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Eastern Ukraine On Brink Of New Attempt Of Kiev Forces’ Offensive

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Eastern Ukraine On Brink Of New Attempt Of Kiev Forces' Offensive

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The situation in eastern Ukraine continues to escalate due to aggressive actions of the Kiev regime. Over the past weeks, Kiev forces have been continuously increasing the rate and intensity of artillery strikes and attacks on positions of self-defense forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR).

These actions triggered a series of clashes between pro-Kiev forces and DPR/LPR self-defense units. In several cases, DPR and LPR responded with counter-battery fire and other active actions to neutralize the aggressors. At the same time, local sources report that the scale of violations by pro-Kiev forces are unprecedented for the recent months and local self-defense units still respond to ceasefire violations not enough (because they respect the ceasefire regime).

A brief overview of the recent developments:

  • On March 5, three DPR service members were killed by UAF artillery fire
  • On March 6, artillery of the DPR/LPR forces targeted UAF positions near Vodiane
  • On March 6, the DPR/LPR forces targeted positions of the UAF forces by grenade launchers near Pavlopil
  • On March 4, Russian president’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov stated the Ukrainian side should remain a supporter of the Minsk agreements, and expressed “concern” about the rising tension along the contact line in the Donbass

Meanwhile, several reports appeared that the Kiev regime is deploying additional units of heavy weapons and military equipment to the contact line. These reports are in fact confirmed by OSCE reports. The OSCE SMM reported that for about a week the 19 T-72 battle tanks, 64 T-64 battle tanks, and over 100 units of artillery systems ‘disappeared’ from storage sites of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. These equipment and weapons are in fact being moved to the contact line, according to DPR and LPR sources.

Another sign of the nearing escalation is the increasing censorship campaign inside Ukraine itself (the Kiev regime openly bans and persecutes political opponents and opposition media), mainstream media and on mainstream social media platforms.

Just recently, Facebook banned an article of the pro-opposition Russian news website, RBC, that was quoting a report of the Russian Federal Security Service regarding the detention of a cell of radicals linked to the Ukrainian neo-Nazi radical group “MKU”. Facebook used claims of ‘Ukrainian experts’ that alleged that the cell has no links to Ukraine to censor information. These claims of ‘media specialists’ receiving funding from various US- and EU-funded propaganda structures go contrary to the investigation of the Russian security service.

This is one of multiple examples of blatant censorship on mainstream social media platforms. The new wave of bans and limitation of the audience’s access to vestiges of independent sources of coverage remaining on these platforms may highlight the preparations of these platforms for some important developments.


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Hasbara Hunter


Kenny Jones ™

Forget the Dnieper, let’s go till the Polish border!

Vladimir Merzliakov

If only Lvov will transfered to Poland and all curent ukruinians will pass denazification check and political right limitations.


why the fuck would Lvov be transferred to Polish rats?! the only thing “transferred”, could be Russian nukes.


Because Lwow is the only real ‘ukrainian’ city, they are nothing but polonized Ruthenians. They spread that virus from Lwow called ‘ukraine nation’ on russian lands for centuries supported by Poles, Vatican, Austrians, Germans and now Yankees.


Soo? It should be transferred to Polish because there are only Ukrainians there?! Ukraine can exist very well even smaller with its Western borders not changed ! Germany was less then half after WW2 so why not Ukraine?!? It will still be bigger than many European countries.


“Ukraine” should not exist at all. “Ukrainians” do not exist, entirely fake and fabricated nation whose only purpose is to be against Russia. Those in Lwow are basically Poles in all but name, the rest of “Ukaine” is occupied/infested russian land, including Kiev.


“Ukraine should not exist at all” But now it does exist thanks to the communists, who did their part in splitting of the Russians from their identity. So I don’t agree. Plenty of (Slav) Ukrainians are not Russian Orthodox and don’ see themselves as Russians.

” Those in Lwow are basically Poles in all but name”

…and who the hell are you to tell them who they are? If they want to be Ukrainians , how does that concern you?!! No point in forcing back some people who dislike being Russians or being part of the Russia. So, we agree to disagree I suppose.


And who the hell are you and how any of this concern you? Except your obvious need to argue with everyone and troll everything here all the time, desperately seeking attention, asking stupid questions like some kind of inquisitor, then go berserk when you don’t like the answers. I’m not telling them anything (unless you are one of them), I’m answering your nonsensical questions, explaining you something you obviously don’t know, but above all – I’m telling the truth to those who want to listen. Those who don’t – I don’t really give a fck. No one forcing them to be Russians – they are forcing Russians to be Ukrainians, that’s the whole point here. Something you obviously can’t comprehend.


It does “concern” me because I want good things happening to Russia. having back those rats is not good idea at all…

why would I be “seeking attention” from NOBODY like you?!! I don’t even read your comments and this is probably 1st and last time I talk to you! I know all that you try to “explain” but you don’t hear my point because you are blabbing your mouth like parrot. It is very bad idea that those rats are ever again part of Russia! Good bye !


I couldn’t care less what NOBODY like you wants (a brain probably), whether do you read my comments (you can’t intelligently reply anyway), I really don’t care for your entire miserable existence to be honest…. no one does. It is probably the first time because I usually don’t waste my time on you or Jens or similar trolls, there’s no point throwing pearls before swine…


what “pearls” ?! you even use my words to say something.. first you say: they are nothing but polonized Ruthenians/Galicians. than you say: Those in Lwow are basically Poles in all but name So first they are not Poles than in the next comment you declare them Poles! and on top you want to label me of “changing narrative ” ?!

Harry Smith

Ukraine has to be reduced to the Chernobyl exclusion zone. All Ukrops must be forced to the new Ukraine.


Hopefully they can find a way to bomb, encircle and annihilate the attacking forces in the area which they are attacking in (that is, not needing to push too much into Ukraine). This will keep the ball in USA/Ukro hands to escalate. Russia can escalate in a very asymmetric matter – but it would be better the Ukros make their mistake first.

cechas vodobenikov

ukie nazis encouraged by CIA dildos…essence of time brigade embarrassed you before, tomorrow varya, smert will


Take Mariuopol and as much the Azov and Black Sea coastline in case of future conflict.


That must be number one target in future.


Deny NATO any ports of call.

Assad must stay

Have no doubt russian side will.win

The Objective

Have no doubt, Russia’s side will lose. They lost from Libya to Syria and Nargorno-Kharabakh. What makes you think they’ll win in Ukraine.


Russia destroyed Ukrainian mechanized battalions in a matter of few minutes.

The Russian Artillery Strike That Spooked The U.S. Army

In the second week of July 2014, elements of four brigades of the Ukrainian Army Ground Forces were assembling near the village of Zelenopillya, along a highway leading north to the city of Luhansk, Ukraine. They were deploying along the border with Russia as part of an operation to cut the lines of supply to paramilitary forces of the separatist Luhansk People’s Republic operating in the Luhansk Oblast.

A combined Ukrainian Army and police operation in May and June had achieved considerable success against the Separatist forces and the government of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko had declared a unilateral cease-fire in late June. Ukrainian forces resumed the offensive at the beginning of July and fighting broke out around the Luhansk International Airport on 9 July

At about 0430 on the morning of 11 July, a column of battalions from the Ukrainian 24th and 72nd Mechanized Brigades and 79th Airmobile Brigade was struck with an intense artillery barrage near Zelenopillya. The attack lasted only three minutes or so, but imagery posted online of the alleged aftermath reported a scene of devastation and scores of burned out vehicles (see below). Ukraine’s Defense Ministry admitted to 19 killed and 93 wounded in the attack, though other sources claimed up to 36 fatalities. No figures were released on the number of vehicles lost, but a survivor reported on social media that a battalion of the 79th Airmobile Brigade had been almost entirely destroyed.



CAPT. HARRISON “BRANDON” MORGAN Tuesday, January 22, 2019

On July 11, 2014, battalions from Ukraine’s 24th and 72nd Mechanized Brigades assembled outside of the town of Zelenopillya, located about 5 miles from the Russian border. Having achieved success against the Russian-led separatist forces in the breakaway oblasts of Donetsk and Luhansk (the Donbass) over the previous two months, they were assembling before what was planned to be a final push to the border to cut off the supply lines of the paramilitary forces from their Russian sponsors.

Return of the King

Previous Dispatches From the Modern War Institute columns have examined the threat posed by Russian electronic warfare and cyber capabilities. This one takes a deeper look at the major casualty-producing system those capabilities support: artillery. While artillery was not a major casualty producer during the First Gulf War or the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, it caused roughly 80 percent of the casualties in the Donbass in 2014, signifying the return of the “King of Battle.”

Russia’s investments in artillery have given them a tactical supremacy over the United States. Advantages in indirect fires can be broken down into three basic categories: firepower/range, responsiveness and culture.


While the U.S. Army remains fixed on 155 mm cannon artillery with a maximum range upward of 22 kilometers, the Russian army has begun reactivating its heavy artillery forces, beginning with its 2S7 Pion, mounting an impressive 203 mm round with a maximum range of 37.5 km. The Russian army is also in the midst of reactivating its 2S4 Tyulpan heavy mortar, with an Earth-shattering 240 mm projectile capable of ranging targets at 9,650 meters (and up to 20 km with special munitions), making the U.S. 120 mm mortar look rather small in comparison.

While some critics may point to a relatively slower rate of fire for heavy artillery and mortars, the enormous power of these munitions, massed with multiple systems, can mimic the destructive effects of close-air support, as demonstrated with devastating results against Ukraine’s Luhansk International Airport in 2014. In addition to the sheer power of these systems, Russian forces will surely use their long-range standoff to wreak havoc on U.S. forces whose artillery would remain severely outranged.


What started as a fairly normal day soon took an unexpected turn. It started with the buzzing of Russian unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) overhead and cyberattacks against Ukrainian command, control and communications systems. The Russians then launched an attack consisting of short-range BM-21 Grad multiple launch rocket system rockets from across the border. The attack lasted only two or three minutes, but it was immensely destructive to the Ukrainian forces. The attack destroyed most of the armored vehicles, killed at least 30 soldiers and wounded hundreds more. The attack left the Ukrainian forces decimated and demoralized, and represented the high-water mark for the Ukrainian offensive


The U.S. Army must be prepared for the return of the King of Battle and to fight a near-peer threat with a sizable artillery capability. As usual, acquisition and technology have a role, but so do tactics, training, culture and doctrine. What follows are a number of recommendations to counter a near-peer artillery threat.

Camouflage and deception. Camouflage and deception were addressed in previous columns, but this applies to countering enemy artillery as well. Many unit locations are identified by UAVs, electromagnetic signature or cyber means. The first defense against artillery is employing better camouflage—not just to protect against physical observation, but in the cyber realm and electromagnetic spectrum as well. The Army must adopt a culture of camouflage.

• Training. Training at the combat training centers does not go far enough to simulate the real-world threat. Commanders and staffs do not immediately move command posts after being spotted by UAVs and when they do, they often move too slowly. Battalion staffs are rarely destroyed en masse from an artillery attack during exercises, ostensibly because they would lose valuable training. On the contrary, they are most likely to learn if they are out of action for 12–24 hours while being reconstituted following an attack in which they displayed poor camouflage or deception, or decided it was more important to pack up all their equipment after spotting a UAV overhead rather than grabbing radios and maps and leaving everything else in place. Additionally, scenarios should include jamming or compromising Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data Systems to ensure crews can provide responsive fires under even the toughest situations.

Counterbattery fire. Counterbattery radars have proven to be high-value targets for both sides in the conflict in eastern Ukraine. The Ukrainians have become adept at using these systems, but their large electromagnetic signatures make them highly vulnerable. The U.S. Army has counterbattery systems; however, nearly two decades of fighting an insurgency have left counterfire as an understandably low priority. Commanders must reprioritize training for counterfire cells, giving soldiers a capable, often unpredictable, opposing force to plan and fight against, as compared to the highly predictable checklist-style training often described by counterfire soldiers. Furthermore, the counterfire fight should be pushed down from brigade to fires-battalion headquarters. Units that have done this during combat training center rotations have drastically reduced the time needed to return fire. This can be accomplished by creating a permissive fires environment with detailed battlefield geometry planning including airspace coordination areas and restricted operating zones that allow a cleared gun target line. This concept must be deliberately and consistently practiced.

• Technology and acquisition. The Army should consider prioritizing the creation of artillery units, specifically focusing on rocket and missile battalions and organizing them for use at the division, brigade and battalion levels, or it will continue to remain overly dependent on air assets that are vulnerable to adversary air defense systems. Additional, enhanced artillery assets at lower levels would provide artillery commanders the ability to achieve devastating mass to shape the battle, and maneuver commanders a rapid responsiveness capability to finish the fight. The Army must also consider reactivating its own heavy artillery and mortar forces, and introducing its own Multiple Round Simultaneous Impact capability to provide crucial massing effects on enemy platforms, as Army units may see limited close-air support in a real fight against a near-peer adversary due to the Air Force focusing on deep strategic targets.

To date, U.S. Army artillery has rarely been found wanting; rather, new innovations, such as the forward observer and forward direction center, coupled with multiple mutually supporting firebases, have proven tremendously successful throughout the campaigns of the 20th century. It is imperative, though, that the Army continues to adapt its artillery forces, focusing on mass, range and responsiveness in acquisitions and training, well before making first contact with a highly capable adversary on the 21st-century battlefield

Harry Smith

Do you have any permanent residence in Poland? Because when vatniks come to Kiev you have to run fast including border passage.


He is some shiteating jihadist worshiper, always butthurt because his boyfriend from Al Qaeda died in Aleppo. He’s also butthurt because his loving Turds lost so many wars against Russia, again and again….


Better ask Hitler,oh wait


I have no doubt you are a retarded monkey… Russia saved Assad, entire ‘regime change’ plan failed completely, plus they burned alive 100000s of your jihadist boyfriends as a bonus, so Russia won in Syria. Russia wasn’t involved in Armenia (otherwise they would annihilate Turds like so many times in history), instead they re-asserted their influence over Armenia (plus N-K), winning without fighting. Libya? Really? Why not Yemen, or Uruguay, or Mars or Uranus, or whatever desperate monkey bullshit… Russian influence in Libya is definitely stronger than ever before, without much effort. It was NATO who failed, after all their effort Libya still is not their colony. So yeah, Russia wins everywhere, they won in Donbass twice already but keep spamming moronic garbage you pathetic shiteating troll.

The Objective

It’s you father who’s a retarded monkey, idiot. You think you know shit. Of course Russia is losing big time almost everywhere. And I explain below, beginning with Syria where Russia made the most investment. The current situation in Syria has created an unofficial Kurdish state backed by America. Kurds occupy a large swathe of N.E Syria which contains much of Syria’s oil. What Russia did was save the regime from total collapse, not re-install its sovereignty over Syria (the only time the Kremlin can declare victory). Of course Moscow has some relief in Syria because of tensions between the U.S and Turkey. U.S-Turkey cooperation has greatly diminished, with America attacking militants in Idlib (backed by Turkey) and Turkey attacking the Kurds (backed by America). Biden and Obama has a special kind of hatred for the regime in Turkey. They tried to overthrow it in a coup, but failed miserably. To make matters worse, the Turkish regime purged much of the people America would rely on for a future coup. This angered Washington the more, and prompted an undeclared war on the Turkish economy. Further complicating things for Washington is Turkey’s purchase of the S-400 (another coup-proofing obstacle). After the coup’s failure and the subsequent purge that cleansed Turkey of America’s agents, Washington reverted to plan B – supporting the Kurds. To this end, it built a Kurdish Army in N.E. Syria to the detriment of both Assad and Turkey. It was at this point that Turkey started cooperating with Russia over Syria, and that cooperation is still ongoing. The biggest problem for America now is that it risks losing both the Kurds and Turkey. Even worse, it risks losing to Iran and Russia – a loss that would further endanger Israel. Let me explain why. As long as the SDF is concerned, America already lost Turkey since 2016. But the SDF too cannot survive if the U.S pulls out. Because Russia and Assad would seek to reclaim Syria’s oil and restore control over all of Syria. The U.S seems to be pursuing some kind of negotiations with Russia that would secure the SDF. But this is unlikely to succeed because Russia and especially Assad would not agree to leave Syria’s oil permanently in Kurdish hands. They need to rebuild Syria, and would need all the resources Syria has. Turkey can simply let the regime take back Idlib under a negotiated agreement with Russia. This would give the regime more bargaining power over the U.S., and will increase the threat to Israel (unless Russia manages to persuade Iran to leave Syria and stop using it to smuggle weapons to Hezbollah. I doubt Russia would be able to achieve that). Turkey would loss little by giving up Idlib. It is only using Idlib to pressure Assad into negotiating with the opposition. But Turkey can leave to fight another day. The balls is in America’s court. It has to choose between restoring cooperation with Turkey, or handling the Syrian quagmire alone. Syria is actually a leverage for Turkey over America. The simple question is: Is America willing to let Assad, and be extension Iran, win the war and restore control over all of Syria? Erdogan should continue holding Idlib until the Biden administration decides. It America wants to check Russian and Iranian influence in Syria and the greater Middle East it MUST need Turkey. The only other alternative is a large deployment of troops to the region. Turkey is always next-door to Syria, and deployments can occur within days. The Biden team clearly does not favor any further deployments in the middle east. If Turkey pulls out of Syria, America would be left to deal with Russia and Assad alone. And if the U.S must prevent the SDF from falling, it must maintain and indefinite presence in Syria. No negotiations between the regime and SDF would lead to a permanent cease-fire where the Kurds get to retain their armed presence and control of Syria’s oil. They may cut a deal to share the revenue from that oil, but knowing how determined Assad is to regaining the whole of Syria, no such deal would for long after a U.S exit. In a nutshell, Russia is still going to lose because the U.S will ultimately choose to cooperate with Turkey rather than lose both Turkey and the Kurds and letting down its ally Israel by failing to realize their policy goals in Syria. This cooperation will impose greater costs on Russia, deter any regime operations to take back Idlib, intensify opposition to Assad even in Areas controlled by the regime, and above all, force the regime to sit at the negotiating table with the opposition. When America’s ambassador to the U.N said Washington would not accept any election results from Syria outside of resolution 2254, America’s position became clear. Erdogan has Biden where he wants him. He can save America’s policy in Syria by providing the troops and resources Biden needs to contain Russia, Assad and Iran. Or he can simply pull out and let Biden handle the lot. Biden’s choice. According to U.S sources, Biden’s position on the Kurds isn’t clear yet. Turkey is waiting to see what decision Biden takes. If he inches towards striking a deal with Russia over the SDF, Turkey will do likewise in Idlib and let it fall to the regime.

Regarding Libya, Russia failed to impose a dictator, which would have become a great arms buyer from Russia and provider of lucrative energy deals. Any democracy in Libya would lead to Russia being booted out in the end. That’s because Turkey has a greater influence over Libya than Russia.

Nargono-Kharabakh war ended with the opening of the Nakchivan corridor. While this opening will facilitate trade between Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and other countries, it will bring great economic and geopolitical benefits to Turkey, while undermining Iran and Georgia in the process. For the first time in decades, Turkey has access to the Caspian sea and the rest of the Turkic republics that were long separated from Turkey. It’ll boost economic and military ties between Turkey and those countries. You claim about Pasinyan losing to Russia is simply false. He’s still leading Armenia and has supporters too. Much of the military establishment of Armenia may be pro-Russian, but political establishing isn’t. And with U.S support, it’ll be hard for Russia to regain its sway over Armenia.

I hope this reply gets you to think deeper.

Not Indian Paul

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/774be94c5a23b69ccd4fde2d25a75c6860a6f743e0b0a98baa8b55b68c05dbf3.jpg Assad says Hi

Servet-i Funun Literature

🤣🤣🤣Respect bro(tldr but ı like your writing skills anytime)..but that guy(ı like him too he has a good history knowledge)is fanatic Russian but generally in this forum you(and me Turks who are patriotic) would have more luck polishing a steaming pile of s**t and selling it on ebay for $500 than convincing the dumb little lying troll of anything(not rafael in this case,generally speaking).Keep this in mind,yeah ı know your motives and respecting your attitudes everytime.

cechas vodobenikov

ob jerk off reciting comedy—CIA kapusta pay for LSD

John Brown

Armenia was the Zio side of George Soros the anti Russian Soros president lost as Russia and Iran gave Azer the green light! Syria is winning. The empire was able to destroy Libya because Russia did not interfear.

The Objective

Syria is winning? or you mean Assad and Russia are winning. Well, it depends on whether Biden choose the Kurds or Turkey. If he choose the Kurds, the implications are as follows: He’ll lose Turkey big time He’ll lose the Syrian war He’ll further endanger Israel And he’ll lose the Kurds because Assad will take back N.E Syria by whatever means possible.

If Biden choose Turkey and decides to restore cooperation between the two in Syria, here are the implications: He’ll still have Turkey on his side He can impose greater cost on Russia, Iran and Assad, without having to deploy more U.S troops or even maintain military presences in Syria. All he needs to do is provide all the air-defense systems Turkey asks for and ease economic pressure on Turkey. Erdogan is able, willing, and ready to thwart Russia’s effort to reinstate Assad over all of Syria. That’s his only chance of putting enough pressure on Assad to agree to sit at the table with the opposition. Turkey is America’s cheapest and easiest way of implementing resolution 2254. Turkey is America’s best way to realize its policy objectives in Syria. But only if Biden can keep aside the hatred he and Obama have for the Turkish regime. The same hatred that prompted them to engineer a coup and wage an undeclared economic war on Turkey. Credible American media sources say Biden has not yet decided on the Kurds. this in itself is a bad sign for the Kurds. But anything can happen. So, Turkey is waiting to see whether Biden would want to negotiate a coexistence between Assad and the Kurds, or choose to restore cooperation with Turkey. I really like the way Erdogan is playing this game. That guy is fucking smart. And the kind of leader that can effectively handle cunning serpents like Obama and Biden.

John Brown

Erdogan will never side with the USSA after Israel ordered Erdogan to be killed along with his family friends etc. and they USSA supported the coup. He is biding his time reducing the Zio influence in Turkey so he can maintain power. Don’t forget it was Putin who saved Erdogans life. The empire lost Turkey when they tried to kill him and failed. By the way it was Biden who was in charge of the coup against Erdogan.

The Objective

Yeah, I agree totally. But still, Turkey has its goals in Syria, which is to achieve a democratic regime that all Syrians can participate in. Turkey is willing to cooperate with America to end dictatorship in Syria, but only if the U.S respects Turkey’s security concerns about the Kurds. But with the kind of open anger and hatred of the Turkish regime in Washington, America may well decide to let the Russians, Assad, and Iran win in Syria rather than have a democratic Syria that benefits both Turkey and America. I agree with Erdogan when he said that the U.S does not want anything good for Turkey. Erdogan’s theoretic all but directly confirms America an enemy of Turkey.

The way I see it is, America wants a war between Turkey and Russia. Such a war will greatly harm both Russia, Turkey, Iran, and Assad, by severely degrading their fighting strengths in Syria, and also toppling the Assad regime. Should a war result on attacks on Turkish soil, America’s agents in Turkey will erupt in criticism and opposition to Erdogan. They’ll blame him for bringing war on Turkish soil, and then instigate large protests that may result in a military coup, or throw Turkey in chaos. That’s why Turkey must find a way to cooperate with Russia and Iran in Syria if America continues its current attitude. It’s far better for Turkey and more harmful to America for Turkey to just let Russia and Assad take back Idlib, rather than go to a war that America wants. Erdogan is no fool. And I’ll watch this game between him and Biden with close interest.

John Brown

The way I see it is, America wants a war between Turkey and Russia. Such a war will greatly harm both Russia, Turkey, Iran, and Assad, by severely degrading their fighting strengths in Syria, and also toppling the Assad regime.

Yes. but they all know this and again Erdogan will never side with the USSA after Israel ordered Erdogan to be killed along with his family friends etc. and they USSA supported the coup. He is biding his time reducing the Zio influence in Turkey so he can maintain power. Don’t forget it was Putin who saved Erdogans life. The empire lost Turkey when they tried to murder him and failed. By the way it was Biden who was officially in charge of the backing the coup against Erdogan for the USSA.

What you say can’t happen until Erdogan is eliminated by the empire.

The Objective

“What you say can’t happen until Erdogan is eliminated by the empire” I don’t understand this statement. Are you referring to the war America wants between Russia and Turkey?

John Brown

Are you referring to the war America wants between Russia and Turkey? Yes I think America has lost Turkey for good. Unless they can kill or overthrow Erdogan and his party.


Libya – Russia not involved Syria – Damscus gov, with Russian assistance, defeats the regime-change and is steadily undermining the foreign backed terrorist enclave NK – Soros-cuck satrap Pashinyan (installed in another colour revolution) fcuked over his own military and rejected Russian overtures, and consequently lost biggly.


” and consequently lost biggly.” One is “losing” when one wants to win I don’t have impression that he wanted to win at all… He deliberately prevented his army to put up serious resistance let alone to win. Because he has followed instructions from West. I agree with the rest.


Yep, that was what i was trying to imply.

The Objective

regime change operation still ongoing. North-East Syria, Idlib, and many other provinces are either not in regime control, or are contested. It depends on whether Biden chooses the Kurds over Turkey.

Robert Ferrin

Lol and the pimp rises up again.!!

Not Indian Paul

They lost in Syria? Lol, your blind.

cechas vodobenikov

ob-jerkoff now paid by CIA special novichok/LSD

Alejandro Bonifacio

time to liberate Kiev and destroy the so-called nazi memories


Ukraine will be Russian escalation point with the West, not Syria.


Chances are they will use every escalation point possible at the same time.


Hopefully they are prepared to crush any Ukie advance. The proper response to multi front pressure would be to use overwhelming force to win one or few of the enemy offensives, and more or less maintain defensive posture elsewhere.. This has been the case in most large wars through history. Instead of trying to spread out everywhere and lose everything at once. Ukraine is the most important focal point of the multi pressure front, non the less.


Maybe….. maybe not They only have in Ukraine hole army under their control… I Syria they have only handful of Al-Qaeda, ISIS, while Kurds will not fight SAA, Russia…

In Ukraine they can create even attack on Russia..

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Forgive them lord, for they (Kiev/EUCOM) know not what they do… Or mess with!


If this is serious, then Kiev is expecting support from the Axis of Evil. We can also imagine that any offensive will be accompanied by Ukrainian neo-Nazi murder brigades operating behind the lines to terrorize civilians. How far will Russia go to protect and supply the DPR/LPR?


Not just expecting support, they are literally just obeying orders from Pentagon & CIA. This move was delayed for 4 years because of Trump, now they are eager to sent their ukrainain untermensch slaves to be slaughtered once again for glory of Washington DC. That’s their sole purpose – to die for their NATO masters. if they somehow manage to take Donbass – a huge victory for NATO. If they lose – NATO will scream against “russian aggression”. In any case more dead Slavs, ecstatic joy for anglozionist demons.


Russia wouldn’t allow Donbas to go under the Nazi Jackboot.


They’ll go VERY far…..(into the Ukrainian territory)

Raptar Driver

Let’s see what the Putin government does this time. My guess is more of the same.

Robert Ferrin

Don’t worry those tanks will make very good practice as Russia will use her long range guns or missiles to take them out from the Russian side.!!1


Ukraine is begging for a Russian land corridor from the DPR to the Crimean causeway.

by golly gosh darn don't ya no

Ukraine went through Apex Capital to drive truck over the road as their own trucking company In the united states’.

by golly gosh darn don't ya no


peter mcloughlin

Ukraine is one of the major flash-points that could trigger WWIII. There are many others – regional conflicts that could ignite the planet. Censoring information is censoring history. if mankind does not learn from history we are doomed. https://www.ghostsofhistory.wordpress.com/

cechas vodobenikov

Ukraine now like small child prostitute that cannot survive without sucking something amerikan—sad demoralized people …toskavat nation

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