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JUNE 2021

Egyptian Army Destroys Over 900 ISIS Hideouts In Sinai Peninsula (Video)

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On April 1, Egyptian Army spokesman Colonel Tamer Rifai announced in an official statement that the Egyptian Army had discovered and destroyed 993 hideouts and ammo depots of ISIS cells in the Sinai Peninsula.

Egyptian Army soldiers killed 6 ISIS fighters and arrested 513 suspects during their security operations in Sinai, according to Col. Rifai’s statement. 19 vehicles and 64 motorcycles of ISIS were also destroyed by the Egyptian Army.

Col. Rifai added that the Egyptian Air Force (EAF) had continued to conduct airstrikes targeting gatherings of ISIS fighters in Sinai. He said these airstries had been based on “credible intelligence.”

Demining squads of the Egyptian Army removed 163 IEDs and mines, that had been planted by ISIS fighters to target the Egyptian Army, according to Col. Rifai.

The Egyptian Army launched a large scale anti-ISIS operation in Sinai province under the codename “Sinai 2018” on February 20. Since then, the security situation in Sinai has witnessed a notable progress, according to local observers.

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And the Sinai Peninsula is next to which super-belligerent country?


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Thank you Frank, I’ve always wanted to work for Google




Yes. hasbara troll.


Who benefits from Isis.?isisrahell


Oh please! Those propaganda videos are your sources on the ground? Interestingly, the Egyptian army uses almost the same make in their videos as IS: the music, with comments such as “victory or martyrdom” (النصر أو شهادة) and “Allahu akbar” etc.


An Egyptian friend of mine told me that there is no ISIS in sinai and that the government is razing sinai and freeing it from egyptians in order to allow palestinians to flow in the future.

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