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JUNE 2021

Egyptian Army Conducts Anti-Terrorism Operations In Western And Eastern Egypt (Video)

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On August 29, Egyptian military spokesman Colonel Tamer Rifai announced in an official statement that the Egyptian Air Force (EAF) and a unit of special forces had carried out a joint operation against a terrorist cells in a desert area along the western border of Egypt.

During the oepration, EAF warplanes destroyed several vehicles and hideouts belonging to the cells and the special forces killed 7 terrorists.

The Egyptian military spokesman also revealed that the EAF destroyed 38 vehicles, which were attempting to infiltrate the western border of Egypt in the last few weeks.

In eastern Egypt, the military carried out a series of security operations against the remaining ISIS cells in the Sinai Peninsula. As a result of these operations, 13 ISIS fighters were killed and 18 hideouts of the terrorist group were destroyed.

These anti-terrorism operations in eastern and western Egypt are part of operation “Sinai 2018,” which was launched by the Egyptian military on February 9. Despite that few ISIS cells are still operating in the country, local observers describe the operation as a success.

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Somebody is paying and supplying the terrorists, probably some of the same state sponsorship as all of the others in Syria, Libya, Iraq, etc..

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