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Egypt Drafts Generals and Pilots to Fight Alongside Syrian Army against Terrorists

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Egypt Drafts Generals and Pilots to Fight Alongside Syrian Army against Terrorists

Egyptian military servicemen have recently arrived to Syria in order to support the Syrian government in its war against terrorists, according various media reports.

Egypt has allegedly sent some 18 helicopter pilots to the Hama Airbase. These pilots are set to participate in joint Egyptian-Syrian operations against terrorists.

There are reportedly four senior Egyptian military figures already in Syria. Two Egyptian Major Generals have been reportedly operating at the Syrian Armed Forces Staff Headquarters in Damascus and touring various fronts since they arrived the country month ago.

Earlier this week, the Lebanon-based As-Safir newspaper reported that Egyptian warplanes had landed the Hama Airbase for the first time. The newspaper claimed that jets were set to participate in operations against ISIS.

The new reports appeared amid a number of speculations about high profile security meetings between Cairo and Damascus.

Some pro-Assad sources expect that the Egyptian military can expand its involvement into the Syrian war on the side of government forces.

On November 22, Egypt’s President Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi said in an interview with Portugal’s RTP TV that Cairo will support the Syrian national army in its battle against terrorists.

“Syria has been for five years suffering a deep crisis. Our stance is that we respect the will of the Syrian people,” the Egyptian president added, saying that the political settlement will be the best way to solve the conflict.

Earlier in November, SouthFront reported that a group of Egyptian officers had arrived to Syria in order to learn from Russian military advisers that are embedded with government troops at the battle against terrorists across the country.

In October 2016, Russian airborne troops arrived Egypt to participate in a joint military drill with the host country. The drill was codenamed “Defenders of Friendship 2016”.

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John Whitehot

this is good news. A real international coalition, with the objective of destroying any form of jihadism in Syria is good and just, and shows there are countries that will resist the globalist domination plan. Also, I wonder if and when Egypt will allow Russia to install SIGINT and ELINT stations on its territory. It could be one of Israel nightmares.


Egypt has the Libyan nightmare next door. Now that IS and the moderate rebels (lol) are losing the plan to relocate them to North Africa has been put on the table. Their job, as always, is to create chaos and steal resources. Egyptians realise none of this is in their interest, even if they are not a direct target. They know now that the Syrians have been fighting to contain the fire, and are joining in to put it out. If they let it escape they will just have another fight in their hands, perhaps a worse one, somewhere else. We can also help by putting pressure on EU the allow Syrian fighting age men refugees to return to fight for their country. I bet there are tens of thousands of those, languishing in European towns with officials “losing” ( accidentally is the official line) their passports.

Marek Pejović

you have very good reasonings! however, i would say EU would need to MAKE them instead of “allow” at least some of them to go back. and the problem is that in truth, there IS a war in Syria, and one of the otherwise valid points of international refugee law is appealing to unsafe conditions in the country. however, there is no war in Morocco and Libiya, from where biggest troublemakers come. but i dont think EU twerps are capable and ideologically unbiased enough to really tackle the issue. they prefer the flower power ideological crap which will cost us dearly.


The trouble with EU making Syrian refugees to return is that it runs contrary to the unstated “Syrian war policy”, which has been to draw the maximum number of fighting age males away from the conflict zone and bury them in European cities without a chance of travel/return. The most we can achieve at present is to pressure the EU to provide access to Russian transport (planes or ships) without passport so that all the willing men can be transported safely to government held territory in Syria and join the SAA or wherever seems appropriate. Merkel’s “humanitarian” offer to the refugees was in fact an act of war against Syrian government. We should never lose sight of that!

John Whitehot

it could work, but I doubt that the EU would ever allow Syrians to go back home to enroll in their army and kill ragheads. Military aged males are of course part of the Soros sponsored plan to devastate European societies, because they are the ones that statistically become criminals and troublemakers when they can’t find a job. Those are the “spearheads” of the plan.


Yes it is as nasty plan as they come with many tentacles. Agree EU will never do it without pressure! If they were put under pressure though, all kinds of interesting cracks could start appearing.


They got INTO the EU without passports. If they wanted to, they could get OUT of the EU without passports.


The vast majority of refugees left because of the loss of their homes, some so that they would not be conscripted in to SAA. How can the EU prevent their return legally, or are they being forced to return to a conflict zone? Are these refugee laws recent, or have they upheld in the past? Please explain.


Most refugees ran for their lives from heavily armed jihadists who were committing genocide. Many ran into Turkey where they were interned for a year or two during which they were subjected to recruitment attempts to join the jihad. Most refused, and when Merkel gave the signal Erdogan released these rejects as the wave of “refugees” to Europe so they would not sneak away and join the SAA. There are laws to stop people travelling to Syria and join the jihad – these same laws are used to stop people joining the SAA. But mostly it is bureaucratic stalling. EU governments have no will to help Syrian government. They could if they wanted to, but they won’t. And as for leaving the EU without a passport – try wandering around Middle East as a Syrian man without a passport and see where you’ll end up. It won’t be pretty.


Thanks for the info. Good news from E Aleppo today. Was not expecting the jihadist to give up so much ground so fast, they must be low on men, ammo, commanders and morale. The tide is turning against them!! Perhaps they will all be returned to Idleb province where they will fight each other, and make great targets for SY/RU airstrikes. The situation around Damascus is also improving, freeing up more SAA and others for offensive ops.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

Southfront.org just made me happy all day with this news and so today I will start donating promptly by Paypal to support this excellent journalistic work on the part of them.


China needs to provide more support as large number of Chinese ISIS and jihadi fighters are also in syria which will be a threat in long run to Chinese border provinces. These rebels already have acquired the skill set of combat fighting and organizing terrorist attacks in Urban environment.

enkidu gilgamesh

Saudi become more isolated. The end of Saudistan is not far away.

With losing Egypt as former partner and probable enemy now, the Saudi are in fear for their future in Arabia.

John Whitehot

and the israelis are starting to make contingency plans, just in case the whole muslim world recovers the fundamental knowledge on who has been their only enemy since 1948. That would be quicker if people understand that the “sectarian wars” among muslims have been planned, financed and supported by jews. Muslims killing Muslims, Muslims killing Christians, Christians killing Muslims and Christians killing Christians. now tell me, who could be the only party interested in this.

enkidu gilgamesh

You are right about that. Zionists see their survival in the region only in division and interfighting between the various groups. Sure, it is well known, that at least since the beginning of Afghanistan war, the zionists were very aktive to feed and create Salafist groups.

In that context the Saudi power is connected to Zionism as worked from the beginning of their engagement with British Empire as its terrorists and they attacked the other tribal rulers who did not accept the creation of a zionist entity in Palestine.


So Zionism and Wahabism are monster siblings, which cannot be separated from each other. The downfall of one will be the end of both.

John Whitehot

thanks for the link. It’s an interesting read indeed.


Wonderful , wonderful , if any country understands the treachery of the Muslim Brotherhood and their Wahhabi , Saudi ideology , it is Egypt . In the future Egypt will need defending as the Al Qada , ISIS , jihadists seem to have selected Libya as their new base . In the mean time well done President Abdul- Fattah Al-Sisi . Assad and the Syrian people will not forget your timely aid .

Valhalla rising

nice nice…everything is going according to plan..Guess egypt has an axe to grind with Erdo kebab for support the brotherhood..

888mladen .

Guys don’t forget that Egypt and Syria were one single state in the not so distant past. History repeats itself. Yes Sisi knows very well what is MB all about. He was highly praised by Putin for getting rid of MB. RU will not forget Chechen wars any time soon.

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