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Egyptian Air Force Destroyed 15 Vehicles Loaded With Weapons At Border With Libya


The Egyptian Defense Ministry announced that, on the basis of intelligence information about a group of terrorists gathered to infiltrate into Egyptian territory across the western border with Libya, the Egyptian Air Force reconnoitered the western border area during the last 24 hours and identified the locations of the terrorists and bombed them.

According to the Egyptian Defense Ministry, the air operation destroyed 15 vehicles loaded with weapons, ammunition, explosives and prohibited materials. The Egyptian Army continues to chase the survivors of the air strikes.

Moreover, the Egyptian Defense Ministry announced that the Egyptian Third Army and the Egyptian Air Force managed, in cooperation with security forces, to foil a plot to carry out a terrorist attack in Sinai. The Egyptian Army managed to detect and trace a dangerous terrorist cell.

Air Force warplanes destroyed a car loaded with large quantities of explosive and eliminate 6 armed terrorist elements in a mountainous area in central Sinai.

The Egyptian Defense Ministry confirmed that the Egyptian Army and Border Guards are committed to securing the borders of the Egyptian State and preventing any attempt to infiltrate from any direction.



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