camp David Accords and further bilateral agreements.

Egypt relied on the substantial change of circumstances in order to expand its anti-terror grouping in the area. The limitation of Egypt’s forces in Sinai as well as Egypt–Israel Peace Treaty 1979 prevents Cairo from defeating terrorists in the area.  The treaty is obsolete and has to be revised. Israel opposes any attempts to change the current situation indirectly assisting terrorists fighting the Egyptian government.

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Oh dear. Israel needs to start treating the wounded jihadists again!

Cyriak Papasissis

Since Israel provided support advisers and selectively weapons to ISIS in Iraq , why not do the same in Sinai ? It is even closer

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