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Economic War: U.S. Sanctions 39 Syrian Individuals, Entities


Economic War: U.S. Sanctions 39 Syrian Individuals, Entities

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On June 17, the U.S. imposed sanctions on 39 Syrian individuals and entities, including President Bashar al-Assad, his wife Asma, his brother Mahir and his sister Bushra.

The new sanctions were imposed under the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act. The act, that was signed by President Donald Trump in December, became active today.

“Today we begin a sustained campaign of sanctions against the Assad regime under the Caesar Act, which authorizes severe economic sanctions to hold the Assad regime and its foreign enablers accountable for their brutal acts against the Syrian people … Many more sanctions will come until Assad and his regime stop their needless, brutal war and agree to a political solution as called for by UNSCR 2254,” U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, wrote on Twitter.

The U.S. Treasury listed the sanctioned individuals and entities as follows:

  • Bashar al-Assad
  • Asma al-Assad
  • Mahir al-Assad
  • Bushra al-Assad
  • Manal al-Assad
  • Rania Aldabbas
  • Samer al-Dana
  • Adel Anwar al-Olabi
  • Khaled al-Zubaidi
  • Ghassan Ali Bilal
  • Muhammad Hamcho
  • Sumaia Saber Hamcho
  • Ahmad Sabir Mohammed Hamcho
  • Ali Muhammad Hamcho
  • Amr Mohamed Hamcho
  • Nazir Ahmad Mohammed Jamaleddine
  • Nader Kalai
  • Al-Amar One-Person LLC
  • Apex Development and Projects LLC
  • Art House GMBH
  • Bunyan Damascus Private Joint Stocks Company
  • Castle Holding GMBH
  • Castle Investment Holding
  • Damascus Cham for Management LLC
  • Damascus Cham Holding Company
  • Ebla Hotel
  • 4th Division of the Syrian Arab Army
  • Fatemiyoun Division
  • Grand Town Tourist City
  • Kalai Industries
  • Mirza Company
  • Ramak Development and Humanitarian Projects LLC
  • Rawafed Damascus Private Joint Stocks Company
  • Tamayoz LLC
  • Telefocus Consultation INC
  • Telefocus SAL Offshore
  • Timeet Trading LLC
  • Wings Private JSC
  • Zubaidi and Qalei LLC

A diplomatic source in Syria’s Foreign Ministry said the new sanctions are a violation of international laws, adding that U.S. officials have “went down to touch the behavior of gangs and highway robbers.”

“The US administration talking about human rights in Syria exceeds the ugliest forms of lies and hypocrisy as embodied in its policy of supporting terrorism that shed the blood of the Syrians and destroyed their achievements,” the Syrian Arab News Agency quoted the source, as saying.

U.S. officials vowed that more sanctions will be imposed on Syria and any side that would provide it with aid in the upcoming few days.

The sanctions have a harsh impact on Syria’s economy. The Syrian Pound has fallen to an unrepresented low rate. The U.S. economic war on Syria are aimed at turning the country into the area of a humanitarian catastrophe.




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