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Egypt Sends Battle Tanks To Libyan Border As Haftar Forces Retreat Under Turkish Strikes

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Egypt Sends Battle Tanks To Libyan Border As Haftar Forces Retreat Under Turkish Strikes

The Turkish involvement in the Libyan conflict allowed the Government of National Accord (GNA) to turn the tide of the battle of Tripoli and even develop further success by expanding control over a notable chunk of northern Libya.

After capturing Tripoli International Airport last week, GNA forces and Syrian militant groups with a direct support from the Turkish Armed Forces forced the Libyan National Army (LNA) led by Khalifa Haftar to retreat from a number of villages and towns including Tarhuna and Dawun.

Retreating LNA fighters left behind dozens of weapons and pieces of military equipment, including T-55 and T-62 battle tanks and howitzers. Pro-GNA sources also showcased a destroyed Pantsir-S system, which the LNA had received from the UAE. The town of Tarhuna was looted and a large number of buildings there were destroyed by Turkish-backed forces. The residents of this town are known for their support to the LNA. A large number of civilians fled the town with the retreating LNA units.

On June 6, Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi announced a new diplomatic initiative for Libya proposing a ceasefire from June 6 and the resumption of the political process. Egypt alongside with the UAE are key backers of the LNA.

Apparently, Anakra and the GNA saw this move as a sign of the weakness. The GNA even announced an advance on the port city of Sirte controlled by the LNA. However, Turkish-led forces failed to reach the city on June 6 and June 7 suffering casualties. According to local sources, over 30 Turkish proxies were killed. A Turkish Bayraktar TB2 combat UAV was also shot down. In response, Turkey shot down a Wing Loong II combat UAV operated by the LNA and conducted a series of airstrikes on LNA positions near Sirte. On June 8, the GNA and its allies conducted another attempt to advance on Sirte. Clashes are ongoing.

Egypt reacted to these developments by sending reinforcements to the border with Libya. At least 2 large columns with Egyptian battle tanks were filmed moving towards the border. The geographic location of Egypt allows its leadership, if there is a political will and a strong decision, to freely employ its ground and air forces to support the LNA in the conflict against Turkish proxies. Cairo could opt to choose the strategy of direct actions if Turkish-led forces capture Sirte threatening the LNA heartland in northeastern Libya.

The modern military political leadership of Turkey, in particular President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his inner circle, has views on the needed structure of the Islamic world, which are to a great extent similar to those of the Muslim Brotherhood. For example, the Muslim Brotherhood thinks that the leading Islamic states should be headed by leaders with a rather strong religious agenda.

Egypt traditionally has a complex and balanced cooperation of the religious and secular parts of their society. In the view of the Muslim Brotherhood, the religious factor should be developed further, even at the cost of the interests of the secular part of the society. This goes contrary to the current reality in Egypt, which is ruled by relatively secular leaders. Furthermore, the Muslim Brotherhood and armed groups affiliated with it are considered terrorist organizations in Egypt. Therefore, Cairo sees the expansion of forces ideologically close to the organization as a direct threat to its national security.

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King Cliff

Egypt will be going into Libya, they can’t allowed turkey to have puppet government in they backyard that will be hostile to Egypt’s and the Egyptians need to the Libyan government to be under side to consolidate they strength in that region and for Egypt’s to truly be a power holder in north africa .They have no choice but to go in and to keep they backyard clean free of influence from they foes.

Fog of War

They should’ve protected Qaddafi then.

Ivan Freely

A miscalculation on Mubarak’s part.

Mihail Mantakas

Hosni Mubarak was no longer in power when the Libyan Civil War began.

Ivan Freely

Mubarak was officially disposed six days before the Libyan conflict began. Conflicts like in Libya don’t spontaneously start without warning. Mubarak and his administration should have gotten intelligence long before the first civil war began.

Mihail Mantakas

I think Mubarak had other concerns, such as saving his head, than take care of Colonel Gaddafi’s welfare.

Assad must stay

Good sisi finally you are doing something, the right thing, you are not a “sissy” haha CRUSH GNA!!!!

Icarus Tanović

Crush Wahhabi dogs and their Erdogan master.

Jamal Utr.

Sissy doesnt have the balls or the money to confront Turkey and it’s allies. And if this dumb jewish cow would try it, he will be hanged by his own people who have had enough of this jew who has sold out his people and resources to americans and jews

Rhodium 10

Turkey is a NATO member and Erdogan is just a puppet of the petrodollar team (Usa&Israel&Saudi Arabia)

Icarus Tanović

That is very eight in every aspect.

Chinese Dog

Sisi is a sissy and he will lose to erdogan


The history ofthe war in North Africa during WW2 is one of retreats and counter attacks along the coastlines. This scenario could well be repeated , I think.

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