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JUNE 2021

Egyptian Army Killed Over 100 ISIS Fighters Since Start Of Military Operation In Sinai

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Egyptian Army Killed Over 100 ISIS Fighters Since Start Of Military Operation In Sinai

Egyptian Army spokesman Colonel Tamer Rifai, photo by the Egyptian Ministry of Defense

On March 8, Egyptian Army spokesman Colonel Tamer Rifai revealed during his weekly press briefing that the Egyptian Army had killed 105 ISIS  fighters and had arrested 2,829 suspects since the beginning of its military operation “Sinai 2018” in the Sinai Peninsula on February 9.

Col. Rifai added that the army and the air force had destroyed 1,907 positions, 5 tunnels, two media centers and two communication centers in the Sinai Peninsula. 175 vehicles and 287 motorcycles of the terrorist group had been also destroyed, according to Col. Rifai.

So far, ISIS cells had not been able to conduct any coordinated attacks in the Sinai Peninsula, which proved the effectiveness of the Egyptian Army’s tactics. According to Col. Rifai, some of these implemented tactics had included dividing Sinai to separated military sectors, setting hundreds of checkpoints on all key roads and establishing a security zone on the border with the Palestinian Gaza Strip.

However, ISIS cells are still capable of conducting limited attacks to this day. On March 8, ISIS fighters destroyed a bulldozer and a Humvee vehicle and damaged a M60 battle tank belonging the Egyptian Army with IEDs east and south of the city of al-Arish in the Sinai Peninsula, according to the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq.

The Egyptian Army will likely need another month or even more to fully eliminate the formarl ISIS in Sinai Peninsula. However, the terrorist group’s cells will likely remain in the area.

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Promitheas Apollonious

good for them and the rest of the world.

Richard M

Thankfully al-Sisi overthrew Hillzebub’s pet terrorist loving Orc, Morsi!


Egyptian army should take care because ISIS is US and Israeli killing machinery and of course they all are terrorists.


Amaq news agency. Does this stand for AMerica’s Al Qaeda?


Why UN send humanitarian aid to East Ghouta. Why they did not send before. Why UN don’t send humanitarian aid to Palestine and Yemen which are suffer a lot from man made famine.

The answer is that CIA agents provide satellite communication devices, intelligent services and other military equipments to pro Trump killing machines and collect propaganda images from them.


In MSM you will never listen about Palestine and Yemen because they have cover up their news. MSM propaganda can only show those news which work for Zionists Washington and Israeli migrants for example the propaganda fake news about East Ghouta.

Jim Prendergast

I hope that the Egyptians can work together with their allies in Lebanon and Syria to defeat the terrorists.

You can call me Al

At one stage the Egyptians said that they were entering Syria to assist the SAA, but to my knowledge, nothing ever came out of it……pity though.


Must be ZIONIST DAY given the massive amount of zionist propaganda currently on Southfront. Egypt is part of the West’s quad of pure horror, Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. And Egypt is currently a pure extension of Israel (witness Egypt’s zionist actions over Gaza).

PS a little known fact about Egypt. The vast majority of Egyptian females (including christians and jews) are subject to one of the more extreme forms of genital mutilation. Egypt is one scary scary place. Yet it’s a key Deep State asset and supporter of Israel, so Southfront must boost it.


How did all these Daesh fighters end up in the Sinai?

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