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Economic Warfare: U.S To Add Sanctions Against Nord Stream 2 To Defense Budget

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Economic Warfare: U.S To Add Sanctions Against Nord Stream 2 To Defense Budget

IMAGE: Ilya Pitalev/RIA Novosti

The Congress is planning to pass a defense policy bill will be the vehicle to stop the $11 billion Nord Stream 2 project to deliver natural gas to Europe via a new pipeline from Russia to Germany.

Defense News reports (source):

“Sanctions on companies involved in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline have been added to the draft 2020 National Defense Authorization Act, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Jim Risch told Defense News on the sidelines of the Halifax International Security Forum.

The inclusion of the sanctions in the bill is a strong sign, but House and Senate lawmakers have yet to reach a final deal on the massive bill.

“The reason for the push is that this window is closing. A lot of Nord Stream is done already,” said Risch, R-Idaho, adding he believes the sanctions will persuade the construction firms involved to stop work on the project.

“It will cost them dearly. I think if those sanctions pass [the companies] will shut down, and I think the Russians will have to look for another way to do this, if they can do this,” Risch said.”

The US adminnistration and its proxies argue that the  Nord Stream 2 pipeline will increase the dependence of Europe on cheap energy resources from Russia. So, Washington proposes the EU to buy higer-priced, but ‘more democratic’ LNG from the US. Under this pretext, the US is intervening into the internal affairs of European states and weaponizing the economy.


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Freedom Gas – Free’s you from the burden of your wallet.


That’s how every “hot war” begins. Americans crossed the point of no-return long time ago. I hope Russians will show no restrain nor mercy to the gang of brazen, arrogant cowboys who’ve been raping this planet for so many a year. The thing they truly deserve is singular: the annihilation.

Mehmet Aslanak

Merkel announced years ago that EU should no longer trust US, which is no longer a real democracy, but just a giant military-industrial-media complex, aka deep state, as Trump named them.


going down for the 3rd time.
they’ve been talking about sanctions since, at least march 2018.
no one is listening.
what a bunch of wankers these murikans are. lol

Peter Williams

Instead of “murikans”, you should adopt the anglo-australian “seppos” from “septic” rhyming slang for “septic tank” – “yank”. Far more appropriate!


Spaced out legislation.

King Cliff

The USA government can’t go around sanctioning everyone then they will be no one to sanction as it will become useless. Everytime you sanction a Nation or a Company they look to an alternative way to by pass such sanctions in the long terms it will be useles since almost every company from every nations is due to receive sanctions

Jim Bim

US Congress and government are the puppets and tools by the corporations.

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