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Egypt and France Carry Out Naval Drill As Show Of Force To Turkey

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Egypt and France Carry Out Naval Drill As Show Of Force To Turkey

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On July 25th, the Egyptian and French Navies held naval drills in the eastern Mediterranean, with the participation of the Egyptian Ghost frigate and French Ghost frigate (ACONIT).

In a statement, the Egyptian Armed Forces reported the following:

“The exercises included many training activities that focus on methods of organizing cooperation in the implementation of combat missions in the sea against hostile marine formations with the actual use of weapons in engagement with surface and air targets in addition to the implementation of confrontational battles, with the use of aircraft.”

The statement further said:

“The training showed the professionalism of the crews of ships in carrying out combat missions with accuracy and high efficiency, with a focus on common coordination points between all the common elements.”

It added that “these drills come in the framework of supporting the pillars of joint cooperation between the Egyptian and French armed forces, and identifying the latest fighting systems and methods in a manner that contributes to honing skills and combat and operational experiences and supporting efforts of maritime security, stability and peace in the Mediterranean.”

This is a show of force at a time when Egypt and France, alongside Greece and Cyprus are opposed to Turkey over its interference in Libya, but mostly due to the agreement it signed with Libya’s Government of National Accord.

The agreement allows Turkey to extract resources from Libya’s EEZ in the Mediterranean Sea.

In the face of the actions of Turkey, France and Egypt had a recent rethinking of their relations, which have apparently grown closer in the face of a “common enemy.”


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Zionism = EVIL

Drills only go so far, time for action.


Fake Photoshop girlfriend Egyptian style:))))
comment image
comment image


It looks fake and easy to detect, the Egyptians are really amateurish.

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

everybody is looking for the research vessel ” oruc reis ” which has gone missing since 21st july shortly after announcing drilling activity in the same area – erdie was praying in hagiasofya to have it found but no luck


Instead of Oruc Reis another oceanographic ship, the Barbaros, is sailing.


This is confirmed as fake news… yet South Fronth publishes it as if it worth anything. The Egyptian ship is obviously photoshopped in there!


Paris is run by a bunch of cowards. A few days ago Macron posted a couple of paragraphs in greek in “support of the Greeks”, during their latest scuffle with Ankara. That moron, in typical french fashion, tried to exite the Greeks to go ahead and fight Ankara ro satisfy France’s interests. Note: In 1919, in the ukrainian front of the USSR/Russian empire, 23 thousand Greeks went and fought against the Bolsheviks. They were led by a french Geerl and othe high-ranking french officers. In the end that General abandoned his post without even warning the thousands of greek troops under his command. I hope Egypt acts prudently and does not go after the Turks in haste.


Turkey, your days are counted!

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