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Egypt Faces Series Of ISIS Attacks After Backing Palestinian Reconciliation Agreement


Egypt Faces Series Of ISIS Attacks After Backing Palestinian Reconciliation Agreement

On October 15, Colonel Tamer Rifai Spokesperson for the Egyptian Army announced that the Egyptian Army repelled a new attack of ISIS on its position in Quadis area in Sinai. According to Colonel Rifai, Egyptian Army soldiers killed 24 fighters of ISIS, and injured 1 another. The Egyptian Army also destroyed 2 vehicles of ISIS. Colonel Tamer Rifai said that 6 soldiers of the Egyptian Army were killed while repelling the attack.

Some sources speculated that 34 ISIS members and 9 military service members were killed in the clashes. However, this sill has no official confirmation.

Egyptian sources said that 150 ISIS fighters attacked the Egyptian Army positions in Quadis area. Moreover, several VBIEDs of ISIS attempted to target the positions of the Egyptian Army during the attack.

The ISIS-linked news agency Amaq confirmed the attack, and said that ISIS fighters attacked two checkpoints of the Egyptian Army in Quadis and al-Ajaza area. Amaq didn’t provide further details about the attack so far.

Separately, 15 ISIS members attacked an army checkpoint at the 26 July street in Arish city. The  checkpoint was guarding a church in the city center.

The Egyptian Air Force bombs ISIS terrorists in response to the recent attacks:

Meanwhile, militants shelled the Israeli-held area from the Sinai peninsula. The rockets were intercepted by the Israeli Defense Forces.

Last week witnessed a series of ISIS attacks in Sinai. The terrorist organization carried out three attacks against the Egyptian Amy between October 12 and October 15. The rate of ISIS attacks in Sinai is for sure higher than ever. The size of the attacks also indicate that ISIS might be receiving new support from some foreign sides.

The attacks came following the palestinian reconciliation agreement reached by the Hamas and Fatah movements brokered by Egypt. This could mean that the ISIS sponsors seek to undermine this reconciliation effort.



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