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Egypt Won’t Send Troops To Syria: Minister Of Foreign Affairs

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Egypt Won’t Send Troops To Syria: Minister Of Foreign Affairs

Illustrative image: Reuters

On May 14, during negotiations between Russian and Egyptian foreign and defense ministers in the 2+2 format, Egypt’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry reasserted that Egypt would not send its troops to Syria to stabilize the situation, the Russian news agency TASS reported.

“Egypt has numerously stressed that it will not send its troops outside its territory as the Egyptian military doctrine stipulates that Egypt’s armed forces must defend only the borders. We discuss such issues only from the theoretical point of view as possible steps,” Shoukry said.

Russia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov pointed out that Moscow “appreciates the position assumed by Egypt”.

On May 4, a spokersman for the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Abu Zeid, stated that Shoukry’s earlier statements over the possibility of deploying Arab troops in Syria “did not pertain to Egypt”, according to Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram.

“Egypt does not send troops outside its territory unless it is in accordance with the constitution as well as legal and political mechanisms,” Ahmed Abu Zeid said.

These statements came amid rumors that Washington is planing to replace US troops in Syria by some Arab contingent.

On April 4, US Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS Brett H. McGurk noted that US officials had “to go to our coalition partners and remind them that their coalition has a big role to play” in bringing peace to the Middle East.

Washington has reportedly urged Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to devote funding for reconstruction efforts and contribute troops to a regional force focused on preventing the ISIS.

On April 17, Saudi Arabia declared its readiness to send troops into Syria as part of the US-led coalition if a decision had been taken to widen it.

On April 24, Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs Adel al-Jubeir issued a warning to Qatar, saying it should pay for the presence of US military forces in Syria.

On April 30, US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis opposed the US President Donald Trump decision over the withdrawal of US troops from Syria. Mattis stressed that Washington “do not want to simply pull out before the diplomats have won the peace”.

At the same time, Washington is constructing a major military installation in Deir Ez-Zor province, Iran’s Fars news agency reported on May 14 citing its sources.

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Protect our gain with your blood and built our colony with your money.


Funny how Saudi Arabia always tries to make arab and sunnis countries work for USA. Yes Qatar, go pay for american occupation of Syria.

Problem is that Qatar is with Turkey and I don’t think that Qatar supports SDF while Saudi Arabia is nothing less than american dog and always work for USA interests even against their own interests.


I suspect that Saudi Arabia is working very hard for its own interests. There’s only two reasons why the US opposes Iran in Syria, and they are called Israel and Saudi Arabia. Take those out of the mix and the US would probably not give a shit. Israel orders the US what to do via its lobby, Saudi Arabia upholds the petro dollar and orders insane amounts of US military hardware and then tells the US what it should do.

The only one acting against its own interests is the US. Because it spends shitloads of its taxpayer’s money and American lives for the interests of others.


I absolutely don’t believe that. I think that it’s the exact opposite. Saudi Arabia is working very hard against his own interests.

The main reason why USA is against Iran is that Iran doesn’t buy the holocaust, doesn’t buy 9/11 conspiracy, …. And so, Iran is exposing USA and is destroying the roots of USA policies.

Saudi Arabia is the useful idiot. When USA will finish with their ennemies in the region, Saudi Arabia will be cut into pieces very easily and no one will help them.

If Saudi Arabia was working for his interests, SA will never accepted to be the terrorists in 9/11 and never let USA use their religion like that. SA is used by USA.


U would be naiive if u think that USA gives a shit if the world believes r disbelieves 9/11 …ect the country just like every other country is working for its best interests, iran and saudi arabia have conflicing interests in the region so saudi arabia runs to usa for help. Israel sees iran as a threat so saudi arabia and Israel both benefit from irans demise that’s why they’re all buddies now. It’s just politics, no mysterious lizard men running the show for wold domination or whatever


I think you are naive. Globalists are controlling every western media so that nobody challenge their propagenda.

If the roots of WW2, 9/11, ISIS … fall, USA falls.


Falls? Everyone knows that Usa is a war criminal nation which regularly lies to the world and it’s citizens.. i don’t see any falling Usas laying areound


I don’t think so. Most people love USA.


Usa is 1# disliked nation in the world according to many poles follwed by Israel and Russia… most people know.. but don’t or can’t do anything about it


Lets see the interests of Saudi Arabia then: – Does not want another rival for its leadership of the Arab world and the Middle East in general. Which Iran used to be before the Islamic revolution. When it comes to political clout SA only has money and oil. Take the oil away and you’re left with an economic midget. SA produces only oil, its people are lazy, its industry is non-existent. In contrast Iran has a large economy, hardened by sanctions so it had to be self sufficient, its people industrious and well educated. The Iranian people also outnumber the Saudis by what, 4 to 5 times as much. The Iranians are not Arabs, that’s a disadvantage to them trying to dominate the Arab world, as is their Shia faith. On the other side the Iranians have been yanking America’s chain for decades, and that has gained them some street cred. In contrast, while the Saudis are both Arabs and sunni muslims, they’re also disliked intensely throughout the Arab world for being rich jerks. Nobody likes an asshole, they’re only tolerated if they flash a lot of money. – The Saudi army is a joke, despite having the most modern toys. In a war with Iran the Saudis would be crushed having to fight on their own. So, since the 80’s the Saudis have bought themselves the protection of the US military. The Americans are mercenaries in the service of the Saudis. Both militarily and politically.

You think that without Israel calling America’s shots Americans would give a flying fuck about what Iranians think of them, 9/11 and the holocaust? Most Americans can’t even find Iran on the map, let alone that they care what Iranians think of them.


Saudis and Zionists both are atheists. Just they have learned about Islam and Jewish religions but they nether Muslims nor Jews. They are just terrorists and fraudsters.

Expo Marker

This is how the US can legitimize the SDF. Introduce Arab troops so the SDF can claim, “Arabs and Kurds work together against ISIS and Assad”, despite underlying Arab-Kurd tensions.

And it’s not like Saudi is a very good military. They are showered in money and praise, but can’t fight for their own homes.

You can call me Al

Yes, but they will end up fighting each other … mmmmm sounds like a plan.

You can call me Al

I know Qatar are guilty of funding terrorist, but when Trump and the Saudi vermin bloke hung Qatar out to dry in front of the World and even threatened war on top of the sanctions and blockade, the US has a bloody cheek to even contemplate their help.

“Washington has reportedly urged Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to devote funding for reconstruction efforts and contribute troops to a regional force focused on preventing the ISIS.”…….

I honestly do believe that the US war mongers are being overrun by panic now, as they are effing deranged.

Nigel Maund




There should be another UN resolution passed against this to help justify regional dejudification and delisting Israel from the UN and replacing it with Palestine.

Nigel Maund

Richard, as you know Israel was created at the behest of the all powerful Rothschild’s and the Zionist Lobby in the UK under Chaim Weizmann. It was without doubt Britain’s greatest single mistake and one that it will eventually rue when the proverbial chickens come home to roost. One day Israel will be destroyed – it’s simply a matter of time. The Iranians are actually right. However, this won’t happen until the US and UK are fatally weakened to the point of impotence so we may have quite a long wait unless their financial system totally implodes soon and their societies decends into anarchic disorder – which is not impossible when one looks at the massive social issues in both countries centred on race, religion and massive wealth inequality.


The US abstained from 2334 allowing it’s passage at the end of the Obama administration, which provides the basis for clearing the IDF out of East Jerusalem and the West Bank, and there are similar resolutions for Shebaa Farms and Golan Heights. No president, short of ending up with a bullet in his head, has been treated worse by the Jews than Trump. I’m not blind to the fact that he’s sucked up to them and given them what they want under enormous pressure. But they’ve also forced him to trash can everything that he ran on, and have humiliated him terribly in the process. How he responds to this remains to be seen.

A referendum on delisting Israel from the UN and outlawing Judaism in Palestine are options for the Palestinians. The Jews would like nothing better than for themselves to be treated unfairly and illegally so that they they can cry victim, as they have for the past 3,000 years. And demonize their opponents as sub humans, criminals and beasts. A Jew favorite in line with their Talmud cult manual. But the body of international law, including UN resolutions, is against Israel. And provides the basis for dissolving this corrosive entity without violating international law or UN resolutions. And includes provisions for the use of force, including nuclear weapons, against the Jews on an as needed basis.

The disaster of Israel for the past 70 years to the Gaza massacres of today. Have stripped away the Jew’s lies and exposed their evil for what it is for all of humanity to see. Which is why they have more UN and other resolutions against them by far than anyone else.

The US was alone in 73 when it came to the Jew’s rescue in response to their nuclear blackmail. Only Portugal allowed refueling for US supplies to Israel. The rest of Europe wanted nothing to do with it. Because they didn’t want to get involved in a nuclear conflict in the middle east. The US airlift was successful. But it was very difficult for the US to carry out with the rest of NATO refusing to support it.

US relations with Europe are strained at this time. I don’t see a lot of support for Israel in the current environment. The token participation by France and the UK in the WWF chemical weapons stunt hasn’t gone well for them. And if the OPCW report doesn’t support their lies. Which it probably won’t. It won’t help their standing at home.

Israel won’t stand without US support. All that the US has to do is let others correct the problem without interference.

John Whitehot

“Only Portugal allowed refueling for US supplies to Israel.”

Portugal was ruled by a fascist military junta in ’73. How strange.


I wasn’t aware of that.

John Whitehot

you can easily find info on it. this dictatorship was removed in 1974 by a “peaceful” coup organized by a part of the military (and supported by the population), which later made possible the elections that marked the birth of the modern Portuguese democracy.

Nigel Maund

Richard this is high quality commentary and much appreciated! Thanks for posting! I did not know these facts – very interesting. Of course Trumps son in law is Jared Kuschner who is most probably a Mossad plant. This situation further compromises Trumps position with respect to the powerful Jewish Lobby in the US and Israel. I agree, the rest of the world is aware of the full extent of Zionist bestiality and massive war crimes which are actually getting worse by the year, month and day!! The big question is when does the bulk of the planet cry: Enough??????


The war in Syria is going badly for the Jews. Their neighbors are watching this closely. Many of whom would like to see Israel replaced with Palestine. Which will be much less of a threat and a better partner for peace and development.

The rest of the planet is watching and thinking the same thing. How the war goes will have a substantial effect on our planet’s future. The Jews just got hammered in the Golan. And the US response was Israel has a right to defend itself. This isn’t 73, there’s nothing that the US can do for Israel conventionally, short of direct intervention, this time. The Jews already have everything that they need. But it’s not enough given the force arrayed against them. Especially if the neighbors provide assistance.

Will the Jews resort to a nuclear first strike if they start getting pushed out of the Golan, West Bank and east Jerusalem, and risk reciprocal nuclear strikes on Israel? Would Israel start a war with Iran? Would the US intervene if Israel starts losing conventionally? These are questions that I don’t have the answer to.

I doubt that the Europeans or Turks are going to want to get involved militarily. So in that sense, it would be a repeat of 73. Would the Egyptians move armor to secure the Gaza Israel border, provide a maritime dmz on the Gaza coast, and set up a no fly zone over Gaza and the Sinai?

What would the Jordanians do? Their population is half Palestinian that is going to want to help.

Michał Hunicz

Northern Homs is being liberated right now!


So, the US is trying to convince those finding and supporting ISIS to start paying for it’s demise… Now that’s rich… pun intended.


As long as the US, UK and Israeli terrorist gang present in the countries of Middle East then there will be no peace because this gang holding Palestinians and Syrians hostage and involved in extrajudicial mass killing of children, women and adults there. If you don’t trust me then dig the lands of Palestine, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen there you will find corpses and skeletons of children, women and adults that this US, UK and Israeli terrorist gang have killed.


Imagine Iran starts telling the truth about WW2, 9/11, ISIS, …. Then, Syria starts the same. Then Yemen. Then, Russia. Then, France. Then Germany. …..

At the end, it’s catastrophic for USA. USA propagenda is falling aprt and USA doesn’t stand up anymore. The ground is destroying under USA feet and USA is collapsing.

That’s why nobody is allowed to talk about WW2 nor 9/11 nor ISIS not nothing. That’s why Iran is targeted.



If USA managed to have an iranian shia puppet like the Chah who say noithing or even a shia leader who say nothing about USA conspiracies. Then, Saudi Arabia and Iran will magically become best friends.


Haven’t we been over this? Of course Egypt will not send troops to Syria, they are still dealing with the effects of an ISIS insurgency and they are somewhat involved in Libya.

The scale and value of Saudi participation is doubtful, they are already involved in an unpopular war in Yemen and their particular hostility to Iran will complicate matters further.


Go away salafist.


What on Earth would make you think that I’m Muslim? And Mike, I said Sunday that if you can’t stand my presence you can always block me.


Egypt would benefit from having tactical nuclear weapons and a nuclear capable military for use against Israel as part of UN resolution implementation. For regional dejudification and delisting Israel from the UN and replacing it with Palestine. To help correct the region’s and humanity’s Jew problem and create peace, prosperity and development that the evil Jews are blocking with their endless Yinon plan fabricated wars, subversion and machinations.

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