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Economic War: U.S. Sanctions 39 Syrian Individuals, Entities

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Economic War: U.S. Sanctions 39 Syrian Individuals, Entities

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On June 17, the U.S. imposed sanctions on 39 Syrian individuals and entities, including President Bashar al-Assad, his wife Asma, his brother Mahir and his sister Bushra.

The new sanctions were imposed under the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act. The act, that was signed by President Donald Trump in December, became active today.

“Today we begin a sustained campaign of sanctions against the Assad regime under the Caesar Act, which authorizes severe economic sanctions to hold the Assad regime and its foreign enablers accountable for their brutal acts against the Syrian people … Many more sanctions will come until Assad and his regime stop their needless, brutal war and agree to a political solution as called for by UNSCR 2254,” U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, wrote on Twitter.

The U.S. Treasury listed the sanctioned individuals and entities as follows:

  • Bashar al-Assad
  • Asma al-Assad
  • Mahir al-Assad
  • Bushra al-Assad
  • Manal al-Assad
  • Rania Aldabbas
  • Samer al-Dana
  • Adel Anwar al-Olabi
  • Khaled al-Zubaidi
  • Ghassan Ali Bilal
  • Muhammad Hamcho
  • Sumaia Saber Hamcho
  • Ahmad Sabir Mohammed Hamcho
  • Ali Muhammad Hamcho
  • Amr Mohamed Hamcho
  • Nazir Ahmad Mohammed Jamaleddine
  • Nader Kalai
  • Al-Amar One-Person LLC
  • Apex Development and Projects LLC
  • Art House GMBH
  • Bunyan Damascus Private Joint Stocks Company
  • Castle Holding GMBH
  • Castle Investment Holding
  • Damascus Cham for Management LLC
  • Damascus Cham Holding Company
  • Ebla Hotel
  • 4th Division of the Syrian Arab Army
  • Fatemiyoun Division
  • Grand Town Tourist City
  • Kalai Industries
  • Mirza Company
  • Ramak Development and Humanitarian Projects LLC
  • Rawafed Damascus Private Joint Stocks Company
  • Tamayoz LLC
  • Telefocus Consultation INC
  • Telefocus SAL Offshore
  • Timeet Trading LLC
  • Wings Private JSC
  • Zubaidi and Qalei LLC

A diplomatic source in Syria’s Foreign Ministry said the new sanctions are a violation of international laws, adding that U.S. officials have “went down to touch the behavior of gangs and highway robbers.”

“The US administration talking about human rights in Syria exceeds the ugliest forms of lies and hypocrisy as embodied in its policy of supporting terrorism that shed the blood of the Syrians and destroyed their achievements,” the Syrian Arab News Agency quoted the source, as saying.

U.S. officials vowed that more sanctions will be imposed on Syria and any side that would provide it with aid in the upcoming few days.

The sanctions have a harsh impact on Syria’s economy. The Syrian Pound has fallen to an unrepresented low rate. The U.S. economic war on Syria are aimed at turning the country into the area of a humanitarian catastrophe.


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Does Putin get it? Most likely he’ll still be sending emissaries to negotiate with “our Western partners” over this or any geopolitical focus point. Looks like Russia/China don’t have enough military/economic power and will to counter nefarious US-led Zioterrorist geopolitical machinations and malfeasance without starting WW3 and blahblahblah, with each camp justifying their bullshit by fake “opposing” the other.

Fog of War

” Looks like Russia/China don’t have enough military/economic power and will to counter nefarious US-led Zioterrorist geopolitical machinations and malfeasance ”

Yes they do, they just dont use it for some reason. If China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Yemen , Venezuela, and other various countries abused by the ZioWest , joined together in a common block, and clearly stated to the world that game is up for ZioAmerica and any nation allied to it militarily, while telling the US to ” fire its guns ” or f*ck off. I guarantee that NATO countries would hurry home fearing total destruction while the US would have its bluff called and wouldn’t do anything. For example, Russia could destroy Europe just by shutting the oil deliveries off.

However, as you’ve stated, alot of the ” conflict ” in the world seems to be theater .


Ohh if you guarantee that NATO countries will hurry home, what is Putin waiting for? What else could convince him other than your guarantee!

Fog of War

Thats a silly reply, not worth further thought.


Well at least you tried

Lazy Gamer

US is proceeding in any issue from the perspective of a hegemon. There is a consistency to its methods which is to destabilize everything around it or its interests. Russia is approaching any issue from a multi polar perspective, thus the results in its policy are more flexible, and as fine as a thread, and is characterized by lots of trading. China on the other hand is content sucking on dollars so it does not tread far.

Thomas Simeon

What’s the use? The dollar is now worthless worldwide. Syria should focus on China to help bring development in. The U.S. are only good at death.

Ivan Freely

IIRC, China is already there in reconstruction projects.

Fog of War

” The dollar is now worthless worldwide. ”

Would you care to give me whatever ” worthless ” dollars you have in your possession ?


Yeah I bust my ass for those green pieces of paper, thank you for opening my eyes they are worthless.

Assad must stay

Somebody should sanction the usa even harder on a daily basis

Tommy Jensen

Im sanction McDonalds every day.


Aliens, God, Cthulhu maybe?


there is no reason the Syrians, Iranians, Chinese, Russians etc should be reliant in any way on the Western banking system. The US is hostile, that’s not going to change. Yes we all know it’s wrong. Iran can supply the oil. Russia and China can supply food and medicine. Trade amongst one another. There should be nothing you really need from the West, Russia and China can manufacture pretty much anything these days outside of some of the advanced oil drilling equipment that Syria wouldn’t even need anyway. I’m sure no one in the Assad family was crazy enough to have actually physical assets in the US or Europe for them to seize anyway


Good, let them choke like their Iranian friends.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

It’s a simple blackmail, they want Assad to tell Iran to get out of Syria or else, and of course they’re only doing it to keep Israel happy, it’s nothing more and nothing less, it’s really simple.
But it’s probably all for nothing, I’ve been reading Iranian news intently for a few month now and I think Iran’s just about to go under.
For a while Iran was publishing good news stories that weren’t really good news stories at all, but now there’s only more bad news after more bad news, there’s no more good news at all, so get ready people, especially the pro Iranian supporters, I think bad news is on the way.

Assad must stay

What bad news?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

For me it won’t be bad news at all, I actually think it’ll be good news, for a lot of other it won’t be though.
I think Iran’s going to start pulling it’s forces out of Syria and some other places very soon, their economy is in tatters now and getting worse every day, they’re spending 4 times as much as their making now, they have a lot of money in the bank [580 bill reserve] but they don’t want to spend that if they don’t have to, and the quickest and easiest way for them to save money now is to cut funding for the militias.

This is a official Iranian government website, checkout what they have to say every day to get an idea for yourself, don’t just check once, check every day for a few weeks, and if you can go back to look for articles over the last few weeks, it’s been very interesting reading.


Assad must stay

Yea right bullshit they’re improving everyday , if that’s good news for you then you are a ZIO!!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I do want Iran to get out of Syria that’s correct, but that doesn’t make me a Zionist or even pro Israel for that matter, I just want what’s best for Syria and the people who live there, and most of them are saying they want Iran to leave now.
Assad locked up his own cousin a while ago and confiscated most of his funds but didn’t tell us the real reasons why, but if you check out all of Rami Malouf’s business dealing with Iran during the last 2 years you may begin to understand why Assad did what he did. In particular the telecommunication deal he was trying to setup with Iran, that even turned the Russians off Rami, he used to be their golden boy too right up to the point he proposed that deal, but he’s not Russia’s golden boy anymore, or Assad’s.
Iran’s bleeding Syria dry economically trying to recover money they’ve invested during the war, but no other countries will help Syria while Iran’s building missile bases there, but if Iran moved out all sanctions would be dropped, Syria could start making money again and Syria could easily repay Iran.
I’m not a Zionist or even pro Israel, just sensible and practical, which is something a religious controlled government like Iran never is, they’re religious zealots who only obey the Koran, logic is secondary to the Koran.
China would love to start reinvesting in Syria but they can’t while there’s still the threat of a Iranian Israeli war, and neither can anyone else [even Russia], even those countries brave enough to oppose US sanctions won’t while there’s a threat of even more war.
We need to start rebuilding Syria, not continue destroying it.

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