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JULY 2020

Egypt To Buy Su-35 Jets Under $2Bln Contract With Russia: Report


Egypt To Buy Su-35 Jets Under $2Bln Contract With Russia: Report

Su-35 jets

Egypt has signed a $2 billion contract to buy more than 20 Su-35 multirole fighters from Russia, the Kommersant news daily reported on March 18, citing two senior defense industry officials.

The newspaper report says that the order for “over two dozen” fighters was finalised in late 2018, with deliveries expected to begin in 2020–21.

Russia has become one of Egypt’s largest arms suppliers. In 2017, Cairo started receiving MiG-21 interceptors under another amrs deal with Moscow.

The Su-35 is Russia’s most advanced serial fighter jet. It is also in service with the Chinese air force (a total of 24 jets was ordered) and has been ordered by Indonesia (11 jets).

Egypt To Buy Su-35 Jets Under $2Bln Contract With Russia: Report

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The reported Su-35 purchase deal comes amid growing U.S. pressure on countries worldwide not to buy Russian-produced arms. In September 2018, the US imposed sanctions on the Chinese military for buying Su-35 jets from Russia.

This comes in the framework of the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) signed by President Trump in August 2017. The CAATSA aims to punish Russia for its alleged hostile behavior, includng supposed election interference. The document threatens that states involved in defense and intelligence cooperation with Russia can face secondary sanctions.



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  • Jamie9260

    One beautiful looking aircraft!

    • verner

      agree and can scare the crap out of the squatters f35s. hohoho

    • Zionism = EVIL

      SU-35 not been tested in battle yet, unlike Chinese and Pakistani JF-17 which China is now upgrading after its stellar performance against Russian and French jets serving rather poorly with the IAF. Egypt previously had very poor experience with Russian flying dishwashers like most Arab, ex-Warsaw Pact and the Indians, who have crashed over 427 Russians Migs and Sukhois.

      Report: JF-17 ‘Thunder’ Block III Fighter Jet Production Is Underway after success against India
      Production of the JF-17 Block III aircraft has reportedly started, according to the fighter jet’s chief designer.

      Development and production of the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex/Chengdu Aerospace Corporation (PAC/CAC) JF-17 “Thunder” BlockIII multirole fighter aircraft is reportedly underway, the chiefdesigner of the fighter jet, Yang Wei, said at press conference in China last week.

      “All related work is being carried out,” Yang was quoted as saying by Chinese state media. “The third block will see the JF-17’s informationized warfare capability and weapons upgraded.”

      JF-Block-III fighter jets are expected to receive the Chinese-madeKLJ-7A active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar system. It wouldbe the Pakistan Air Force’s first AESA-equipped fighter aircraft.

      JF-17 Block III aircraft will reportedly also feature a new electronic warfare system, upgraded avionics including a three-axis fly-by-wire digital flight control system, and a helmet-mounted displayand sight system. With its new integrated sensor package, the aircraft
      will have the capability for quick information sharing and network-enabled operations that facilitate earlier detection and interception of enemy aircraft.

      The JF-17 costs $25 million per unit, although the Block III per-unitprice is expected to go up as a result of the new subsystems, including the expensive new AESA radar system. The PAF intends to procure up to 50 new Block III aircraft.

      The aircraft can alternatively be armed with air-to-air, air-to-surface, and anti-ship missiles. It will also be able to fire beyond-visual-range air-to-air missiles (BVRAAM). An unnamed BVRAAM was test fired by the PAF last month and possibly today.

      During a recent military standoff with India, a PAF JF-17 successfully engaged Indian Air Force fighter jets of Russian and French origin, shooting down at least two and capturing and Indian pilot who was later released.

  • You can call me Al

    The sick, infantile, delusional Yankers still cannot get over Clinton losing, or allow any other Country to have any type of industry without them.

    “This comes in the framework of the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) signed by President Trump in August 2017” ……God, I hope they backfire.

    • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

      The US “Sanctions” does nothing else than backfiring on the US; when ever the US is sanctioning a country, they de facto throw that country in the arms of China and Russia.
      So every time i read “US sanction country X” i cant stopped clapping my hands.
      Its like pissing in your pant on a cold winter day; it may warm you for a few minutes, but then it gets even colder and it starts stinking.

      • You can call me Al

        I must admit that I am with you there, the stupidity makes me laugh.

        – $ 12 billion paid to farmers, because of the sanctions and re-bounce..

        – China’s net exports to the US actually increase substantially, because of the sanctions and re-bounce.

        There are probably JUST two, but the ones I know about now.

  • Jesus

    “””The reported Su-35 purchase deal comes amid growing U.S. pressure on countries worldwide not to buy Russian-produced arms. In September 2018, the US imposed sanctions on the Chinese military for buying Su-35 jets from Russia.”””

    If US produced high quality weapons at reasonable prices the world will buy their equipment, since they produce junk and resort to extortion, threats and arm twisting to sell their equipment to their poodles, their market will keep shrinking.

    Yes, Egypt needs some quality fighters like the Suk 35 to offset the Israeli F15 and F35 in the region, they need to buy 50 more units to obtain air superiority in that class.

    • grumpy_carpenter

      You read the fine print on some of the US weapons deals and they put severe restrictions on how the equipment can be used and who the equipment can be used upon. So you buy US equipment you are also buying into US foreign policy.

      For example the recent use of Pakistani to attack Indian fighters was considered a breach of contract by the USA …. If the Pakistani’s can’t use front line aircraft against India what good are they?

      I’m not sure Russia puts the same restrictions on their weapons sales.

      • Jesus

        No, Russia does not impose restrictions in regards to weapons use and is willing to share technology.
        I see Egypt salivating over Suk 57.

  • Saddam Hussein

    This is good news and would piss off Nato, but keep in mind that Zionist puppet Sisi is just a beggar and will stand with any side as long as they pay him. He isnt some based Arab leader like Assad or the late Jamal Abdulnaser.

  • Hrky75

    Maintenance of Egyptian AF must be a textbook definition of logistical nightmare. A dozen US fighters here, 2-dozen French planes there all sprinkled with old Soviet and new Russian stuff. God forbid they needed to fight with some serious opposition like, I don’t know – Sudan? LOL…

    • MikeH

      India is in the same boat except they are also trying to produce planes under license which further complicates the maintenance supply chain. Being a vassal ain’t easy these days.

    • Barba_Papa

      Egypt is being ruled by oligarchy with Sisi as its autocratic leader. Logistics is not a concern for autocrats. PBuying from both sides on the other hand is a time honored strategy for autocrats who want to play both the US and Russia against eachother.

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        That was the only way stopping ertokans muslim brotherhood, that has been created with hard core grey wolves and MIT taking over egypt.

  • Promitheas Apollonious

    americans can try and take their head’s out of their a**es and take a look around and face reality. None really give a sh*t what they say or do and as more time goes by even less they give them attention.

  • Tudor Miron

    “Cairo started receiving MiG-21 interceptors under another amrs deal with Moscow.”(C) I assume it’s a typo it should be Mig-31.

    • PZIVJ

      It should say MiG-29, Egypt has a contract to purchase 50 MiG-29M and M2’s starting around 2017. India wants to retire their MiG-21 Bisons.

    • occupybacon

      It’s a vintage aircraft, still good for collectors or any African nation, even some NATO countries still use it.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        In all fairness, no more vintage than the Americanus boobus F-15, F-16, F-18 etc that all date back to the 1970’s designs. You kids don’t understand aerospace technology is incremental and new means jack shit. Look at the Americunt F-35, F-117 and F-22 flying shit cans :) The Serbs even downed a F-117 “stealth” crappola with an 1960’s vintage Soviet era SA-2 Guideline, the Syrians did the same with a “super advanced” Zionist shitheads F-16I with a Iranian Sayyed 2 SAM.

        • occupybacon

          “Stealth” is more a PR name, it’s not really stealth, it’s harder to locate and that Serbian shot was very lucky. America had plenty of wars and having just one of those shot down it’s kinda exception that proves the rule.

      • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

        The MiG-29M/35 is in no way a vintage aircraft, its a state of the art up to date platform with a complete glass cockpit, and the SMT version even have AAR capability.

  • Tudor Miron
  • Justin

    “Cairo started receiving MiG-21 interceptors under another arms deal with Moscow.”

    Does this make sense to anyone?
    I have a feeling SouthFront meant MIG-31 interceptors! The MIG-21’s are getting a bit old now! I cant see Egypt purchasing these! This has to be wrong!

    • Barba_Papa

      It must be the MiG-35 deal that Egypt recently signed, which is the most advanced updated version of the MiG-29. I’m not even sure the MiG-31 is still in production anymore.

      • Justin

        But they said “Interceptor”!


        • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

          Dont take SF articles word for word, especially when its about aviation.

          The MiG-31 is vital to VPO, recieving massive updates, but if it is still in production i dont know .

          The MiG-21 is classified as an interceptor, but i doubt that the author of the article knows the difference of a fighter and interceptor.

          Another article at another site suggest that the Su-35 is supposed to replaced the F-4 and MiG-21, wich makes alot more sense.

          • Justin

            Mig-21 is classified as a fighter and interceptor according to Wikipedia! I think we both know its a fighter!
            I do know the Russians are updating the MIG-31’s
            Syrian’s have the Mig-25 (which is the predecessor of the mig-31) but im pretty sure they bought a few MIG-31’s off Russia in 2015- 2016! (not sure though)
            NOPE, they didnt according to wikipedia! They only have mig-25’s

            I cant see why armies wouldnt buy (nor why Russia wouldnt still sell) Mig-31’s since they are known as satellite killers and can carry extremely advanced tactical weapons!

            After checking wikipedia, only kazakstan (as of 2017) and Russia have Mig-31’s!

            Therefore we are still stuck wondering why Egypt would buy mig-21’s or if SF really meant Mig-35’s!

            Hard to know but would love to know!

          • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

            Wikipedia is not a trustworthy source; a fighter and interceptor is not the same.
            I´ve talked to many pilots both eastern and western pilots, and they all agree that there are some basic differences between a fighter and an interceptor.

            Very basic and short; an interceptors role is to guard a defined airsector acting as a kind of mini AWACS, loitering and acting as a bouncer, show the correct symbol on the radar screen and you are allowed in, do not and you get a missile up your arse.
            This role demands long range missiles, powerfull radar, datalink, service ceiling and loitertime and ECM, with manoeuvrbility being lower on the priority list.

            A fighter is almost opposite, a fighter goes in (relative) close, with medium/short range missiles and guns in a good old dogfight.

            Very basic summed up: An interceptor shoots at dots on the radar and a fighter goes in with claws and teeth.

            We agree that it would be nice to know yes, in the meanwhile, we must rely in common sense and logic.

          • Justin

            Yeah i think logic says that they purchased MIG-35’s!

            As for ur info on interceptors i totally agree which is why i dismissed a comment made by Barba_Papa who assumes that a stealthy F-35 could be used as an interceptor. I think he believes that a stealth fighter could just hang around and launch a A2A long range missile in order to intercept!

            His theory is ridiculous! A MIG-31 can fly at mach 2.83 at 120 thousand feet and launch a Kinzhal 2000km away from its target!

            Aircraft will be able to intercept in this circumstance! Its just too far away (2000km) from launch.No SAM or A2A missile is going to accomplish this!

            So yeah, it must be the MIG-35’s they are purchasing but i am still super curious about this!

          • Terminator2018

            Let me tell u in 2015 egypt signed a deal with russia on
            50 mig 29 ++2 i think which was the latest and newest mig 29
            50 ka 52 helicopters most advanced
            Now su 35 20 of them not mig it is sukhoi 35
            Also from france 24 rafale maybe they will add another 12 so it will be 36

          • Terminator2018

            Sorry bro but let me corret egypt bought till now recently since 2015
            The deal they made was
            50 mig 29 ++2 newest mig type 29
            46 ka-52 alligator helicopter
            And now 20 sukhoi 35
            Also they have 24 rafale french and will add anothef 12 to them

          • Justin

            Yet the mig -21 was replaced by the mig -29 and mig -35

            Su-35 replaces su-27

            f-4 is a fighter bomber.

            Don’t U mean F-5?
            F-5 are very good and cheap. Probably why Iran smartly copied it

          • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

            No the article said F-4, the F-4 started as a hybrid between interceptor and fighter.
            It evolved and matured massively during the Vietnam war.

          • Justin

            “Another article at another site suggest that the Su-35 is supposed to replaced the F-4 and MiG-21, wich makes alot more sense.”

            hmmm, so we have a mistake on this site then!
            SU-35 does have super cruise so i guess it could be an interceptor for a country that buys weapons (as apposed to those who make their own aircraft)

            Yet still we have confusion on these damn mig-21’s the SF says they are purchasing! So confusing because im trying to make sense of it! it makes no sense at all hahaha!

            hmmmmm, i recon they mean MIG-35! Has to be MIG-35 in addition to SU-35! But again, does that mean Russia is already going to export MIG-35’s? They need to build up their own fleet first!

        • Barba_Papa

          Even the F-35 can be an interceptor if that’s the only aircraft you have. In fact that’s how most NATO countries are going to use them. Expect to see a lot of footage of a certain stealthish fighter bomber intercepting Russian long range patrol aircraft to come.

          • Justin

            traditionally speed is what makes an interceptor!
            But maybe stealth enables this now!

            As for your “expect to see” comment, i think RussianMIG-31’s will be in and out so fast, shooting very long range weapons from far standoff positions!

            I think we can expect such stealth fighters to be too far away to intercept because of speed! Lets not forget altitude! The MIG-31 can fly at extreme altitudes, how does a stealth fighter intercept an aircraft flying at almost mach 3 and at an altitude of 120 thousand feet (record set in 1977 of 123 thousand feet).

            So i cant believe your theory!
            Also the interception of the MIG-31 comes secondary to the new weapons it carries such as hypsersonic mach 10 missiles!

            Imagine a MIG-31 flying at 120 thousand feet at mach 2.83 over the caspian with a hypersonic weapon under its belly that has a range of 2000km at mach 10! The missile will reach its target in less than 10minutes and can be launched from Russia or a very safe area.

            I dont think a stealth aircraft can act as an interceptor! Speed is important! The only way stealth would work is if the stealth aircraft is hovering around the area constantly waiting! Only speed intercepts speed! (to cut it off further back from its intended launch destination).

            No air to air missile can travel 2000km! And certainly not one that will also go to 120 thousand feet!

            Sorry but ur comment makes no sense to me!
            Dont get offended, but u would need to explain the details more of how u come to this conclusion!

            Please explain it to me!

      • Terminator2018

        Let me tell u in 2015 egypt signed a deal with russia on
        50 mig 29 ++2 i think which was the latest and newest mig 29
        50 ka 52 helicopters most advanced
        Now su 35
        Also from france 24 rafale maybe they will add another 12

    • Terminator2018

      Bro let me tell u egypt bought from america till know
      240 f 16 which r old already but the egyptian airforce air modifiying and upgrading them
      Also i think 50 apatchi
      From russia
      50 mig 29 jets 2015
      50 ka 52 alligator helicopter 2015
      S-300 anti defence system 2016
      Lastly was this last purchase 24 su 35 jets 2018
      From france
      24 rafale jets 2017
      Put here is the thing the 24 rafale its missile works with if i am not mistaken cruze missle bhich is american and the congress opposed selling them well lets say so france dont mount them on the rafale but trump said nope no problem egypt can use it so its a trump x congress democrats war u know
      Plus that till now the 2 aircraft carrier mistral that was bought from france still till now we dont know what type of attack helicopter will be on it cuz they said ka 52 will not be the one on board so still waiting to know
      So if anybody will say sanction look what obama made and it didnt work so
      Lets see if egypt in 2020 will buy su t50 5th generation

      • Justin

        Throughout history though, Egypt was more of a Russian ally then anything else! its wars and distrust of Israel has made it so!
        i thought Egypt did purchase the KA-52’s. Maybe i am wrong! Im heard the Ship was built specifically for these helicopters! Otherwise they were not worth buying!

        I also heard that it is possible Egypt sells these ships to Russia if need be :)

        Anyway, Egypt buys from everyone to keep everyone an ally! but if war comes to war, it will be mainly russian weapons they will use and purchase! Now that russia has its bases in Syria (and expanding them) Egypt will feel more and more comfortable buying Russian weapons!

        • Terminator2018

          Well in 1973 war when egypt won the war all the army was equipped by russian weapons of all kind, becz u know israel attacked egypt in 1967 and israel army had america full support in eveything which america didnt give a shit about egypt. So egypt president gamal abdul naser had russia full support in everything also.
          The 2 aircraft carrier gonna have a ultimate french attack helicopter but still yet not announced and it cant be given to russia cuz now it is used by egyptian navy.
          The leeson egypt learned after revolution 2013 is tha never depends on one power so el sisi now is having equally relationship now even better with china and russia in the rest of the world
          The part u said with egypt being comfortable buying russia weapons here is some summary in when the war ended egypt is the second country after america having m1a1 abraham tanks and apatchi and 240 f 16 but as u know when u sign a contract there r restriction u know to say moe easily that america say u buy my weapons but i tell u when or not to use it which is also kinda suck so now egypt is buying t90 armata russian tank so they can have it in sinai cuz m1a1 cant be there cuz of israel chicken up
          So t90 arnata tank is on the way plus i heard that maybe purchase of french aircraft carrier so still there is a lot of secret and put in ur mind the gas mines that r in egypt 2 discoveries of gas that has more than 90 trilion of sq feet so also u need to protect all that how u know what i mean

          • Justin

            Agree. Australia has M1A1 tanks too.
            With Russian bases being built in Egypt plus nuclear power plant, we can assume Egypt is fully with Russia now that Russia is strong again.

            And yes, people who buy US weapons are subject to American rule and control. And those that buy both Russian and American are playing safe.

          • Terminator2018

            I need to correct something to u bro there is no any foriegn military base country in egypt yes egypt by 2026 is gonna have 4 nuclear reactor thats why there r buying these jets also with the new gas discoveries they will get more advanced wepons thats why and i will say this america will not be able to put sanction of egypt cuz if america loses egypt as a neutral or as a friend it is not gonna be a good thing

          • Justin

            Oh is see! So the Russians havent started building it yet?
            I heard it was to be one of their new fission/fusion reactors!

          • Justin

            Oh is see! So the Russians havent started building it yet?
            I heard it was to be one of their new fission/fusion reactors!

            Holy shit, Egypt is going to become like Qatar! Very rich!
            However i never believed that after World War 1 these countries gained full independence from their “protectorates”!


            Libya belonged to Italy
            Egypt, Israel, Iraq, Qatar etc belonged to the UK
            Algeria, Syria, Morocco etc belonged to France!

            I think today, even though most of these nations are “independent” are still secretly a colony of these nations! Since when do conquerers “give away” a nation they conquered for nothing! I am certain they still pay some kind of taxes!

            Assad’s father was put into power directly by the French!

            So having said that, i believe that Egypt is a colony of the UK still! Nobody touches Qatar right? Because i still think they are a UK colony therefore untouchable!

            i think Saudi Arabia is a colony of the USA!
            (i know this is crazy beliefs but it makes sense to me)
            I think these nations leaders are just managers or CEO’s of their countries and their people think they are governing themselves! There is no way in hell countries just give away the resources gained from war! Why be seen as occupiers so that u must constantly have troops stationed in that nation . when u can just own the Egyptian leaders!

            Anyway, sorry to digress!