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Egypt to Dispatch Engineering Units to Assist Syrian Government

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The Egyptian Army is going to dispatch its engineering units to Syria in order to assist Russian military with clearing up mines in the liberated districts of eastern Aleppo.

Egypt to Dispatch Engineering Units to Assist Syrian Government

Photo: usnews.com

The Egyptian Armed Forces are going to dispatch a unit of sappers to Syria in order to assist Russian military with clearing up mines in the liberated districts of eastern Aleppo, the al-Akhbar newspaper reported on Wednesday.

According to the newspaper, very soon, Egyptian sappers will arrive to the Syrian port of Tartus in order to help Syrian and Russian military to demine mines and bombs, planted by terrorists before their retreating from eastern districts of Aleppo city.

As the article reads, Egyptian servicemen and security experts are currently stationed in several Syrian coordination centers and military bases, including the T4 base, located in the eastern part of Homs, Hmeimim airbase, Hama airbase, as well as in the Syrian Army General Staff center in Damascus. A number of Egyptian officers and military advisers also work in command centers, located in the regions of Daraa, Sahl al-Iqab, Hama and Jourin village (southeast of Hama), where they share experience with Syrian military. Reportedly, the number of the Egyptian military and security experts, deployed in Syria, will most likely increase up to 200 servicemen by the end of this year.

Egypt actively assists the Syrian government in the fight against terrorists, as the country recognizes that the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group and other similar organizations are a serious threat to Egypt as well.

In the end of November, a number of media reported that Egyptian servicemen participate in operations against terrorist groups in Syria. However, Cairo denied presence of its military forces in the country.

“Some Arab newspapers have reported about Egyptian military presence in Syria,” a statement, published on the official Facebook page of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry read at that time. “Egypt is committed to the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries.” According to the statement, such actions could not be “taken secretly without informing the Egyptian people about their objectives.”

However, last month, the al-Safir newspaper reported that on November 12, a group of 18 Egyptian pilots, mostly helicopter pilots, arrived to an airbase of the Syrian Army in Hama. The newspaper noted that it is not clear if the Egyptian pilots have started to carry out airstrikes on the territory of Syria or not, but, at the same time, stressed that such a move shows that Egypt has taken a decision to speed up its assistance to the Syrian government.

According to al-Safir, a group of four high-ranking Egyptian officers was also deployed on the Syrian Army’s General Staff base in Damascus, while two Egyptian Major Generals started to work in a command center of the Syrian Army about a month ago. Reportedly, they head reconnaissance operations, the latest of which were conducted in Quneitra in southern Syria, the Golan Heights and Daraa.

As the newspaper reported, citing unnamed Syrian security sources, Cairo is going to dispatch its Thunder Forces to Syria, as well as plans to start massive participation in battles in Syria since January 23.

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Perhaps Egypt’s solidarity with secular Syria will remove the shame of being Saudi Arabia’s vassal. Apostate Saudi Arabia has only one true friend in the Middle East, Israel.

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