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JUNE 2023

Egpytian Army Repells Large ISIS In Sinai Peninsula. 40 Terrorists Killed

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Egpytian Army Repells Large ISIS In Sinai Peninsula. 40 Terrorists Killed

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On Friday, ISIS units launched a major assault on an Egyptian army checkpoint south of Rafah city in the Sinai peninsula. The assault started with a number of VIBEDs attacks and was followed by an infantry assault aimed at capturing the area.

However, the army repelled the attack killing about 40 ISIS members and destroying  6 technical vehicles. 27 army soldiers were killed or wounded during the attack. Colonel Ahmed Mansi, commander of the “Shock troop” Battalion 103 was killed during the clashes.

The Egyptian Air Force responded with intensified air raids against ISIS terrorists in the area.

Egpytian Army Repells Large ISIS In Sinai Peninsula. 40 Terrorists Killed

Colonel Ahmed Mansi

This was the first large ISIS attack on Egyptian army checkpoints in Sinai since the ISIS attempt to take control over city of Shiek Zouied  in 2015. Hundreds of Egyptian army and police service members participating in anti-terrorist operations in the Sinai peninsula have been killed  since 2013.

Egpytian Army Repells Large ISIS In Sinai Peninsula. 40 Terrorists Killed

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So who pays ISIS to raise a little hell against Egypt–it’s an expensive hobby, right? Still Qatar?


I think it´s still Qatar, doing some final moves before all shuts down.


Thanks; I kinda suspected that but it never occurred to me in the context of their spat with the Saudis. Strange that none of the pundits seem to have brought it up either.


Why would Qatar do this?


Half of me says “just to raise some trouble because they don’t like it how Sisi is kissing Saudi ass”. The other half says “very good question, probably just too much money”.


I am hoping just to get at sisi, he is a real piece of shit it seems lol

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

US and Israel remember the Greater Yinon Plan only ones I know who benefit in that region , Qatar is just useful to blame . US/Israel supplies the weapons and treatment again starting to see the connection .


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So Rafa is very near the Israeli border , where are these “ISIS” troops coming from , Israel ?


IDF may have to move troops into Sinai to ‘protect’ Egypt for the next 1000 years.

Alex Black

ISIS egypt seems to be a different group of people from ISIS iraq. My guess this is a qatar effort to punish egypt for their involvement with saudis and israel

John Brown

ISIS never attacks its master Israel and is strongest closest to Israel. Israeli defense minister says IS apologized to Israel for November clash.

Translation ISIS apologized for accidently attacking its master. One does not apologize for attacking an enemy. Why doesn’t the Guardian talk about this??? http://www.timesofisrael.com/ex-defense-minister-says-is-apologized-to-israel-for-november-clash/ Moshe Ya’alon’s office refuses to elaborate after alluding to contact with terror group You won’t see this on our heavily censored Jewish owned media.This should be front page news and on every T.V. channel. Where are the sanctions and Toma Hawk cruise missile strikes on Israel for this?? They show this in Israeli media but if any media or politician in the Israeli occupied slave empire showed it or talked about it here they would be called racist, arrested etc. for talking about and reporting on the truth. Nothing beats a confession this time from the Israeli defense minister. Is there any doubt who the creators and masters of ISIS and Al Qaeda are??? Is the times of Israel and the Israeli minister of defense anti Jewish and against Israel for saying this??? http://russia-insider.com/en/just-some-photographs-israeli-soldiers-hanging-out-islamic-extremists-syria/ri19253 Just Some Photographs of Israeli Soldiers Hanging Out With Al-Qaeda in Syria https://www.rt.com/news/386027-isis-apologized-israel-golan To all Goyims on this board if you don’t already I suggest you study the Jewish Press – the ones based in Israel – in order to get a full understanding of what they the racist supremacist master Jewish race routinely plan in respect to the Stupid Goyim. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself. See below nothing beats the confession. In 100 Days, A New Jewish Elite Rises Under Trump Read more:http://forward.com/news/national/370369/in-100-days-a-new-jewish-elite-rises-under-trump/ It is where I get almost all my info. You’ll usually see them admitting things that would never make it into the American or Western media, like the Guardian and if you’re not up on the Zionist, Jewish, racist, supremacist, empire, their rantings of hatred and racism for all Goyim and bragging of their murdering millions and millions of Goyim and their total control of countries like the USA, Britain France, German etc. in their global empire it can be quite enlightening, Indeed


Tail sting of Qatari scorpion.

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