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JULY 2022

Egypt To Back Deal Between Damascus And SDF To Prevent Turkish Attack: Report

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Egypt To Back Deal Between Damascus And SDF To Prevent Turkish Attack: Report

source: sdf-press.com

A delegation of the Egyptian General Intelligence Directorate will visit Damascus soon to discuss the escalation in northeastern Syria, where Turkey and its proxies are planning to launch a military operation against Kurdish forces, sources familiar with the situation told the al-Arab news outlet on December 26.

A co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), which governs northeastern Syria, confirmed that Egyptian officials had contacted Syrian Kurdish leaders in the recent days to meditate negotiations between the council and the Damascus government on the future of northeastern Syria.

“The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) [the military wing of the SDC) have effective communication channels with Egyptian officials. We are hoping to see an immediate move to stop the escalation in northern Syria, mediate with the Syrian government and foster an agreement with Kurdish forces,” Ilham Ahmed told the UK-based news outlet.

Last week, head of the Syrian National Security Bureau, General Ali Mamlouk, paid an official visit to Egypt upon an invitation from General Abbas Kamel, director of the Egyptian General Intelligence Directorate.

A senior Syrian official told the local al-Watan newspaper that two generals discussed “new challenges” during the meeting. The official also confirmed that a delegation of Egypt will visit Syria soon.

Egypt’s mission in Syria will not be an easy one because SDC officials are still insisting that they will not hand over any area to Damascus. However, the Turkish threat and the expected withdrawal of U.S. forces will likely force both sides to findd some sort of an agreement.

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Nice! Supporting/recognizing the Egyptians as the leaders of the Arab world is a kick in the balls to the Saudis. Always a good thing to do. Give Egypt stewardship of Mecca and Medina!



SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Funny how Kurds are just as insufferable as Jews.


Well, the first rule of negotiating is to aim big, then settle for what you really want. If they were to cave in from the start they wouldn’t have much of a negotiating position now would they? And I reckon there’s also the 5 stages of grief, with the Kurds either still in the first stage of denial or the 3rd stage of bargaining.


Is that possible?! lmao


sfcstevenmbarryusaret no but


SDC is trying to negotiate a tough deal with Damascus, however, Russia and Syria know how to tame Kurds that have learned western hubris from US. Egypt will work in close agreement with the Russia for a solution.


Maybe the Russians should loose the leash of the Turkish dog for some time. This would probably make the Kurds get sober for a change.

Turkish Greywolves

sad mother f*ers

Turkish Greywolves

bring the whole universe against us you sh*tty arabs


Got a snootful of arak this evening, eh?


what happened to muslim brotherhood lol


The brothers fell out about inheritance :)

Smith Ricky

Awh cute


That’s why they are known as the Gay Wolves.


Until the CIA plots another coup in Turkey. Then we’ll see Erdogan running around all scared until Putin saves him, of course.


Think the SAA need to take control of the situation. No agreement is necessary it is Syrian territory. Move in prevent the Turks and their Headchoppers from overrunning the the Stupid fukin Kurds again. And, when the city is secured the Fukin Kurds can sign up to the Deal or fuck off to america with their sponsors

Bigaess Wangmane

Agreed, the Kurds overall are an absolutely useless, traitorous lot that would rather hand over an entire city to the goddamn Turks than let the SAA take control of the land and defend it on their fucking behalf. Besides, they don’t see themselves as Syrian anyway, like the Proverbial Jew whom is a Jew 1st and foremost, no matter which Gentile country he/she is born in.


those white golk out there are not fckn jews slave!!but the fake jews written about in revelations9:2 so go pick up ur cheque u weak ass slave and fck off!!!their r more true warriors among the kurds then their r the fake fckn jews!!


and i promise u slaves if u attack the kurds i shall join THAT war too just as i did in syria and yemen!and just as in syria and yemen i’ll kick ur fckn asses all over the middle east as has been the case devils and traitors!!!


the kurds r good and righteous fighters redadmiral they fought and bled against a common enemy and should be fckn respected!!!BECAUSE of it!!


Any piece of Syria east of the Euphrates that Turkey takes, Turkey keeps.

The Kurds must be reckoned with.

They should be in discussions with every element. This includes Turkey because if Turkey cut a deal with the Kurds that included a Kurdish federation within the Turkey nation state, Turkey and the Kurds would instantly own eastern Syria.

The Kurds need to accept the concept of a Kurdish federal state, rather than an independent nation. Then the question becomes which state enjoys the ownership of that federation?

There are four candidates: Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria. Turkey is the strongest member of that group, and needs to re-set it’s concept into incorporating the Kurds, because it will never extinguish them.

Russia needs to hustle the Kurds to stay in Syria but the price is a federation. If the Turks could live with a Kurdish federation in its own “Kurdistan” it would soon own eastern Syria, northern Iraq, and a corner of Iran, and lots of oil.

Move quickly and decisively Erdogan. This opportunity is fleeting.


disqus_aHLPQHGIVN I agree

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