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Egypt Launches Fresh Round Of Airstrikes On Terrorists In Libya


The Egyptian military has launched a fresh round of airstrikes on ISIS terrorists in Libya. The airstrikes destroyed several camps that trained the militants who killed dozens of Christians in southern Egypt on Friday.

The ISIS terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack that left 29 Coptic Christians dead in the Egyptian province of Minya.



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  • MeMadMax

    Those pilots are so hardcore, they wear their helmets everywhere they go, probably to bed too.


    • Miguel Redondo

      That was very funny !
      Probably they don´t teach them the old good manners. A gentleman should not wear hats in closed rooms under roof.

  • Daniel

    Unfortunately it’s a bit too late for Egypt to start helping Libya. They should have bombed al-queda when they were fighting Gaddafi.

    • Stephen

      Qaddafi not Gaddafi. Zionist called him Gaddafi.

    • Ronald

      Egypt is really the one to help Libya , they will have to live with constant chaos if they do not .

      • Daniel

        For sure. Just a shame they react so late, but of course they can’t be blamed for not going against al-queda with its NATO friends.

        • Ronald

          Ya the USAF , Al Qaeda’s air power is certainly de stabilizing , but the Yankies already have stolen the hundreds of tons of Qaddafi’s gold , maybe they will allow Egypt to try and put it back together .

  • Attrition47

    They are not “air strikes”, they are bomb attacks. Perhaps we could call them “Manchesters” for short?