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Egyptian Army Repels Large ISIS Attack In Sinai Peninsula


Egyptian Army Repels Large ISIS Attack In Sinai Peninsula

Egyptian Army soldiers in Sinai peninsula, By the Egyptian Ministry of Defense

On April 14, ISIS fighters carried out a large attack on a camp of the Egyptian Army in the center of the Sinai Peninsula, according to Egyptian sources.

The Egyptian al-Dustour newspaper reported that eight Egyptian Army soldiers had been killed and fifteen others had been injured in the attack.

Egyptian Army Spokesman Colonel Tamer Rifai said in an official statement that the Egyptian Army had repelled the attack. According to Col. Rifai, fourteen fighters of ISIS participated, all of them were well-armed and wearing suicide belts.

Col. Rifai confirmed that all the attackers had been eliminated either by Egyptian Army soldiers or when they blew themselves up around the camp.

This was the biggest ISIS attack since the beginning of the Egyptian Army military operation in Sinai Peninsula “Sinai 2018” on February 9. However, the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq has not commented on the attack yet.

During the last week, the Egyptian Army carried out a series of anti-ISIS operations in the Sinai Peninsula killing 27 fighters of ISIS and arresting 114 suspects, according to the Ministry of Defense of Egypt.



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