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Echo Of Karabakh War: Three Killed In Mine Explosion In Azerbaijani Kalbajar Region

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Echo Of Karabakh War: Three Killed In Mine Explosion In Azerbaijani Kalbajar Region

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On June 4, private media outlet in Azerbaijan, Trend News Agency, reported that three people were killed and four people were wounded as a result of the mine explosion in Azerbaijan’s Kalbajar district.

According to a joint statement made by the Azerbaijani Prosecutor’s General Office and the Interior Ministry, a car with employees of TV channels and news agencies sent to Kalbajar district to carry out their official duties hit a mine in the direction of Susuzlug village of Kalbajar district.

Two Azerbaijani journalists and a local official were the victims of the explosion.

“As a result of a mine explosion, AzTV videographer Siraj Abishov and correspondent of AzerTAj news agency Maharram Ibrahimov were killed in the line of duty. We express our condolences to the families of the victims,” Azerbaijani state television AzTV reported.

Tn killed official of Kalbajar executive authorities was identified as Arif Aliyev.

Echo Of Karabakh War: Three Killed In Mine Explosion In Azerbaijani Kalbajar Region

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Under the terms of the agreement that ended the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh War, most of the district came under Azerbaijani control. However, disputes over the border line continue.

Military provocations are reported by Armenia and Azerbaijan on a regular basis.

On May 31, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan claimed the interception of an UAV of the Armenian Armed Forces in the same Kalbajar border region. The drone interception took place days after 6 Armenian soldiers were taken prisoner by Azerbaijani troops in Kalbajar province.

Prior to this, Azerbaijani forces crossed the border in Syunik province, claiming that the Sev Lake that was divided between Armenia and Azerbaijan belongs to their country.

The tensions have recently grown in Nagorno-Karabakh border regions with casualties reported both as a result of accidents and military provocations.


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I do want to see some dead fuking Zion dogs tbh but it is very unlikely for them to fight. They might send some rockets at each others but that would be it…remember last time Azer invaded Armenia when Trump was getting cucked…Biden is also a bitch but this time the US would join in and take a side.

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