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Egypt Does Not Support Saudi, Israeli Measures Against Hezbollah

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Egypt Does Not Support Saudi, Israeli Measures Against Hezbollah

Egypt’s President Al-Sisi

Speaking to Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi discussed the situation in Saudi Arabia, saying that the Kingdom’s steps will have ”a positive impact, domestically and internationally.”

“I place on record my appreciation and respect for the Kingdom’s steps on various levels, which will have a positive impact, domestically and internationally,” el-Sisi said, describing the steps as “bold and well thought out”.

“We’re always together. It’s clear. Stability in the Kingdom means stability for Egypt, and vice versa. This also applies to the UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait,” he added. He said that he and his “brothers” in the Gulf and other Arab states can fight terrorism if they are united, adding that those “evil powers” who seek to target Egypt are the same powers that seek to target the whole region.

But in an interview to CNBC, el-Sisi took a non-committal position when asked whether he plans on helping Saudi Arabia, their ally, to take on Hezbollah: “The subject is not about taking on or not taking on, the subject is about the status of the fragile stability in the region in light of the unrest facing the region.”

“The region cannot support more turmoil,” he added.

President el-Sisi also addressed the possibility of Israel engaging in military action against militias linked to Hezbollah and Iran, both in south-western Syria and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, saying that such actions might provoke further conflict. “I hope this does not take place; the region has had its share of disturbances. Experiences throughout history show that wars do not solve problems, and what’s more dangerous than the military intervention itself are its further consequences,” El-Sisi said. “I call for the respect of Syria’s sovereignty and security and stability; more wars won’t solve the problem.”

When asked about Lebanon and the possibility of a deterioration in Lebanese affairs following the recent resignation of Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri, El-Sisi said the maintenance of security and stability in Lebanon depends on achieving a “balance” between various parties, which can be maintained only without foreign interference.

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri resigned on November 4 during a trip to Saudi Arabia, saying his life was in danger. He claimed that Iran controlled the region. Iran dismissed the notion, accusing the United States and Saudi Arabia of orchestrating the resignation.

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That’s a positive response from him, being one of the three touching the “orb”. Poor guy had to perform extreme maneuvers to not hurting Saudis’ fragile feelings and yet expressing his opposition towards more military conflicts.

You can call me Al

I think he holds a lot back there. The Egyptians are now fighting the ISIS vermin on the Sanai – and surely he knows which Global terrorists created, funded and armed them !!.

You can tell that the average IQ of people in the ME is low, because they are all falling for the US and Rothschild’s requirement for war with Iran.

All you have to understand this and it will all make sense –


Could be that Cuba is the last man standing.

And then Garga – one World currency & one World government.


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888mladen .

For your personal info Syria and Egypt were one and the same state immediately after WWII. Egypt will never fight Syria. By God’s providence he ousted MB Morsi who wanted to start war with Syrian government in support of Salafi and Wahabi terrorists. IR clerics decried the move. Just to remind you on some uneasy moments in IR relationship with Syria.


You’re talking about the “United Arab Republic”, 1958-61, are you not?


Sounds like Sisi is trying to get a better price from Saudis for Egyptian help in Yemen, Lebanon & Syria. Not directly critic; but stressing security & stability in the region.

Tiresia Branding

there are Egyptian advisors in Syria on the Assad side, and Egypt don’t partecipate in Yemeni campaign. For this Saud refuse loans and oil to Al-Sisi, and Al-Sisi now buy oil from Iran

888mladen .

100% correct. Egypt is an Arab country with the largest Christian population. Syria and Egypt were one country a way back after the WWII. Egypt will never go to war with Syria.


I want to underline 3 things, only. Reconcile. Reconcile. Reconcile.

Wise move, and cant disagree with anything, strange days, hehe, no offense intended, but he was dead on the mark, and have, probably, I guess, seen the same as many others have, the truth.

Think about it, what if peace came to morrow, and 10 years from now, when Arabia rises, your race is and have been the record keepers, the teachers, the schools, for humanity since time immemorial. The Golden era, when everything exploded, science sky rocketed, why did it do that, because of peace, century’s of peace, we end up debating wars, we do, because of wars, but seldom peace. When entire regions, rise in trade and prosperity, and I know Islam is peace, where the search for knowledge is set in highest regard, the path to wisdom, an obligation, to honor our creator, to understand the created, and our role in it, as human begins. Again, God dont give an rats ass about Ferrari’s, neither do I, thats your money, not mine, but eventually, have no shame, it is inevitably how you got it, that matters, do you get it. Wealth isnt an sin, its how you use it that shows your true colors and stature of morale.

The noble Quran, is crystal clear, I highly recommend you to actually read the book, it may shock you to, hehe, to liberal, huh, and last, there is only one direction in Islam, just one, above them all, and nothing beside, the path of light in the Noble Quran. The teachings of the last prophet, foretold by Jesus/Issah 600 years earlier, denied by the church, but never the less true. I know Islam is back, the day I can travel to the holy places, not because I am an Muslim, but to behold the world that your prophet lived in, in respect, and by no means intending to interfere nor do or cause anything that would be an problem, I dont do that anyway, anywhere, anyplace. Islam must go back to its root, to be able to grow straight again.

But the ugly truth is, Arabs needs to start to realize the truth, UisisA and ISSIrael are the enemy of man. The future belongs to you, economically, it cant be worse than what it is right now, the only way forward is upward, and soon, even the sky isn’t an limit anymore, when there are foot prints on the moon.


Brother Ma

Israel wont be able to do shit if thise s200 keep gitting their planes.


Short version: Hey Saudi’s, memo to whoever comes out on top of your internal squabbles, we still expect your cash flows but that’s enough with the sectarian interference in Syria and Lebanon.

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