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JULY 2020

“Editorial Board Demands Blood”: Inside Look At How BBC Tries To Find Proof Of Russian Influence On Yellow Vest Protests


"Editorial Board Demands Blood": Inside Look At How BBC Tries To Find Proof Of Russian Influence On Yellow Vest Protests

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The UK’s BBC is struggling to prove the “story” that Russian influence is behind the “Yellow Vest” protests in France, RIA Novosti reported on December 16th.

The outlet posted screenshots of a conversation between a BBC correspondent, Olga Ivshina, and a stringer, covering the “Yellow Vest” protests on social media. Ivshina appears to be quite interested in the person she’s conversating with, more than anything attempting to “squeeze” some information that would lead to the conclusion that “Russia is behind the protests.”

"Editorial Board Demands Blood": Inside Look At How BBC Tries To Find Proof Of Russian Influence On Yellow Vest Protests

A screenshot of the conversation

“Maybe some Russian business is making big bucks on it?”

“Maybe they are eating cutlets out there en masse, for example?”

“Or maybe the far-rights are the main troublemakers?”

The conversion also continued, RIA reported:

“Is there a “National Front” on the streets of Paris [which is the former name of Marine Le Pen’s movement, now the National Rally], Ivshina asked. “And if you find these ultra-rightists, will they talk about Putin and Moscow?”

“Well, at least the Russians go to the protests, right?”

"Editorial Board Demands Blood": Inside Look At How BBC Tries To Find Proof Of Russian Influence On Yellow Vest Protests

A screenshot of the conversation

“Well you personally came to the protest, is that right?”

“I am a journalist.”

Clearly her quest to “uncover” information appeared to be unsuccessful after she had to even admit that the editorial board is desperate to find a lead:

"Editorial Board Demands Blood": Inside Look At How BBC Tries To Find Proof Of Russian Influence On Yellow Vest Protests

A screenshot of the conversation

“Yes, I’m searching for the angles))) The editorial board wants blood, yo)))”

Ria Novosti also recalled that the “Russian influence” story in the “Yellow Vest” protests began was started by Ukraine’s security service, the SBU. It claimed that the protests were organized under the guidance of Russia’s FSB security service and the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces.

Following the report, the RT asked BBC for a comment.

“As the French Foreign Minister had spoken publicly about media reports of a possible Russian influence in the protests, it was perfectly reasonable for our correspondent to raise the subject,” BBC answered. “However, in the end her reports made no mention of a possible connection with Russia at all. We stand by our impartial, independent journalism.”

Impartial and independent, as long as it forwards the narrative and deems a side “guilty” until proven “innocent.”

Furthermore, the BBC story and conduct appeared to have caught the attention of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

On December 17th, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Russia’s foreign ministry plans to turn to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) over media reports about BBC’s seeking to find evidence of Russia’s involvement in the ongoing protests in France.

“We will ask this question to international structures. Tomorrow we will refer a corresponding letter to the OSCE to draw its attention to that,” she said, adding that the actions of the BBC journalists are seen as an “absolutely appalling fact.

“It is the United Kingdom that keeps on saying that the Russian mass media, Russian television channels are indulging in propaganda but gives no facts to prove it, only saying that British public activists are filing complaints to Ofcom, a media regulator, and they have to react and reproach our mass media and journalists for alleged unprofessional behavior. Now I have a question to these British media regulators: what do they think about this compilation of facts journalists of their tele and radio companies are indulging in?”

Now it is not about double standards, it is not about politically motivated actions, it is about open propaganda. In this case, it is a flagrant compilation, an attempt to find puzzle pieces for a bigger picture. No doubt of that. Now we see how journalists of the BBC corporation work.”

She also noted that astounding sums of money were allocated in Brussels and the UK to counteract “Russian propaganda,” so why not invest a small part of that money in combating BBC’s propaganda?

Regarding the protests themselves, for the fifth Saturday in a row, the Yellow vest protesters took to the streets on December 15th. According to French authorities, approximately 33,500 protesters appeared nationwide, a drop from the 125,000 who mobilized the weekend before.

In Paris, officers fired rubber bullets and tear gas at the demonstrators, some of whom were alleged to have set vehicles on fire in the area. Police also used water cannons in an effort to dissipate the masses. There were around 3,000 protesters according to police, compared to about 10,000 in the previous week.

More than 1,700 people were apprehended by authorities for questioning, while 1,220 were taken into custody nationwide, according to figures from the Interior Ministry.

The protests were largely peaceful, however there were still 8,000 officers and 14 armored vehicles deployed in Paris, with 69,000 officers deployed nationwide in a show of Force.

The protests initially began against the increasing fuel prices, due to an increased fuel tax. However, they evolved into protests demanding for French President Emmanuel Macron to step down, in addition to demands  for lower taxes, better pensions, and easier university entry conditions.

In total, more than 900 people were injured and 8 have died, with the most recent one happening during the protests on December 16th.

On the day before the protests, the French president called for “calm.”

“Our country needs calm. It needs order. It needs to function normally again.”



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  • Winnie Eldrup


    • Val Shadowhawk

      LOL! Yup

  • Michael

    Where’s the beef? That’s what you do for a living when you are a branch of the MI6 and get paid by the exchequer of her Mayesty.

  • stary ujo

    BBC must to seek opposite side to JUESEJ ! Macron want Europen army and this is for racketering USA
    unthinkable ! All V4 prime ministers are problems from somebody…Soros gang !

  • John

    I have not paid much attention to the BBC of a very longtime. They stink.

  • Val Shadowhawk

    LOL! It’s those ‘pesky Russians’ again!

  • François

    Hello there, I’m French. If you look at the “Yellow Vest” official web site, you will see it was created in ….2017, in DENVER, Colorado, USA….Figure that ….
    More than 1 year before the events in Paris. This is very interesting to compare with British allegations. Most of the time GB is behind “coloured” revolutions, and even Jihadist Movements. Even if 80% of the French support yellow vest protests, the origin of these are undoubtly suspicious.

    • Hasbara Hunter

      Either way the Masses are getting Angry….Remember as long as you stay United peoples will form a strong Front…. Elitists always try to create Diversion, that is the way they Control the Sheeples….have’m fight eachother
      Divide et Impera…

    • Selbstdenker

      Denver, Colorado, where there is one of the biggest airports of the USA in the middle of nowhere, build by a private financier (Freemasons) and using the layout of the swastika. (look it up in google maps).

  • ColinNZ

    Ironically, if the yellow vests are angry because they now fully realise how much the population is getting shafted by their political/corporate/media elite……………… then ‘yes’, Russia should take some credit for helping expose that corruption.

  • Sinbad2

    The core issue is the western economies.
    Governments and the media have created a narrative that their economies are recovering and growing, but it’s a lie.

    The US UK and France are effectively bankrupt.
    These countries have used their military’s to solve their economic problems in the past.

  • hvaiallverden

    I am impressed, by the level of bullshit, this constant drivel about whom instigates what, is booring, and dont reflect anything other then what some people think is happening and I must underline people to be aware of just that, and usually, they are as in the demonstations in Paris unrests are run by the Police them selfs, and in this days of Brexit etc, everything is thrown in all directions to divert the case from what it initially is, an issue brewed over years, this didnt start a week ago, but have acumulated thru years, like the sad fact I see regarding whats the faith of the Catalans, witch is an much worse case, where the well pissers where pissing all over the place, and when some of us ripped heir bullshit to shreads, they never bothered to apologise after, and again, f….. I have been up against Gov and their whores for decades, I even wrote about the scam called Jews and what they are, Khazars years before they admitted iit, and most still dont even know, nor wants to know, they are the worst of them all.

    Yup, and again perspectives, I watched an smal fire, not larger than what I usually make when I am out door, smack in the middle on the cenrtal road in Paris an area I have been in my self, tiny f…. fire, photograped by virtually every god dammed TV staion as an prof of how horrific the situation was in centrum Paris, one tiny f….. fire, and where you had to drop on your knees to get the angle, you see it, they have to place the camra at the gound/asphalt to make it eh……. bigger, and this cheep tricks are also used by Russian sites, car burning, what, this happens probably all the time in Paris what is then so f…. spcecial about the issue at the moment, its to along with images of Cops attacking people, and their provos in the first line, that is what the MSM wants us to see, never ever forget that, in this, I can hald back my regards of the so called Russian sites, and just by reporting this events is now an clear sign of colution, by uh…. Putin.
    I though the Shitpal Saga was bad, this is even worse, its so lame that even in Norway the MSM knows this is way into the idiot propaganda we have seen lately, and when we dont belive jack shit, they whine even louder.

    Thanks BBC and others, uh…. British CONspiracy nutters, I am in awe, honest, I swear, cross my hart, hehe, I even may go fishing, this morons must be left alone, they are digging their own graves in an breath taking speed.
    Have an nice day, I certan will, yeah, maybe have an cake.
    Yeah, an Napoleon, just pity I cant eat the original at the moment, I have to go to France.


  • Hasbara Hunter


    • Sinbad2

      The BBC doesn’t really hide the fact that they are the leading British Government propaganda outlet, they are proud of it.

  • peter mcloughlin

    In is highly dangerous in these febrile times to interfere in the internal affairs of another nation: also to imagine or find expedient the alleged actions of some outside adversary.
    Such actions are helping lead the world to nuclear catastrophe. The lessons of history have not been learnt.

    • FlorianGeyer

      ” The lessons of history have not been learnt.”

      They rarely are and the malign alteration of facts in later years by the victors only compounds the lack of knowledge I think.