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Eastern Ukraine: Smoldering Conflict Almost Turns Into Full-Fledged European War

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Eastern Ukraine: Smoldering Conflict Almost Turns Into Full-Fledged European War

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Eastern Ukraine: Smoldering Conflict Almost Turns Into Full-Fledged European War

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Eastern Ukraine: Smoldering Conflict Almost Turns Into Full-Fledged European War
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On October 26, the Armed Forces of Ukraine (UAF) attacked an artillery crew of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) militia using the Turkish-made UAV Bayraktar TB2. As a result one soldier was killed and a new stage of active hostilities in the east of Ukraine was outlined.

According to the Ukrainian officials, the order to use the UAV was given by the UAF commander, Lieutenant General Valerii Zaluzhnyi, in response to barrage from the DPR militia. Apparently, the deployment of UAVs by the Ukrainian side will become a regular practice from now on, especially, because the DPR and LPR forces have no means to counter them.

The attack was carried out with the high-precision MAM-L short-range munition at its effective range of 13 km. Alarmingly, a newer MAM-T model of munition may be also used against the DPR militia in the coming future, enabling the UAF to attack the territories without crossing the front line.

Eastern Ukraine: Smoldering Conflict Almost Turns Into Full-Fledged European War

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On the same day, the Ukrainian army reportedly advanced and took control over the village of Staromaryevka, located in the “gray” zone (buffer zone). On October 27, there were reports that the village had been recaptured by the militia, however, this statement was later denied, and as for today, without any confirmation, DPR military correspondents proclaimed once again their control over the village.

The battle ensued in the area, and the neighboring villages of Novomarievka and Telmanovo were also under fire. The Ukrainian armed forces used 122-mm artillery and 82- and 120-mm mortars. Numerous injuries and damages were recorded. In Telmanovo 12 transformer substations were destroyed, a hospital, a school, a boiler house, and over 350 civilians were left without electricity. The local water utility was also hit by the one of the shells.

On October 28, in the DPR direction, the village of Yakovlevka in the Yasinovatskiy district and the town of Dokuchaievsk came under fire by 120 mm mortars and grenade launchers.

In the LPR, the settlements of Pryshyb, Smeloe, and Golubivske were fired on with 120 mm mortars, grenade launchers and small arms from the Ukrainian side, and at least one Ukrainian truck near Kryakivka was destroyed by crossfire of the militia.

Eastern Ukraine: Smoldering Conflict Almost Turns Into Full-Fledged European War

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According to the latest reports, trains loaded with hundreds of tanks and other military equipment were spotted heading towards the Ukrainian border on October 28th in Russia. Apparently, the Russian side is concentrating its forces near the Ukrainian border in order to prevent any provocations and aggression.

The attempts to peacefully resolve the conflict in Donbas within the framework of the Minsk agreements have failed. From now on, the situation will be aggravated by the constant presence of Turkish drones launched through the network of repeaters. This network, deployed under the protection of Ukrainian air defense, will embrace the territory within a radius of 300 km. Even if the militia forces find out a way to take down UAVs, the Ukrainian side will have a suitable excuse for speculation in case of a drone being destroyed over Ukrainian territory, because of the long range of fire of the latter.

Ukraine is currently drawing Russia into hostilities under the terms favorable to Ukraine and its Western handlers. The Kiev regime pursues the following aims: to destabilize the overall situation near Russia’s western borders and to distract the attention of Ukrainian citizens from the problems associated with the energy crisis on the eve of a cold winter.

The current developments have an extremely troubling context. Many European and American politicians make aggressive claims to Russia, and Russian official discourse also drifts towards a military solution to the conflict.

Poland, as a NATO member, is strengthening its garrisons on the border with Belarus, and the Ukrainian army is being put on alert. Now any high-profile incident in the de-escalation zone, especially in case of human casualties, would lead to a full-scale military conflict.

Eastern Ukraine: Smoldering Conflict Almost Turns Into Full-Fledged European War

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The following short-term consequences could be expected. A major assault by the Ukrainian army is capable of suppressing the resistance of the DPR and LPR militias. Russia may be forced to interfere in the conflict in order to prevent mass civilian casualties in Donbass and the emergence of refugees flow. NATO would perceive this as a Russian aggression. Poland would start invading the territory of Belarus; therefore, the zone of military actions would extend from the Sea of Azov to the Baltic Sea.

Any inquisitive mind wonders why this conflict is still going on, and why it would be allowed to instigate almost the whole Eastern Europe. However, it should be taken into account that no one cares about the lives and interests of the European nations, including the Ukrainians. The only winners in the war in Ukraine are the Euro-Atlantic elites and even China as they are all interested in expanding their influence on Russia weakened by military conflicts and taking control over its natural resources. In its turn, Europe would only get a huge zone of instability near its eastern borders in case of any scenarios, whether Russia wins or loses the upcoming conflict. Regardless of where the new state borders will lay, whether by the Dnieper or the Don Rivers.


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jens holm

TYypical Russian or Belarus propaganda . There is not a single line in the whoel west about it.

What the reason this time Mr Putin. Is it Moscow also is in Covid lockdown or what?

No free elections, the peace price, Navalnev.

NO WAR. Its just the ones figthing against war, and the wrong ones die too:(

Some pinquin not far from Falkland Islands got new glasses or what :)

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

Time to lay off the LSD jens.
Its bad for you…

jens holm

Thats not a comment. It might help you if You used Your toothbrush in Your behind too.

No sign of any war in medias around the world I follow every day.

Russians wil defend themself with Armatas too.

homogenized jens

I am lost child on milk carton where all nutrients removed–my brain completely pasteurized


You are such a Stupid Whore Jen’s the other problem is your mother was a bigger Whore 😂😂😂

Basement Dweller Slayer

Idiot commenter!


Tell your NATO masters to send some other troll, you are retarded and idiotic beyond belief.


Not propaganda but analysis with flows. I see no reason Poland attacking Belarus, also no reason Russia attacking Ukropistan. Baltic states depends on electricity from Russia going through Belarus. Ukropistan marching on Novorossiya when winter is coming would be suicide decision. Time && weather are on Russia side, so Russia has no reason to send troops into conflict. Civilian exodus in case of Ukrop attack, silly argument. Those who fled, fled. The one that remained will certainly prepare another Debalceve for ukropnazis.

Basement Dweller Slayer

You don’t make sense here.


Your Mittyeaque grasp of international news and affairs borders on the infantile, your purile grasp of the English language suggests that you’re unable to understand the written word and you substitute your own thoughts and fantasies for the truth whenever the occasion arises…..pure imagination and delusion.

sigmund Freud

battery acid recommended to treat your mental illness

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

Ukropnazis will lose again as usual.
Meanwhile they will run out of oil and gas in weeks.
Iz will be a very long winter for them.
Lets see how much uncle SAM loves them…
Free Freedom gas…lolz…

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

Ukropnazis will cry and rage 🤗

AM Hants

That’s all they have been doing since the fall of the Soviet Union, and blaming it all on Russia.

Arch Bungle

Another white man’s war to destroy the world again.

WW 1 – white man’s war to destroy the entire world
WW 2 – white man’s war to destroy the entire world
WW 3 – ??

If the white man wants another world war , I hope he keeps it within the boundaries of Europe, the US and Slavia.

Keep us native people out of it. We’re tired of your shitty wars, whitey!

Last edited 29 days ago by Arch Bungle

Japanese are white huh? No one wants the entire world, but too many governments get involved in conflicts that have nothing to do with them.

Arch Bungle

The white man was balls deep in Japan since Perry showed up with his gunships and forced the Japanese to militarise and form an empire.

If the white man had kept away from Japan they would have remained in self isolation as the emperor decreed.

Wish you gringos would stay out of lands and keep your greedy hands to yourselves.

Last edited 29 days ago by Arch Bungle

dpr gets basically no support from russia meaning it will not hold and that will make ukraine bolder and if this is how russia plays than why did they had all this dpr propaganda running trying to legitimize this tiny entity when it cant even hold its own and neither gets support enough to do so the war in the north is so obvious its made by russian shortcoming

AM Hants

They said that back in 2014 and yet those cauldrons that the DPR set up were pretty impressive. Even got old Merkel, galloping to Russia, begging the President to help get those NATO kiddies out of the cauldrons, now didn’t she?


At least we know why Nuland went to Moscow recently, obviously to deliver an ultimatum.

AM Hants

They might have entertained Nuland, but, she was in no position to be demanding anything from Russia. So what was she begging for?

Poko Molo Lie Factory

This time, Nuland will deliver aid bagels to the Ukie Zio-tools paid by Uncle Shlomo and Ukie oligarch Kolomoisty, the guy with 5 different passports. Then you have Zio-prez clown Zelensky on the hot-line with Jerry Seinfeld, his political consigliere asking for advice on how to proceed militarily.


Russia will need to step up it’s support for the DPR/LPR, especially by giving them more AD systems and counter-artillery radars. Also the claim about Poland attacking Belarus is laughable, simply never going to happen in any potential scenario. They don’t even have the strength to anyway, and they know it.


Would be nice to see a few of the perpetrators rounded-up and used as an example.


It only took them about 5 years to rebuild their defeated army and buy new shiny toys. In Syria the Turkish drones were not that hard to down. I don’t think that should be a big problem in Donbas too. Only one to down should be enough. The rest will never be used again. Ukraine has simply no money for any kind of military adventures. They are and will remain a broken country.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

The drones have to be neutralized. If the munitions being deployed have a 13km range then MANPADS with longer ranges need to be supplied to pro-Autonomy forces.

Australia is a Zio police state

The so called “Ukraine” shouldn’t exist outside of the Chernobyl exclusion zone.


tb2 is garbage. Easy work for the Pantsir of Buk AD systems.

Peppe il Sicario

Turkey is now threatening to cut off the Bosphoros to spite Russia, obviously ordered by Merdogan’s boss on the Potomac. Anyone who still believes that the Turkish wannabe Sultan of Donkey Dung is an independent albeit loose cannon trying to carve a Super Power role for Turkey is illuding himself. He’s a puppet of the Zionist-Anglo-American alliance working against Russian and Chinese interests only. They supply the military hardware and technology, he supplies the ignorant Wahabbi scum to fight their wars.


Time for Russia to help liberate Novorossiya and all lands east of the Dnepr river!

AM Hants

Used to read similar, back in 2014, when everybody wrote of Eastern Ukraine, when the Forces were mainly farmers and miners. Major error, as memories of the cauldrons come back. Since then, the Forces of Donbass have only got stronger. Wish them luck.

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