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JUNE 2021

Egyptian Army Kills And Injures Dozens Of ISIS Fighters In Sinai Peninsula (Video)

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On May 17, Egyptian Army spokesman Colonel Tamer Rifai announced in an official statement that the Egyptian Army had killed 19 ISIS fighters and arrested 20 suspects during a new series of security operations in the Sinai Peninsula.

The Egyptian Army also discovered and destroyed several hideouts, ammo depots and three tunnels of the terrorist group in the Sinai Peninsula, according to Col. Rifai. Moreover, 9 vehicles and 15 motorcycles of ISIS were seized by the Egyptian Army.

Col. Rifai also announced that the Egyptian Air Force (EAF) had continued its aerial operations against ISIS during the last week destroying a vehicle loaded with explosives. The vehicle was trying to cross into western Egypt from Libyan territory.

From its side, ISIS was able to carry out a single attack against the Egyptian Army during the last week. According to the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq, ISIS fighters destroyed an armored vehicle of the Egyptian Army with an IED around the city of Rafah in the northern part of Sinai on May 15.

The security situation in the Sinai Peninsula has witnessed a significant improvement since the beginning of the Egyptian Army security operations there on February 9. Some observers even believe that the Egyptian Army may eliminate all the remaining cells of ISIS in Sinai before the end of this year.

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When people complain about El-Sisi, I point to this and say that he’s not the worst that cn happen.


well it seems that Sinai has become an ISIS state. it was about time the Egyptians did something about them

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