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JUNE 2021

Economic support for Slovenia and Croatia from the EU

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Due to the overwhelming influx of refugees trying to reach Germany mainly, the EU will help both transit countries.

Economic support for Slovenia and Croatia from the EU

Police form a line in front of refugees at the railway station in Tovarnik, Croatia.

The EU has approved the emergency funding of 10.17 million euros to help Slovenia handling the sudden and overwhelming influx of migrants and refugees to its territory. Croatia will receive 16.43 million as well from Brussels.

The money will be used for improving the conditions of provisional hosting of asylum-seekers in Slovenia since the imminent coming of winter and also it will be used to help finance policing of its border with Croatia.

Since Hungary closed its southern border to refugees, the influx of migrants trying to reach Western Europe through Slovenia has increased dramatically. Considering the Balkan country is actually tiny, its capacity to deal with the situation is pretty limited.

Aid is also coming from volunteer organizations in the transit countries like Doctors without Borders and the UN refugee agency.

On October, members of the EU and the Balkan countries agreed a 17 steps plan to share liabilities regarding the biggest migration and refugee crisis since World War II.

Written by Lisbeth Mechter

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