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Egypt Announces New Libya Ceasefire Plan After Collapse Of LNA Offensive On Tripoli

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Egypt Announces New Libya Ceasefire Plan After Collapse Of LNA Offensive On Tripoli

Click to see the full-size image. A map of possible avdance of Turkish-led forces on Sirte and Jufra

On June 6, Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi announced a new initiative for Libya proposing an elected leadership council and a ceasefire starting on June 8.

During the announcement, the Egyptian president was flanked by the commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA) Khalifa Haftar. LNA forces are now on retreat unders strikes of forces of the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA), which is directly supported by the Turkish military.

It’s highly likely that Turkey and its proxies will see a new peaceful initiative as a sign of weaknesses of the LNA and its backers. Therefore, it’s possible that GNA forces will try to capture the port city of Sirte and will back to negotiations only if this plan fails.


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Sisi did not get the proper order from naked uncle Sam.

Zionism = EVIL

Sisi is a Jew cunt and can’t even take a dump without Zionist masters and Americunt approval.


Egypt lost leadership of the Arab world when Nasser was gone. Now they’re just a US Zioterrorist subsidiary state, 100 million Egyptians are junior partners of the 6 million Rothschild neocolony in Palestine’s regional policy for the Middle East, and can’t even deal with a minority government in nearby Tripoli. What a joke Egypt is, Turks must be having a good laugh at their former vassals in Cairo.

Zionism = EVIL

It is refreshing to read a very astute comment. It boggles the mind to see the totally bizarre and cowardly Egyptian mindset or lack of it. It is sad to say the Arabs remain divided and tribal and unable to rise above their petty tinpot dictatorships and set a viable strategic vision for their people. Unless that happens they will remain enslaved to the Zionists, foreigners and even a declining imploding failed shithole like the Americunts.

Porc Halal

Egypt was a zionist colony when MB ruled the country…this means during that time Egypt was on the same side with US, turkey and israel…

Rhodium 10

Egypt like all Arab armies is a joke!…they can destroy GNA using the F-16, Apache helicopters and Abrams tanks…but like Saudi Army, Iraq army or Syrian army are unable to maintain a guerrilla war in time..a lot of training, special forces, tecnology and coordination is needed!

Zionism = EVIL

You are smart guy, on paper and demographics Egypt is far superior to the bankrupt Turkeys in manpower and modern weaponry. Turkeys are operating 1400 kms beyond their borders and if Egypt really had the willpower it would have been over by now. They have the most modern airfrorce in the region with SU-35, F-16, Rafale, Mirage 2000, you name it, Mistral helicopter carriers, modern frigates, but somehow no leadership or willpower. Then you wonder why 6 million ragged Zionists are enslaving 500 million Arabs, perhaps they deserve it.

Jamal Utr.

Egypt is no match for Turkey. In a war Turkey will not wage a direct war against Egypt’s army but just eliminate key-figures of the Egyptian regime who are strangling their people with terror and violence. In other words, a war against Turkey will cause a civil war in Egypt wich like will be won by the opponents of Turkey

Zionism = EVIL

All your points are valid, however, I may add that the key weakness in any Arab regime is their autocratic and archaic tribal nature. Sisi was openly put in power by CIA and Mossad after after overthrowing a popular elected government of Dr. Morsi and then killing him in jail. It is a failed state at war with its people so taking a stand against Turkey is out of the question. Turkey will no increase pressure by supporting the Muslim Brotherhood which is also supported by Qatar and has massive support within Egypt. Turkey does not need to invade Egypt outright, but just increase support for the opposition.

Marko Vlad

Putin ga e Erdogan a lot od space, both im Libya and Syria. The reason is gas Flow tbrough Turkey. Disguasting…

Jamal Utr.

Like your Russian homosexual has any choice in giving Turkey lot of space…his regularly ziondix-receiving ass will be roasted if he stands in the way. He begged for peace in Syria after few thousand PMC-rats and Assad monkeys were evaporated by Turkey and now he is running again in Libya when Turkey is putting some weight behind it’s actions. So nah, he isnt giving anyone space except himself.

Vladimir Merzliakov

Haftar got bloodly lesson not reject Putin peace plans in last moment.

Zionism = EVIL

The problem is that Russia is a hostage to both Egypt and Turkey. Sisi the faggot is pushing his own “peace plan” that calls for the withdrawal of the Turkeys and their headchopper mercenaries, and that will not float the goat fucker Erdogan’s boat as he is after Libyan oil and gas. Egypt and the Emirati rats are pretty much fucked as their options have really dwindled as the GNA is on the verge of controlling the whole coast and population centers. Without airports and control of cities, Haftar will have to parade in his Italian pimps “Field Marshal” uniform in the desert chewing on crab grass. The only unit that could fight effectively was the Wagner Group before they were withdrawn due to fear of rising casualties.


It would have been so easy. The LNA have first cleared the GNA held part in the desert. Then maybe Misrata and Garyan, but the push towards Tripolis without having the full manpower available was just a deadly move for the LNA. Because southern Tripolis became a stalemate, Turkey had enough time to supply and strengthen the GNA. The LNA should have made the same like the SAA in Syria.

Rest of the GNA held area=Jihadi pockets, Daraa.

They should have first cleared all GNA held areas around Tripolis to free up enough manpower, like the SAA did in 2018 when they cleared the Jihadi pockets to free up the needed manpower for Idlib, then they could have easily finished off the Jihadis in capital at the end.

cechas vodobenikov

Egypt possesses the largest military in the ME, and larger than Turkey….along with Greece, UAE and others they are become more alarmed by turkeys imperialism and encroachment in Arab nations—the only Arab nation that maintains amicable relations with turkey is Qatar…otherwise Turkey has poor relations with all neighbors—Armenia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Greece Iran —-their friendly relations with Azerbaijan and other Turkic republics are of little importance–none of these nations are in a position to help turkey…it will be interesting to observe how this progress in the next few years

Jamal Utr.

Where is your evidence that Bulgaria and Georgia have bad relations with Turkey…The relation with Iran is not very good, but not hostile either. So you’re talking bullshit. And you forgot that majority of people in Arab countries are not hostile to Turkey but in contrary majority are welcoming the Turks because they are well aware of the state their countries are in because of their zionist-led governments who are only serving jewish/american/french interests

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