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Egyptian Army Destroys 437 ISIS Hideouts, 26 Vehicles, 25 Motorcycles In Sinai – Spokesman

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On April 25, Egyptian Army spokesman Colonel Tamer Rifai announced in an official statement that the Egyptian Air Force (EAF) had detected and destroyed 10 vehicles loaded with weapons belonging to a terrorist cell trying to sneak into the Egyptian territory from Libya.

In Sinai Peninsula, EAF warplanes destroyed 3 ISIS positions, according to Col. Rifai.

The Egyptian Army spokesman added that army units had discovered and destroyed 437 hideouts and ammo depots belonging to ISIS in Sinai over the last few days. Army units also killed dozens of ISIS fighters and destroyed 26 vehicles and 25 motorcycles of the terrorist group.

From its side, the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq claimed on April 24 that ISIS fighters had destroyed a M60 battle tank and a bulldozer belonging to the army with IEDs in deferent areas of Sinai over the previous two days. Amaq added that several army soldiers were killed and injured in the IED attacks.

The new wave of ISIS attacks confirms that the terrorist group’s cells are capable of operating in Sinai despite the pressure from the Egyptian Army, that’s carrying a large scale military operation there.

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Promitheas Apollonious

Good for them. So……. when are going to eliminate the rest of them?

You can call me Al

It is continuous as surprise, surprise they just keep on coming.



Geee I wonder from which neighbor they keep getting weapons….

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