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JUNE 2021

Egyptian Army Destroys Dozens ISIS Hideouts And Vehicles In Sinai (Video)

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On April 9, Egyptian Army spokesman Colonel Tamer Rifai announced in an official statement that the Egyptian Army had discovered and destroyed 386 hideouts of ISIS cells in the Sinai Peninsula. Many IEDs, mortar shells, communication systems and loads of explosive materials were found inside the hideouts, according to the official statement.

Col. Rifai added that army soldiers had killed 4 ISIS fighters and had arrested 250 suspects during their operations in Sinai Peninsula. 46 vehicles and 114 motorcycles of the terrorist group were also destroyed.

During the operations in Sinai, demining squads of the Egyptian Army removed 30 IEDs and mines, that had been planted by ISIS cells to target the Egyptian Army vehicles and personnel.

The Egyptian Air Force (EAF) continued its aerial operations against ISIS in Sinai. According to Col. Rifai, 2 positions of ISIS cells were destroyed by EAF warplanes during the last week.

The Egyptian Army slowed down its security and military operations in Sinai during the last few weeks after successfully neutralizing most of ISIS’ assets there. Sinai didn’t witness terrorist attacks during the last week, according to local observers.

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Well done Egypt!

You can call me Al

Egypt surely know which Countries created, trained and funded ISIS, could someone please explain to me, why in God’s name are they sucking up to the US and the Saudis.


Cuz they are depending from them, from weapons supplies and many other things.

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