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Egypt Sends Warning To Turkey By Launching Drills Near Libya (Map Update)

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Egypt Sends Warning To Turkey By Launching Drills Near Libya (Map Update)

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On July 9, the Egyptian Armed Forces started military drills near the Libyan border. The land part of the drills, codenamed Resolve 2020, took place in the northwestern district of Qabr Gabis.

The Egyptian military exercise followed the announcement of own naval drills off the Libyan coast by Turkey. The Turkish drills, called “Naftex”, will reportedly take place off the Libyan coast in three different regions: Barbaros, Turgutreis and Chaka Bey.

Egyptian media already described the Egyptian drills are a message to Turkey, which has been steadily increasing its involvement in the conflict.


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Egypt will have turkey for breakfast

Ashok Varma

Abay chutiya bhonsere kay troll. Last week you were supporting Turkey and now more idiotic trolling as Paul, use your Hindu name you fool. India has good relations with both and we are not part of the Middle East. Stupid uneducated Indians like you give our people a bad name. Madar chod.


Teri ammi dikhi thi kothe pe.Choda Maine kaise Muhammad ne Aisha ko chodna the.Tum mullo ka time khatam to gaya niklo.Pehli train mein pakistan niklo varna maar maar ke fek denge

Ashok Varma

Tu khusra hay chutiya. Uneducated idiot.

Saubhik Ghosh, frnd of israel

why r u so shamelessly hiding ur identity…we indians will always support who stands against ideology of Muslim brotherhood and ISIS headchoppers…and we never had cordial relations with turkey…turkey supports pakistan and pakistan is our enemy….and dont abuse otherwise i know more filthy words dan u in suddha hindi


Arabs just give warnings, never take action.

Saubhik Ghosh, frnd of israel

SISI fears muslim brotherhood revolution in his own country…he is already suffering in sinai…he wont take any risk against turkey although its worth taking bcos turks r burning deir foreign reserves like candles and dey will have long supply lines to libya….But a dictator like SISI having no public support back at home will never dare to take bold step against Turkey….I bet TFSA is more well trained than d egyptian army….Army will never fight a guerilla war like TFSA …dey will proceed under d cover of intense artillery barrages and airstrikes and i dont think egyptian economy at present permits so

M.A. Lamett

A slight mistake by dictator Sisi will cost him his reign in Egypt. He is just a hot balloon. Just talk no action. He doesn’t have the guts to do anything against Turkey and Turks know it.

M.A. Lamett

Egypt is another vassal of Israel. Dictator Sisi is the man of Israel. If Morsi was in power, the relationship between Egypt and Turkey would have been perfect. Israeli zionists and the western globalist want two Sunni Muslim countries to fight. Classic divide and rule tactic. Sisi needs to be removed from power as soon as possible for Egypt to come back to its senses. Sisi is the biggest traitor to his own people and the Muslim world in general.


Egypt best “sell” or ‘lease to own’ some of those tanks to the LNA and get them on the way towards Al Sidra. Allowing Turkey to take Sirte is something Egypt might not recover from.


Lets hope the turkIsis thugs – in boats will make the mistake to mess with the number 7 in the world Egyptian navy and find this way their 72 Big Black C0cks in the bottom of the Meditarranean.

Meanwhile remember these are terrosist loving, turkisis propaganda employees :

[Imgur]comment image)

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