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Egyptian Air Force Conducts Airstrikes On ISIS Positions In North Sinai


The Egyptian Air Force carried out a raid against ISIS terrorists according to sources in North Sinai. According to reports, airstrikes destroyed a car near the village of al Aaira south of the town of Rafah. Five ISIS members were killed. Two of them were identified as Ibrahim al-Freihat and Mahmoud al-Jabali.

In the city of Arish, security forces arrested seven ISIS members.

Meanwhile, two terrorists were killed and a soldier was wounded as a result of exchange of fire between security forces and the gunmen near a security checkpoint in the city of Rafah.

A high ranking police officer was wounded in an IED explosion in the city of Arish.



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  • Garga

    Well done, but isn’t it better to find out where do they come from, their point of entry into Egypt and close it once and for all?

    Unlucky Egypt, where part of “From the Nile to Euphrates” is located there, and this is the part which ISIS appeared in from the thin air.